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CV Prime Bio

Name:Ryan James Candan

Codename:Crimson Eagle

Age: 20

Height: 6'0''

Weight:190 lb

Identity Status:Secret


City:Champions Island: Herosville (Formerly; Now in nU Japan)

Aliases:Eagle, C.E., Eagle Boy

Team Affiliation:Champions of Peace

Note: For some of Ryan's Adventures before meeting with the RPG world in detail, check out the blog section of my profile.Ryan Candan was born in New York City. He lived a good life with his parents, traveling with them all around the world frequently. As Ryan traveled with his parents, he always wondered why his parents would take tours without him. One time, Ryan was at home alone and the doorbell rings, as he opens the door a large man knocks him out cold.

Crimson Origins: The Kidnapping

Ryan wakes up strapped to a metal table he then sees his parents tied to chairs. The large man who took Ryan introduces himself as Dr. Brian Severe. Dr. Severe then tells Ryan that his parents are from the Secret American Organization called V.I.N.E. and Ryan's parents are V.I.N.E agents. Severe then explains that they were sent to steal the Adrenaline Virus to analyze it. The virus, when injected, will cause the person to increase their heart rate to a point where the heart implodes from working too hard. Dr. Severe then tells Ryan that he is there because he wants revenge on their parents and so he will make their son see their suffering. Dr. Severe then injects Ryan's parents with the virus. Ryan then sees his parents screaming due to the virus, and they then die from their hearts imploding. As Dr. Severe was going to inject the formula into Ryan, V.I.N.E agents rush in and save Ryan, but Severe escapes. Ryan, angry at Severe yells at the V.I.N.E leader, Colonel John Wright. Colonel Wright then tells Ryan that he is sorry for what happened, but he will help Ryan find Severe. Ryan accepts his offer.

Crimson Origins: The Experiment

After two months, Colonel Wright takes Ryan to a secret base in New York State. There he asks Ryan one more time if he is ready to take the experiment. Ryan says that he is ready. Colonel Wright then takes Ryan to a room and he puts Ryan in a glass chamber. Doctors come together to begin a procedure called "Project: Adrenaline." The chamber is emitted with a gas and after a few minutes, Ryan emerges. Colonel Wright tells him that V.I.N.E has taken the Adrenaline virus and made it a serum in form of a gas that will permanently give Ryan super strength and flight. Ryan then picks a uniform of his choosing and a codename, Crimson Eagle, inspired by a red eagle that flew by during his many travels. Colonel Wright gives Ryan the coordinates of Severe's whereabouts. Then Ryan goes to find Severe.

Crimson Origins: The Battle

Ryan, as the Crimson Eagle flies to a nuclear plant in Kansas to find Dr. Severe. Crimson Eagle knocks out many of the guards that are protecting Severe. From there he finds Severe in a room, alone. He gets a strange feeling that Severe has changed. As Severe turns around, he smiles at the Crimson Eagle. Severe then tells him that he knows Eagle's secret. Ryan, shocked, asks him how. Dr. Severe then explains that one of the scientists was a spy for him, to see what V.I.N.E was going to do with the adrenaline serum and the spy then changed the coding of the serum, making the user's powers being cut off for a short time when in contact with electricity. Then, out of nowhere, Dr. Severe turns into a human lighting bolt and striking Ryan square in the chest. Severe keeps on shooting bolts at Ryan. As Ryan screams in pain, he realizes that there is a water pump close by. As he is about to be struck, Ryan jumps out of the way and releases the water. The water paralyzes Dr. Severe and it also causes the nuclear plant to crumble. So Ryan takes Dr. Severe and flies out of the nuclear plant.

Crimson Origins: The Aftermath

V.I.N.E. took Dr. Severe into their custody and gave him an injection to forget about Ryan's identity. Colonel Wright tells Ryan that his parents would have been proud and that he should follow in their footsteps and join V.I.N.E. Ryan declines the offer, saying that there is still a lot more crime in New York, and he has to stop it. Ryan then flies off, and as he flies off, he sees the red eagle.

Taking the WorldThe teen hero's adventures had only begun, among his journeys he met a young man, a hero. The Teen Wonder known as Eclipse looked at Ryan's potential as a hero and offered to guide him through membership to the Young Champions (now Future Champions) squad of the Champions of Peace.

The first adventure of the teen with the Champions goes all the way back to when Greek Gods of Fear Phobos and Deimos took over the Champions' greatest fears and grafted them into hallucinations. Ryan's Parents appeared before him, pointing out his flaws, his weaknesses. One remark after another, he broke into tears as his former teacher Jeong, attempted to break him. Although close to success, it was the mental training of Riku that Ryan was able to withstand and accept the outcome of the events. Broken free of the illusion, the teen assisted the team in a winning effort to defeat Phobos and Deimos.

But perhaps the long lasting adventure was the biggest mission he had ever been on with the Champions of Peace, a journey to the cold reach of the northern hemisphere in an effort to find the last dragon egg, Icing Death. The team of heroes were split into smaller sub-teams in an effort to locate the Dragon Egg before the villainous team Tenebrasque In as they also had information concerning the location of the egg. Eagle's team consisted of War Killer, Boom Boom, and Angeni. The group arrived at the cold front through War Killer's hover car, the group arrived at the deep cave where the Egg was located and that was where he met a member of Tenebrasque In and a force to be reckoned with, Azrael. Her status as a warrior was well known, the battle resulted in the demise of his bo-staff as well as the Alpha suit and the scars on his upper right arm. To make a log story short, the egg disappeared and the battle was a draw with the teams pulling back. Little did Ryan know that Azrael would soon partake in what would be a turning point in his life.

Things began to get a bit quiet as the Young Champions at the time were doing their daily routines in the halls of the tower, but it was then that the infant of Sarah Lockheart, leader of the team, began to play around with the security protocols of the tower and the result being a team of young adults being messed around by a toddler.

Perhaps the adventure that provided the second step to his unknown turn was the cross dimensional gateway between the current universe and an alternate reality referred to as the World of Alternation. A world where dictatorship leads nations and hope is at a near loss. Their arrival came with a purpose, fuse with their counterparts in order to live in our world. This leads to Ryan meeting a bloodthirsty older version of himself.

The two fought, one punch after another, strength vs strength but his "twin" had an extra set of powers; eye colors which displayed a varied use of powers. The fight prolonged and soon took to the sky, only for the twin to use his 'White Eye' technique; a battle of the minds.

Ryan saw his twin's life in black and white, they grew up the same, were taught under the tutelage of the same teachers, only he crossed the line. Killing his parents, his brother, his girlfriend. In turn, he became a hired assassin. Blood was on his hands, the one thing Ryan never would have done. They debated as the doppelganger played mind games with 'good' Eagle, temptation was the goal of the twin in order to break and in turn fuse with him. The teen was close to the breaking point until his confidence grew as he realized the reality where bloodshed happened wasn't his own and that his future was in his hands; resulting in the fusion of the two, but Ryan the dominant force. Pro: New set of powers and untapped potential in new skills. Con: "Dark Eagle" vowed to return as his voice faded away in Ryan's mind.

Time passed and the world was quiet albeit a few (attempted) robberies and incidents, until Tenebrasque In declared war on Russia. Franklin Delano Roosevelt referred the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii as a "day in which [the U.S.] will live in infamy." On that day, when the world saw their television monitors, the world lived in infamy. The Crimson Eagle flew to Russia and went for round 2: Azarel. Little did he know that he would have an ally, Sam Rosenthal; the brilliant detective. The battle ensued, Ryan injured his arm and Sam was putting his skills in only defending the teen much to his annoyance. The hero grew frustrated as he was being pushed back by Azrael, a two on one handicap battle and yet they were losing. The tee resorted to the one move that last appeared with the battle of his doppelganger: the "white eye technique." The plan was to bring Azrael into the mind realm, but a slight glance at Sam allowed for the three to be in one place as their bodies laid in the snow.

The dark realm of the mind, where imagination took the reigns of battle only limited to the imagination. It was Azrael, Ryan, Sam, Sam's countless number of souls inside his head, and one more... one more. There were countless back and forth battles with no progress, but Azrael deafening scream to unleash her rage throughout the realm, shattering the cocoon of a dormant mind. That one, gave truth to his word. He appeared before Azrael and before anyone else could join, he gave her a message before he evaporated into the mind of the teen. "Thank you."

The struggle continued even after the trio left the realm; the conclusion being Tenebrasque In taking control of Russia. That night, Ryan went home to Champion City only to peer through the window of his dark quarters into the night. "I was weak." His unknown "evil" side present looking in pleasure.

The Boiling Point

It was a joyous day in Champion City, the sun smiled upon the island and little crime was present that morning. Ryan woke up one morning in search for breakfast only to rough up a man in public for being too loud. The teen was terrified at what he did as it came from instinct. Suiting up, he took his mind off the incident as he helped a young girl save her kitten. Some time later, it came. The sun was blocked out as a massive wave came upon the city and crashed down upon it.

Ryan forced his way up to a building, gasping for air, he listened as his communicator slowly spit out broken words and sentences. Perhaps the most notable, "Champions Unite." The hero got up to overlook the flooded streets of the city, only to see Champions Tower, the sign of hope break and collapse.

He soon rounded up as many people as he could under the debris of buildings and guiding them to the evacuation center, one of the victims the same little girl and her mother. Meanwhile the prison broke out and a gang came in order to cause trouble, the citizens left, but Ryan was alone to face the band of thieves.

He was surrounded, outnumbered and tired from the digging. But who gives mercy to a vulnerable hero? Ryan was beaten to near death with whatever the thugs could find. Before delivering the final blow with a live electric cable, the criminals insulted Ryan and his attempt in heroism pushing the young man until they commented on raping the girls. Out of rage, the hero blasted the criminals with his red eyes. The force took a toll on his body and he laid there unconsciously. Little did he realize it was the first step towards the line he refused to cross.With aid from a fellow champion, Honor Legend, Ryan was able to receive medical attention to his wounds.

Time passed and the next few steps before the line were about to be realized. Eagle had been vomiting for a few weeks, feeling weaker every time. Visiting the Champions' doctor, he realized his fusion with his "twin" resulted in his DNA becoming mutant and as a result; it was rejecting the Adrenaline serum. The very base of his powers were slowly depleting, his anger was released upon the doctor as it was irreversible.

Arriving home that very night he received an unexpected visitor: Azrael. The smell of brimstone clung in the air as she presented photos of Michelle, she was alive and well. No matter how evil she was and knowing full well that he was a pawn to whatever scheme she planned, Ryan had to follow her game. Little by little Ryan lost control of his definition of a "clean" hero., taking advice from his 'conscience' unknown it being his dark doppelganger. He resorted to using the "white eye" technique to forcibly extract information. His rage upon officers were uncalled for and his decision to terribly injure anyone in his way led him to step on the line he drew.

But finally after hours of following Azrael like a puppy, he had found her. Michelle was alive but beaten. She whispered in his ear as he shed tears of joy. His fist curled up tightly as he attempted to get Azrael for arranging the kidnapping and the game. She disappeared but it did not matter to Ryan. Azrael was out in the world and he could track her anytime, but that moment he could cherish with his long lost love. Of course Azrael left a gift. Ryan held Michelle in his arms, only for her to die the exact way his parents did: Azrael activated the Adrenaline virus. The Eagle was broken and the line disappeared from existence as he hit the Boiling point.

Change of Rules

Months passed before Eagle was last seen. Only reports of captured criminals, all of them needing medical attention. Ryan lost contact with what was right, only having contact with his "conscience." The CoPs were called uponn once again and the first mission with the new Ryan. Donning a new suit he designed, the Red Hero went to administer his own "justice" in the form of going after CPG, the teammate who betrayed the team as a vampire. Little did Ryan know that she still had good left inside her...


RPG Adventures:

Fearful Symmetry (CoP RPG)Light Wars: The Hand of GodChampion's Ball (CoP RPG)Fate of the Dragons (CoP vs TI RPG)Eenie Meenie Miney Mo! (YC-Co RPG)Tonight, We Die Like Heroes!

Powers and Abilities

Due to being given the Adrenaline serum, Ryan was given the power of super strength and the ability to fly. So far, Ryan is capable to lift one hundred tons at his full potential and he can fly with full control of his abilities. After fusing with his doppelganger, Ryan's DNA had changed from human to mutant. This resulted in him 'expelling' the serum in his system. This resulted in his loss of flight and strength, but because of his mutant DNA, h[is visual prowess remains.

Because of Ryan's travels around the world, he learned various martial arts such as karate, kung-fu, judo, kendo, as well as taekwondo. He also learned how to fight with swords, shuriken, and his signature weapon, a bo-staff. Ryan learned various medical techniques that would aid a person heal faster or even numb the pain for a short period of time. But his limited medical knowledge is still capable of growing more and more each day.

Ryan also learned various types of languages from his travels. He is fluent in:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese

As of "Tonight, We Die Like Heroes!", Ryan gained new powers after absorbing his counterpart, ocular powers. When his eye color willfully changes, he exhibits a different power.

The colors of this mutation include:

  • Green Iris- nothing, it's his natural eye color. :P
  • Red Iris- Red concussive force is released.
  • Gray Iris- Microscopic/ Telescopic Vision
  • Black Iris- Night Vision
  • Dark Blue Iris - a shield construct that surrounds Ryan or whoever/whatever he chooses. The size ranges from 3 ft.-20 ft (Can be trained to extend further).
  • White Iris- The most powerful technique. When looking directly in the eyes of an opponent, Ryan may enter the mind of the opponent and cast illusions or tamper with their mind. But there is a chance of the opponent's will taking over and as a result, this may in fact kill Ryan.


So far, the only known weakness that will temporarily take away Ryan's powers is a bolt or shock of electricity. A taser may take away his powers for about 5 minutes, but a real shock could last up to hour. A bolt of lightning, well that hasn't happened to him... yet.

The reason of electricity being his weakness is a spy tampering with the formula of the adrenaline serum, the electric shock will paralyze the "super-DNA" for a time and it recovers as the DNA begins to "shake off" the electric shock it has received. And since Ryan is still human, any type of mortal wound can kill him. But since losing his "adrenaline" powers, this electric current will hurt him as will any human.


As a result from his battle against Azrael in Fate of the Dragons, Ryan received a scar from a dog bite from one of her hell hounds. The mark left on his upper right was further scarred when Azrael shot fire at him, and as a result, a burned scar remains.

The Suits

Suit #1: The first suit was supplied to Ryan by V.I.N.E. and had a thin layer of protective armor and blades equipped at each glove. His utility belt held a large variety of weaponry (listed below). The reason for a cape was never explained and just happened. The symbol of the eagle on his chest represented the justice he must bring to the villains of the world and his duty to enforce what is right.Alpha SuitThe Alpha Suit was supplied to Ryan by V.I.N.E. for a covert mission. What makes this suit unique aside from its color scheme was the invisibility feature within the suit. The 15 seconds of invisibility allowed Ryan to slip in or slip out unnoticed or for any surprise attack. The suit was insulated, allowing it to withstand low temperatures and was armored a bit heavier than the original suit. The Alpha Suit was only used twice: during the covert mission, and during the battle between CoP and Tenn In; during the battle, Azrael damaged the suit beyond repair through the use of lava.

Suit #2: The second suit was designed by Eagle as an "upgrade" of sorts from the previous incarnation. There are three blades equipped at each glove and the suit is noticeably more armored than the previous suit (aside from Ryan's increased build). The back of the suit holds a pair of escrima sticks as Ryan's new weapon(s) of choice. The utility belt is smaller and therefore holds less gadgets, but his mutant genes and physical skills make up for it. The circular design of the Eagle is now changed to a red Eagle that is spread across his chest. The mask is now a domino style mask unlike the previous "pull-up" mask.



  • Escrima Sticks- Eagle's new offensive/defensive weapon. One end holds retractable grappling hooks and the other end holds retractable blades with an electric current.
  • Shuriken-Eagle shaped offensive/defensive boomerangs.
  • Smoke Pellets
  • CoP Communicator


  • The First Suit- Ryan's basic suit which is covered with a thin layer of armor that can protect him from gunshots or knife wounds. Had a cape for no reason...Grappling hook.
  • Retractable bo-staff (Original destroyed in Fate of the Dragons)
  • Retractable Adamantium Bo-staff (2nd) [Given to Azrael as collateral; now property of Salem Hex]
  • Radar and tracking bugs.
  • Homing signal
  • Mini-bombs
  • 2 Blades equipped at each glove
  • Metal wire
  • Alpha Suit (Destroyed in Fate of the Dragons)15 Second Invisibility (Feature in the Alpha Suit)Indigo Power Ring (Temporary, during Light Wars)