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This should be interesting.

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Works for me.

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Pretty good film! Real funny, whilst being action packed! ..where can I get the comics...?...

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The real question will be whether the hypothetical Man of Steel 3 will be better than Dark Knight Rises. I hope that happens, then we can compare trilogies.

Also, we can hop universes later on and decide whether Justice League is better than The Avengers. But, first... Flash. That'll be an interesting movie.

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@fallschirmjager: It's funny you should ask. I'm a HUGE SW fanboy. I should have clarified. Star Wars is by far the best movie SAGA! I guess when I was making that aforementioned comment I just didn't consider SW as a traditional trilogy. With that being said, I am by no means am inferring that Eps 1, 2, and 3 of SW are comparable to Rises by any imaginable means. I wish Ep 1 never happened. But, if you do wanna be old school and consider 4, 5, and 6 of SW as a traditional trilogy, then yes, that is the best trilogy. But, SW is more than what any movie trilogy could ever be so I just didn't even put it in that "trilogy category". For example, you can categorize The Matrix as a trilogy, Rises as a trilogy, Harry Potter as a saga, etc. SW is just SW.

And, by the way, I am digging the "TDK > MoS = BB > TDKR".

In the end though, let's be honest, they're just all good! We can choose favorites, but this question is pretty difficult unless ya have considerable feelings one way or the other.

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@rustyroy: Karl Urban for Batman! (but, that might mean no Dredd 2...)

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Rises. MoS was awesome, but it was definitely missing something. With all that being said, Batman Begins is actually my favorite of the 3 Nolans. Dark Knight is a super close second due to Heath as Joker. And, the Nolan Trilogy as a whole is by far the best in cinematic history (thus far!) (sorry LotR fans!) It'll be real interesting to see what they do with Batman in the MoS 2. If they do not make a Dredd 2, I say Karl Urban plays Batman.

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@flameboy298: I actually skipped that one. I'm not much of a gamer (besides the NHL games), so I was not interested in SWTOR, ergo not really interested in the novelization. I have read some of the comic books that go along just to get a gist of the story. Not the best, but still worth a read for a hardcore fan I suppose.

Next book on my list is Crucible, by Troy Denning. Has anyone read that yet?

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Well said, Gregg. I was reading this comic as issues last year. I appreciate ya putting out this article. And let me just say to anyone reading this comment: Darth Vader fans, you will be enthralled.

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