It's not that I want to see it

It's an unexpected circumstance that I didn't foresee. So while I don't want to see heroes get injured, I still want the creative process to be pushed to the limit. If that means there's a hero that gets injured in a story, it adds even more depth to the story. It's just spontaneous and realistic like that could never happen in a comic book.

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I used to get comics later in the week but I would miss out books that are ordered low in quantity. So I tried to make it out every Wednesday evening after work or Thursday morning before work at the latest. Never knew if a new series I might like comes out then somebody else gets the last issue.

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Two of Man's Best Friends

Superman's and Batman's best friends, that is


Krypto, the Super-Dog 


Ace, the Bat-Hound 
Great homage to Ace in Batman Beyond 


Mainly my favs since I like dogs and these were in great stories. Well I know Krypto had great stories but never read Ace in the comics. Still a dog wearing a mask appeals to me.

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