Credit Where It's Due

This last year as been a fun year when it comes to being into comics for me. I got back into comics with the New 52, my best friend got into comics, and I tried out several new characters and teams that I would've never read before. Before this past year I mainly just read Batman. Nothing that wasn't Batman. Sure I had a Superman or Captain Marvel or a Justice League or Teen Titans book, but I mainly and only cared about Batman. Reading all these Batman comics seeing the "Batman created by Bob Kane". Even in the lone Superman and Captain Marvel comic I thought it was a common thing to see the creator of the title character listed. So when I started reading titles like The Flash, Batgirl, and Nightwing I never really took notice of these.

It wasn't until the death of Silver Age DC artist, Carmine Infantino, that I took notice to the created by part of the credit section. Knowing that he did created such popular characters as the modern day Flash (both Barry and Wally) and the most popular incarnation of Batgirl I had taken a strange wanting to see if he was credited. Looking at my Flash comic and my Batgirl comic he was in fact not credited. Flash listed no creators while Batgirl listed Bob Kane (though the Flash comic did dedicate the story to Carmine). I also took notice that neither were Captain Marvel's creators in the Captain's back up features in Justice League or Hal Jordan's in a old GL comic I had (though to be fair Green Lantern can be used as a rotation book). Even in Nightwing they listed Marv Wolfman and George Perez as Nightwing's creators instead of Grayson's true creators Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson.

After reading a preview for the Killer Croc villain month issue about a month ago I noticed that his creators were listed. When I picked up my villain month issues from my subscriptions I wanted to see if they gave the villain's creators any credit. They didn't truly list them except when it came to Joker and Penguin.

Now here is where I am getting at. Why not give the actual creator of the star of the book credit? Now I get that Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are under a long lasting contract that they must list the actual creators or the Siegel/Shuster family will be suing DC for everything under the sun or DC will lose rights to use Wonder Woman, but why not give this to every character you publish that star in their own book?

Posted by etragedy

I don't think it's necessary to do this in every issue. Especially in a world with an Internet. In the pre-Internet days there often was no way to find out. I think in special issues though - villains month issues for example, it would make sense.

Posted by CrazyScarecrow

@etragedy: Maybe not every issue, but maybe at the beginning of every new story arc. I just think it is kinda dissing the creator in a way by not crediting them for their creation though Bob Kane will get it every issue Batman is starring in.

Do see what you are saying. The Internet does help a lot with crediting now.