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I dunno why they keep hiring this artist. Clearly he lacks the skills to draw proper faces. While I will not argue that his skill in bodies is VERY good, you have to be able to give the characters decent faces as well. I'm so sick of opening this series and wanting to puke at Starfire's mangled face as well as everyone else's nastily drawn face.I will keep reading because I want to know what happens but I digress--the artwork for the facial expressions are HORRIBLE....

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Too much angst, not enough Rose: 0

**SPOILERS**Okay so I'm still having fun reading this series and following one of my favorite characters, Rose Wilson AKA Ravager. In all honesty, the previous issues and promotions for this issue built up the fight between Rose and Static to be much more epic. Instead, we get like a 3 page fight that ends with poor Rosie not even getting one hit in. I can understand that being that Static is pretty tough and all but then the rest of the issue was just Disruptor acting like a prostitute, Persuad...

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It was okay... 0

This issue wasn't my favorite of the three issues out thus far. Mainly because I didn't see enough Ravager and that is what I read the comic for. But on the up side, I am curious to see what the purpose of Copperhead being put in charge of TNTeena will be and I am also curious as to how the fight with Static is going to turn out. All in all, it was a decent set up for the next issue of Terror Titans, however, it was overall a boring issue. Wont stop me from reading, however....

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I loved this book! 0

Most people disagree--but I'm just happy to see Rosie get out on her own. The artwork is stunning and I enjoy getting a sense of who the new characters are. I don't like that a lot of characters are dying in this "Dark Side" tournament, however, as long as I get to see more of Rose I'll be happy. My favorite of the other characters would have to be The Persuader III being that she's just as badass as Rose. But in any sense, I am way excited to read the rest of the series and hope that they will ...

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Drooling for more! 0

So as an avid Ravager fan, I've had been dying for this new issue to come out. And other then Rose getting her booty kicked at first, I was not disappointed. This comic is a great addition to the ongoing story line and has me at the edge of my seat. It's been doing a good job of making sure that I can't figure out whether Rose is bad or just pretending to be. And I love the fact that Red X is mentioned. That makes me want to read the rest of the mini-series even MORE knowing that there might be ...

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