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I love how they treat this character with a lot of respect and not just "that sassy gay best friend". More people need to take inspiration from this comic and character :)

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Young Justice :)

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@bennyq: I had 500 issues printed my first run. I put down $1,500 as my goal because it was a little bit lower than what I had hoped to get. Always shoot for a bit lower than your REAL goal. The thing with kickstarter is that if you don't get funded, you don't get funded. Additionally, the percentage of people who try for a second crowdfunding website (ie indiegogo or w/e) who actually get funded the SECOND try is a VERY small percentage. So at the end of the day, SOME money is better than NO money. Keep in mind also that after your amazon and kickstarter fees, you are going to lose more money as well. So I ended up with a little over $1800 asking for only $1500 and after all my fees I ended up with roughly $1550. As far as where to get it printed, I would avoid KABLAM. Not only do they over charge but I, personally, have never had very good luck contacting people directly there to ask questions and such. Plus, who wants a huge ad on the back cover of their comic if they don't have to have one? I use now. They charge $2.85 per 24 page fully colored comic with an INSIDE back cover ad (which is fine with me).

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@tupiaz: Yeah, that's my point. I didn't take it seriously and I suffered because of it. If you're going to do it, prepare yourself and do it right. The good news is that I got it done and have gotten positive feedback. I can't help that I had self-doubt =/ It was a learning experience to say the least.

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I did it before and had a successful run, actually. It was a good experience to say the least. A lot of the supporters I had were from my friends and family. I strongly encourage you to have a finished product with a goal in mind. My mistake was that I used the funding to get a comic I hadn't finished yet printed. I should have waited until the comic was finished and THEN done my kickstarter to get it printed. This way I wouldn't have gotten stressed out from having to put together my comic really fast having honestly not expected to get my funding.

Make sure you are VERY clear about your incentives. What I meant for some prizes was a pre-drawn print but the way I wrote it out implied they could request whatever they wanted me to draw and that's what I ended up having to do.

Be sure as well that you can turn in your incentives when you say you can. Give yourself DOUBLE the time you think it'd take you to do them.

But yeah, make sure your goal is clear. People don't want to donate to something that might happen. They want to donate to something that WILL happen. I wouldn't expect people to give money to an incomplete idea and I regret having done that with mine. :)

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With inspiration from Robert Atkin's Captain Marvel pinup :D

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I'd be interested in knowing more of the legal side of things. How do you submit artwork? If we submit, does that artwork now belong to you and is able to be used in advertising and such? Would our names be listed somewhere with an area for our website or something?

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Blizaga :) I like Pluton's for it's artistic skill, however, I find the costume to be unnecessarily revealing. Edward's is interesting as well, however, the costume strikes me as overly complicated. I feel like Blizaga's design could easily be translated into both animated and illustrated form.

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@BumpyBoo: Shweeeeet!

In other news! Here's some new artwork for a project I'm working on with Sony Movies!