How should I get started?

I have a comic book universe. I have the characters, I have general ideas, I have a cool logo, I have a sexy stud of a fiance ( helping me write, and I have an artist (yours truly!). So...where should I begin? Any suggestions?


Young Justice? More like Hollywood CRAP.

 You know, it really bothers, it REALLY REALLY bothers me, when the big guns in Hollywood will take an already good idea, say "hey! I'm going to make a TV show or movie out of this!" and then totally, ROYALLY screw said idea up. I mean, there really is NO excuse for it. We saw it happen in the Last Airbender film. M. Night had ALL the makings of a GREAT movie but then screwed it up by making unnecessary changes and bad decisions. I mean Aang is the goofiest character in the series and he hardly cracked one smile in the entire movie...whut?! But we're not here to talk about The Last Airbender. Today we're going to talk about the new cartoon series, Young Justice...

First, let me give you a bit of background as to why this cheeses me off so much. Back in the day before I read comics avidly, I only watched TV shows for my source information. Watching Teen Titans made me like Raven. Liking Raven made me research her. Researching her made me find out about the original comics. Then a friend invited me to RP on myspace. So I did as my own characters I created. And then when I searched for my first comic book character to RP as, a friend at the time suggested Arrowette. And so my love for Arrowette and Young Justice was born. I went to my local comic book store and devoured their Young Justice section buying up as much of it as I could afford. I looked at website after website, reading up on Arrowette and studying her basically. I grew to love the character. To this day, she is my second favorite aside from Rose Wilson.

So when I found out they were making a Young Justice cartoon, I was really excited. I craved to see Arrowette acted out. Her and Bart's awkward love tension thing. The goofy adolescent behavior of the team, etc. I mean there are a lot of great things going on there. I think of it as the team that's tough but not quite ready for Teen Titans level of action. In essence, they're the YOUNGER younger heroes. They join this team to get an understanding of what working on a team is like and bla bla bla.

For those that don't know, the original line up of Young Justice was Tim Drake (Robin), Conner Kent (Superboy), and Bart Allen (Impulse). Later on, Wonder Girl (Cassandra Sandmark) joined and was followed by Arrowette (Cissie King-Jones) and eventually Secret (Greta Hayes). Later on more characters were added but these 5 are the most important. The reason this line up is so awesome is because they are all second generation of the side kicks. Tim is the 3rd Robin, Conner is the 2nd Superboy, Bart the 2nd Kid Flash, Cassie the 2nd WG, and Cissie the 2nd Arrowette. So not only do they have to live up to the heroes they model themselves after but the first generation of sidekicks as well. The team members, give or take, are 13 to 16 years of age. Younger teenagers who are still learning, still immature, and still goofy. One of the things that was charming about the team was how goofy they actually were. It made the comic more fun to read when Cassie would throw a tantrum because Conner was being a stupid immature boy. In the Teen Titans they try to make it all serious and crap. In Young Justice it's like "lol she's a whining teenage girl". It was funny when Bart and Superboy put a chemical on Arrowette's towel causing it to dissolve when wet. I mean how immaturely funny is that? Stuff like that just made the comic an awesome read. It wasn't trying to be overly serious or anything. It was just showing teenagers for what they really were.

So again, I was really excited when I heard that Young Justice was being made into a cartoon. I looked forward to it for the longest time. When I saw a released photo of the design that I ASSUMED would be for Arrowette, I grimaced, but got over it thinking "well, okay, it's not the original costume but it's still the character". Later on the picture of the whole team was released and that's when my jaw dropped. Miss Martian? Aqualad? Wally West Kid Flash? What!? It was revealed the line up was now Dick Grayson Robin as the YOUNGEST member on the team (WTF?!), Superboy (who looks like an angry lesbian as pointed out by someone on ComicVine), Miss Martian (!!), Aqualad (WTF??!?!), and Artemis (WTFWTFWTFAAAHHHH!!). Okay so, call me an angry comic book nerd but that REALLY bugs me. REALLY!!! First off, the obvious. Dick Grayson being younger then everyone on that team, even Kid Flash? That's ridiculous. Wally West as Kid Flash instead of Bart Allen as Impulse? What?! Aqualad? Who even IS this Aqualad!? Miss Martian wasn't even around during this time (she wasn't around till One Year Later I believe (?). And then the cherry on top the pile-o-crap cake is Artemis...not Arrowette, Artemis... Why? WHY!? Was Cissie just TOO much of a brilliant character for them? Did she BLIND them with her awesomeness? Because she retired in the comics did that make them think she couldn't be in the show? Sources say that Cissie and Wonder Girl will eventually show up in the show but then why even have Artemis there at all? OR Miss Martian? Cissie takes the roll of the goofy lighthearted girl perfectly for the team and Cassie can take the roll of tougher girl any day. So why give those roles away? The casting line up was just my original hatred of this show before it even aired.

Now, don't get me wrong. The show itself is ok MINUS the fact that it should NOT be called Young Justice. If I didn't know Young Justice and didn't care to research it from watching the show, I would probably enjoy it and keep up with it. But because the sodomized the original concept of the show then crapped out this unneeded mess, I just can't bring myself to watch anymore of it. It makes me sad that they would do this. People continue to argue to me "Well it's a different Earth" or "Well it's not based off the original team" or "Well it's not going to be exactly like the comics" to which I reply "Why do they need to do an Earth 16 to begin with? What's wrong with the original series?" and "If it's not based off the original team then what team is it based off of? Why do they even call it the same name if they're not going to even TRY to make it like the comics a LITTLE?" and finally "I'm not asking it to be EXACTLY like the comics! I'm asking them not to call a Strawberry a Potato! If you're going to make a show that is essentially the New Teen Titans then CALL IT THE NEW TEEN TITANS!!" Shame on you DC Comics for allowing them to do this just for the marketing and money. SHAME ON YOU. I hope this show gets canceled after one season. It won't, but I hope it does.

You're probably thinking at this point that I'm whining and being way too hard on this. But I just get absolutely SICK of Hollywood doing this to all my favorite comics. They take things I love and shit on them. As a teenager I used to dream of someone taking the novel I wrote and making it into a movie or TV show. But as an adult, I now see that screw it. It's not worth the money to have my work raped into an abomination. I'd rather it sit in a corner gathering dust then to have someone like Warner Brothers decide it needs to be changed into something the complete opposite of what it is. It is absolutely NOT FAIR to the original writers of a comic series to have their work screwed up. It is shows like this one that tells Hollywood that it's okay to utterly screw up an already work of art. To me, this is no different then taking Batman's origin and changing it to something like "Oh, well, his parents weren't killed it was his dog. And so now instead of Batman, he's DOGMAN! Because younger audiences like dogs better then bats. It'll sell more stuff..." Admit it. It's the truth. That's how it works.

I'm done now. Sorry if I offended but I really don't approve of the royally screwing up of good comics...

I swear if Ravager ends up on that show I will hang myself...


It always seems to happen to me...

I have a few characters in DC Comics that I just love above all others. Those characters being Rose Wilson (Ravager), Cissie King-Jones (Arrowette), Tim Drake (Robin III). For some reason, the cartoon versions of these characters are just seriously messed up. I think that the studios tracked me down specifically to see my favorite characters just to ruin them for me.
Tim Drake...why do they just not like this kid? He was in briefly in the Batman cartoons but rarely... Now in the new Young Justice cartoon they just wrote him out all together! Replacing him with a 13 year old Dick Grayson while ALL the other characters are older then him when in the actual comics he surpasses them all in age!!
Cissie King-Jones is also in Young Justice the comics but replaced in the cartoon by Artemis. I haven't seen the cartoon yet so I can't pass any real judgement but all I know is that people are telling me she will show up later...if that's the case then why make Artemis look EXACTLY like Cissie down to her costume and everything!? The only difference is the name, the color of the costume, and the arrow on it... Why do that? I don't understand. What is so bad about Arrowette that they wrote her out of the series? She was one of the first female founders along with Wonder Girl! In fact, the only real founder of YJ on that team is Conner... GRR!!
Lastly, Rose Wilson. She had her animated debut in Crisis on Two Earths but it wasn't even her to be honest. Before everyone jumps down my throat "oh it's a different universe so get over it" well no, I won't get over it. The LEAST that they could have done was to show the true Rose...the REAL ROSE. The one that is a badass awesome female lead who does NOT make out with friggin' aliens!! And YES I DO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT PAIRING!! It is wrong! Rose is supposed to be like 17 years old! 18 at the most! J'onn is much older GAAHH!! I wouldn't mind it as much if they had shown the REAL Rose. It just SUCKS to me that the only animated Rose there is happens to be one that isn't Rose at all...
Okay so I'm done...Just needed to get that off my chest. Feel free to disagree with me all you want I really don't care. I just wish animation would stick closer to the comics instead of just throwing everything up in the air and ignoring logic...


Info about the art I can do:

I've been getting a lot of messages from people complimenting me, asking if I would be interested in illustrating a comic book they've written. It's not that I don't appreciate the flattery but the truth of the matter is that I am not a good comic book artist. Designing characters I'm good at. Doing newspaper comic strips I'm good at. Doodling I'm good at. But doing full page inked and colored action poses? I'm not so good at. So before you ask me to do something...remember...there are much better candidates out there then me. I would like to go into the business of children's cartoons working for people like NIckelodeon or Cartoon Network. I'm not interested in trying to make a career out of drawing serious comic books.
Again...I really do appreciate the compliments a lot. They brighten my day. But I am NOT a comic book artist. I am just a silly cartoonist. I do things like draw caricatures on occasion, illustrate children's books (meaning no hardcore action scenes...mostly it's just "The bunny then hopped onto a rock!" *draws a bunny on a rock* simple stuff like that), and do comic strips for newspapers. Ever seen comic strips before? A lot of time artists copy and paste the line art then change the mouth or eyes around lol.
There are lots of great artists on comicvine that are PASSIONATE about drawing comics. For me, I love comics but I'm not passionate about drawing them. Without passion, you can't put your heart into something.
Hope you all have a great day :)

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Can someone fill me in on this Marvel v/s DC Feud?

Okay so I keep hearing about since Blackest Night, Marvel has been making low blows at DC trying to get the attention back on themselves. But can someone tell me exactly what's going on, who started it, and what exactly they did? Because right now it sounds to me like Marvel is just being a bunch of douchebags. I mean I am a big DC fan but I realize that Marvel comics are overall better as far as art and publicity goes. But how come Marvel has to be dicks when DC wants just a bit of attention for once and for once it's not bad attention?
Mrah! Explain?


DC needs better artwork!

So yesterday I'm early for work so I decide to go to the comic book store and pick up a few comics before I have to scoop ice cream for the remainder of the day. There were a few new ones I wanted to get (Teen Titans, etc.). Anyway, I'm browsing the new comics shelf, admiring the comic covers and what have you. But I notice something...DC Comics have some serious art issues. It seems as if for the bigger names the artists are better but for any other comic besides JSA, JLA, and Batman, the art is less then decent. I flipped through Marvel just to make sure of this (I don't ever look at Marvel being that I'm a die hard DC fan) and notice that nearly every comic, big or small, has sublime artwork. For that, I give some MAJOR props to Marvel. I'm sorry DC but honestly? I can't bring myself to read comics if the artwork is crappy. And no I don't mean crappy as in style preference (ex: See the new Batman and Robin, weird style but fun art) I mean crappy as in seriously CRAPPY. The first time I noticed this was when I picked up the new Titans series. The first few issues had sublime artwork then all of the sudden the art just died. I dunno what happened!

My love of DC stems from the fact that it was the first heroes I was familiar with as a child. My love of them continues because I personally feel like the character development is better and there aren't as many things going on that I can't follow (ex: you really can't pick up an issue of X-Men and understand what's going on without having to do some SERIOUS research.) But let's not argue Marvel vs DC right now. I guess I'm just sad that my favorite comics have just lost the will to have good art in everything they do. Think of it like Iron Chef--plating counts too. If something can't visually please me, odds are I won't want to read it. Call me shallow but I do judge a book by its cover. OH! That's another thing! Sometimes they'll have kickin' covers but then the inner art is just crap. Deceptive!!! Uugh....

All I gotta say is this...I will always be a DC fan but they seriously need to get their heads out of their butts.


YAAY :D First Place FTW!

So I'm super excited. Might as well blog about it eh? Haha! So I just learned tonight that my comic strip "Annie's Outlook" or "Bob and Sam" won first place in the Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association's contest ^.^! First place for "Best Comic Strip/Panel" then a second place for "Best Editorial Cartoon".

Really I gotta thank God for giving me the skills to do well. It's not about me--it's about Him.

If anyone wants to see my comic strip or editorial cartoons, check my Deviantart:

Finished Novel...

Pound Shadowy Pic lol...

So I finally finished my novel. It came out around 56,300 words and 94 pages long (using times new roman 12 pt font). So the next step I suppose would be to send it to a publisher. I think first I'm going to get a copyright on it so as to protect me from theft. But really I am debating as to whether I would like to send it to a book publisher or try my luck at getting it made into a graphic novel by DC, Marvel, or whoever.

The book follows the character I created, Samantha. She begins going through "changes" and eventually mutates into a tiger chick type thing (similar to Tigress only I thought of the character idea before I even knew who Tigress or what Tigress was). Anyway, the story continues that she is being chased by "the man" and as it turns out her boyfriend has also gone through mutations (only with different powers). Through a series of events that I'm not going to go into detail about (because I don't wanna give away the story) Sam and her other mutated friends figure out how and why they got their powers as well as a scheme that they must thwart or else the world will be under attack by an army of mutants under mind control by an evil mastermind. Yeah I know it's a bit overdone but to be frank--I love the idea of a mad scientist with world domination on the brain.

Anywho--Attached are some character designs I've drawn. Just the characters that are my favorite. The other main character designs aren't done yet. Some are rather old so be nice and yes--they are animal based mutants. Just these three though.  Keep in mind that no, I didn't "steal" or "copy" existing comic book character ideas. First of all, I came up with these characters before I read comics. If anything, they were anime inspired. Secondly, thanks to X-Men it's pretty much impossible to come up with an original character concept now days...
Sam Headshot

Sam Running
Razor (Sam's alter ego)

Bade (old pic)
Bade Werewolf Form (looks like a bear D:)

Pound sexyness...
Pound with his Spikes out.

Beyonce as Wonder Woman??

I find this to be the most ridiculous thing I have heard in a long, long, long, while. I am not racist at all. And in fact, this isn't even a race issue. The issue is this: Wonder Woman is white in the comics.

What if Will Smith decided he wanted to play Batman?

What if Brad Pitt wanted to play Luke Cage?

What if Natalie Portman wanted to play Wasp?

It's ridiculous! I hate when Hollywood decides to gank and tear up the movies just to be politically correct. What do I have to say?

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