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mmmm she looks like fun

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Old Crazy was created on a really long trip home, and I had recently read a Daredevil comic with Typhoid Mary

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@cassuis_slay_knightfall: @shinigami_: She had no time to reply to him, couldnt tell him that she sealed his wounds with her powers. As the unknown attacker sent both of them a massive attack, an attack she couldnt react to she watched as the power slammed towards them. As it was about hit Cassius saved both of them. Launching a counter with the sprinklers and returning the attack back at the mad man, she went with it as he grabbed her and moved both of them to safety. Her sides still reeling from the attack from earlier that day, the very one that brought her here. She looked up at the sprinklers and cried out to one of her Alters "Crybaby!" With that her eyes shimmered, her body went limp as if in a depression. Her eyes filled with tears as she convulsed in a sob "My name is Eugene!!" She screamed out as her Alter took control.

The water all around them sprang to life lifting from the ground and the sprinklers like snakes, all aimed at the attacker. Torrents slammed towards the attacker and whipped and swung at him, trying to toss him across the room.

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@shinigami_: @cassuis_slay_knightfall:

Sleeping soundly among-st her new collection of guns, she dreamed of killing hundreds of evil souls and continuing being a long lived Mercenary. But as the dream was finally coming to a conclusion her head echoed with the voice of Cassius. Leaping from her bed all the voices along with her were on edge, the voice was over a com link. Then as soon as Cassius call to arms finished another rang through her head, this time inside her mind telepathically. She called forth for her telepath Drezden to trace it, Drez did as he was told following the voice. It was as if it was bouncing off the walls within the base. Laurana she ran over to the closet, taking off her robe her buxom body glistened in the light. Pulling over a skintight suit over her naked body she spun the cloths rack around, revealing a very big collection of guns. Pulling a set of six handguns she latched them onto her suit and ran out of her room "Drez follow Morte, if he is awake he is the first who will get to the problem." Doing as he was told they soon found Morte and the man responsible for Cassius injuries.

Watching as Morte threatened the beast, an then watching as Cassius was thrown towards them. Laurana ran quickly catching Cassius, smiling to him she sets him down. "Charles now!" With Charles in slight control he touches Cassius, the blood from his wounds began to go back into his body and his wounds were beginning to close "Who the f@ck is this guy?"

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@cassuis_slay_knightfall: Nodding to Cassius she replies "Thank you Cassius, you may call me Laurana and I thank you for allowing me some change of attire." She moves over to a drawer and pulls a pair of sweats and a shirt, turning her back to him she begins to disrobe in front of him she continues "I really hope that you guys can help me. I can put up walls up for ones like Slade but the others are really just annoying, I need a better system. Any suggestions?"

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@cassuis_slay_knightfall: (hahaha yea kinda is like Az isnt it)

Listening he followed the directions, as she went in she could feel Slade scratching at the wall she put up. Looking into the mirror she saw Slade instead of her own reflection, she glared at him as he smiled a sinister grin "Do that again, and I will have Drez kill you. I always did think eight was a bit much." Slade grinned an replied "What if by killing me, you kill yourself. Would you really off yourself just to be rid of me?" She grinned even wider than Slade had been "In a heart beat....." His grin disappeared as he saw she was being honest, she truly would kill herself just to be rid of him. He scoffs "Bitch" before disappearing and returning her reflection in the mirror.

Washing her face and exposed skin she realized her cloths were tattered, and thanked god that when the others took over they didnt change her body. Or Slades muscular body would of torn the remaining cloths into tatters. She exited the bathroom and returned to Cassius "Two questions well three actually. Whats your name? Who is the leader of this place? And where can I find some cloths, I also wish to know how I can repay for the damaged my Alters caused."

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@cassuis_slay_knightfall: She sighs slightly and looks at him ".....So...where is the ladies room?" She knew he wouldnt let her stay long, but who said she couldnt...linger or stow away she thought to herself.

(Also im Cortex aka Darkchild. Ive got alot of alts, and im not Azrael)

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@cassuis_slay_knightfall: Knowing fully she could take his gun and turn the room into a bloodbath she slowly sighed, and stood up. Her hands at her side she cracked her neck, her body was still sore from her fight that same day prior to coming. She took a breathe and spoke "I cam here you could say. Heard I could get help here, what you saw earlier that was Slade. I have seven complete minds inside of my own, my meta back fired a few years ago. Instead of simply taking the evil from my targets I drained their souls and the last one, it somehow took my last seven targets and completely fused us all together." Laurana balled a fist for a moment cracking her fingers and continued "Crybaby please show them." In an instant her arm turned into water and made a dove out of the water "My name isnt Crybaby, but she refuses to call me anything but that. I am one of the more calmer persons inside her head." Another moment went by and CB was gone, replaced again by Laurana "My names Laurana, or Crazy Eights if you wish. I came here to figure out a way to work with these personalities. My employer wasn't happy with my decision to leave the Merc business, which is why I was covered in blood when I got here." Standing in a more relaxed state she waited for Cassius to lower his weapon and speak with her "Now will you please lower your weapon, most of us don't care to have weapons pointed at us. Plus Slade's in time out, and Drez wont bother the moment hes somewhere dark inside my head."

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Try not to drive herself crazy

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@tank_: NO!!! yeah me too well im getting Prototype from Gamefly soon and lyn will be getting some old xbox game. so time gonna be games work and then here in morns