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@honor_avenger: Started writing something badass then lost my mojo mid writing. So its much shorter than normal posts from me.

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Risky and I nearly had an entire year in one rpg. We had crazy life schedules back then

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@honor_avenger: Ignoring what could of very well been a debilitating attack, Cray swung her arms out to her sides and from her sleeves slid two small handguns. A smile appeared on her face as she listened to the BITCH speak to her, telling her to have some fun. Without a second thought Jeffery took control over the body and began to head straight for oncoming gunfire. Bullets just barely bouncing off her now solid body, she shrugged them off like one would swat a fly. As she ran in a straight line she held her guns out in front of her, firing not at the attackers but around them. Each bullet slamming into a brick or into the earth below there feet. AS she gets closer another personality takes control.

Gustav smiles in control over her body now, a calm personality he enjoys a good fight. An with a slap to the ground beneath there feet, a wave of energy ripples through the dirt and takes control of all the destruction around the attackers. The rocks and rubble begin to rumble and churn, finally forming into an Rock Monster. That quickly dispatches the entire group of attackers with one single swing of its large arm. Then as more and more come to there comrades aid, the beast transforms into a wall that Crazy dives behind as even more gunfire erupts. Bullets smash into the now formed wall, Gustav feeling every bullet punch into his body as he controls the behemoth that now protects Crazy. As she takes shelter behind the wall of rocks and debris, she flags over the BITCH. Smiling she flips her off and tells her to come on over with her hands "I am enjoying myself, why dont we have a little bit more fun."But just as she speaks a single shot rings through the wall and embeds itself into Velvets arm.

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@honor_avenger: Sorry for lack of writing in the two months this has been up. Writing something up now

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Dead man walkin

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All Velvet and her personalities could think of while the woman before them spoke was "Guns guns guns boom boom boom" Chanting the words inside there head and smiling like a sick child in a candy store. But as soon as the explosive conclusion to there Jet ride was explained the back of the Jet opened and the woman walked to the back of the jet with the last remaining parachute. She followed "Alright come cunt..." And she tossed the parachute out of the jet and leaped along with her own.

Crazy stood motionless then began to pace back and forth in the bay of the jet, not paying attention to that the plane was soon to meet with the ground as it did a nose dive "Okay...sooooo I dont think she likes what do we do...any of you got some massive healing skills I dont know about?" Nothing from the voices until Suzy spoke "We gonna go boom soon." Turning around she saw the plane getting closer to the ground.

A scream erupted from her throat as she ran out the back of the plan screaming "You bitch!!!" As she leaped out and began her downward fall, thinking quickly Duncan took control of the body and pulled out a knife. Slicing through the suit she was wearing, he cut a long line the side of her midsection in the suit. Grabbing her love handles, he pulled out the skin and it stretched out into a long pair of wings. They slowly glided down to the ground and landed short of the woman, anger in his heart he moved over to her and swung hard hoping to smash her face in and do the job himself.

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Gah im so utterly full of food.....

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@_outcastal_: Smiling wide as he was now in control of the body, he made the flesh on his hand razor sharp and brought it to the neck of the man "What makes you think I fear you, or even that I fear death? I cannot be stopped..."

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All emotions fled her body the moment she saw the stock pile, all she could say was and with every voice in her mind she spoke "Oh sweet Jesus......I just came...."Running full tilt towards the stockpile she dove in headfirst like Scrouge McDuck into his pile of gold. Swimming almost through the many different guns, she attached each to a clip on her body. The fools had left her in full gear, something that later they would soon come to regret. But with each latch of a gun onto her body she grew heavier, her slender frame almost too tiny to even see among the guns strung about her frame.

Finally she saw the rocket launcher and growled at the woman who looked at it before jumping on it "MINE!" this time she spoke as Velvet. A woman who as crazy as she was, knew every fraction of a dot of a gun, the ins and outs. Spinning the rocket launcher in her palm she slapped it onto her back, she looked like a walking Armory. Even with almost a hundred more pounds strapped to her she was able to run towards the jet, a few bullets falling from her pockets as she did.

Upon arriving inside the jet she looked to the new woman and smiled wide, giving her a hand she stayed motionless waiting for the woman to take it "My name is...Eights, Call me Crazy Eights. Whats your name, and who did you piss off or not allow inside that sweet taco of yours to get tossed with me?" She was rude and crude, and she did not give a damn "I'm sure I slept with the wrong man or woman to get tossed in here, the one I had planned on sleeping with got me here, so after this if you dont mind Id like to search for her and skin her pretty little ass...."