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More often than not Velvet aka Crazy Eight, is adorned with a full body suit that reveals almost nothing about herself. Even the fact that she is a woman is often not given when she is in uniform, when she is not in this full body suit she normally wears revealing yet acceptable clothing.

Normally wears two Beretta on each hip, a sword on her left hip and upon her back. Various ammo cache strapped over her body.


Main personality ala the Original is Velvett, her power is over Plastic.Since nearly everything on earth man made (and the substances that come from the earth) has plastic in it. She can transform these plastic ridden things into weapons or tools. She is an assassin, trained by the government so this power comes in handy

Plastic shaper

Plastic is an everyday material that can be found everywhere, from trash on the ground to clothes and even the insides of cars. On the hands of an assassin they can be a nice murder tool, however on non-violent types they can be used to bind things as well. Plastic can be changed into toys to be hidden from authorities, and they are ubiquitous

The other personas come from a fractured mind, because of government augmentation her mind has been fractured.Splitting into eight different personalities.

Velvet normally wears her hair down when she is not in her assassins gear, and has deep dark bruises covering her body. Bruises that will never and have never gone away, side affect of her being experimented on and turned into a lethal assassin.

Personalities (Pictures to come...)

Guen, Gustav,Doc,Jeffery,Duncan, Suzy, Simmons

Guen-Able to absorb light create hard light constructs. Fast Talking and bubbly personality

Jeffery-Once in motion cannot be stopped, and upon stopping of his own free will he is invulnerable for approx two hours. Super Strength, Durability, and Reflexes are pushed to extremes during these two hours. Jeff is an asshole

Gustav-Able to touch any form of debris from a destruction that he or body has caused,and transform it into a living sentient creature. Gustav is a very calm personality

Rubble Animation.

Break stuff, then create minions from the rubble and ruin. Since destruction is inevitable in super brawl then why not simply weaponize the environment to create multi-purpose minions [shield\decoy\drone]. Limitation being that you have to be involved in creating the ruin [directly or indirectly]. So if you were to blow up a skyscraper using bombs then you can 'reanimate' the debris to create a big-ass golem, whatever this golem smashes can be made into more minions or even unite with the big golem.

Suzy-Able to transmute anything she touches into a weapon and or ammo for weapons on hand. Turning the object (organic or inorganic) into pure energy that can be used as a weapon. Personality is that of a young child with wild temper tantrums

Duncan-Flesh Manipulation, able to manipulate his and others flesh. Capable of being a tactic used in minor wounds and flesh loss. Cannot regrow whole body parts, but can be allowed to heal all other forms of wounds. This personality is unhinged and prone to random and violent outbursts

Flesh manipulation.

To be able to alter the salts, fibers, and other compounds found in organic muscle tissue

Doc-Bone Manipulation. Able to manipulate the bones within body in defensive and offensive ways. Doc tends to be rather silent and reclusive, rarely coming out directly rather speaks internally than outwardly to others.

Bone armory healing factor combo. He can shoot his fingers, make claws with his knuckles, and make reinforced bone dense armor exit his body. Weakness is a need for calcium constantly or he becomes brittle

Simmons-Sound Manipulation. Able to control and manipulate the sound waves given from heart beat. Only able to manipulate the sound waves given off from heart, but can force the heart to beat faster with outside means. Strongly advises against this on each use. Simmons is a very combative yet at sometime loving personality.

Pulsing Sound

Able to manipulate sound waves, but only at the same tempo as the user's heartbeat. Forced increases in heart rate can increase the effectiveness of the sound waves, but is not suggested.