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Birth Name: Laurana Presley

Alias: Crazy Eights, Bat Shit Crazy

(Occupants) Gavin, Drez, Charles, Crybaby, Joan, Xander, Slade


Occupation: Student at Mount Fire High, Trained Assassin/Mercenary passed down through family.

Hair: Blonde

Height: 5'5

Weight; 115

History and Powers (Of Each person)

Laurana- She has the power to absorb and siphon souls and energies from a living person. This power went through a secondary mutation during her last mission. She drained the life and soul of her victim Drez Malfoy, and after she had drained him of all of his life she collapsed to the ground. Seven other voices began to pop up into her mind, her secondary mutation gave the last seven of her victims (all mutants or metas) awareness within her body. Unlike most of her kills when she drains them of their soul's they simply vanish going to whatever fate they went to. Where as these seven stayed behind, and in doing so also gave her each of their abilities. Many of these "Occupants" as she calls them were not happy to be stuck in their new situation.

Gavin-Stole governmental information for the Taliban. Intangibility and can speak with machinery

Drez-Psychopathic a$$hole. Telepath

Crybaby-Former Mafiaoso who cried rivers before she killed him. Water Manipulation

Charles-Sadomasochist pervert who can control blood

Joan- Widow of 15 men, no details of how she killed her husbands has ever been found. Plant Manipulation

Xander- Former Cleaner for the Yakuza. Able to spit acid and create weapons from his body. Also trained martial artist

Slade-Don for local Mob. Super Strength, 5 ton range