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If that is luke cage then I think J. August Richards is a good fit given cage is back story. he may be skinny compared to what luke cage is, but Charles Gunn definitely could be interchange for luke cage.

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I really hope a lot of these characters being cast are just in the background or is used as some kind a flash back scene. because I love x-men and even I think he has way to many character in this movie.

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Q is by far the best omnipotent being their is

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I think it would be more interesting if gods took the doctor who method and regenerated/reborn every time they died that way you could have the essential have the same character just different personality. think of the story line or relationships that could be created this way

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I love doctor who the thing that can make it hard to like about it is that you will ultimately get a new person playing the doctor, which is hard for people, because its different from other shows in that respect. its hard to not be skeptical of this person filling in the shoes of some one else. usually when a show changes one of the main character or the star of the show. the series tanks or it wasn't the same anymore. perfect example Stargate SG-1. I love the show from the very end, but I could under stand why people were not happy about richard dean anderson leaving. I liked ben browder in the show, but it was a different team and that turn people off. another example two and half men. personally don't watch the show, but charle sheen was the show and apparently ashton just can't cut it.

what I like about it in doctor who is that no two doctor are the same and they make note of that. none of the doctor ever way the same outfit and some are funny, quicker, or serious. some are young souls, while other are old souls. each has their own catch phrases and companions. each doctor had their own personality and charm. some times its difficult to live up to the the person who play the doctor before them. perfect example before the new series started Tom baker was consider the best doctor and after he left none of the other doctor just seemed good when you compared them. I think david tennant is the tom baker of the new series and it will be hard for people to enjoy anybody else playing the doctor. I however think matt smith is filling the shoe and making them bigger. so what I am afraid if is who will play the doctor after him, because I would not envy that person one bit.

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I look it up and it seem to be really well down Photoshop, because i am pretty sure that's Brandon Routhfrom superman returns or at least looks like him not sure who the batman is though. also if you look at the kryptonite the edges around it seem to be cut and paste on it.

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I think my mind just exploded from even trying to comprehend the epicness this will be. all I can say is "I wear a visor now visor are cool"

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@Vance Astro:

could you elaborate on that for me.

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maybe, but unfortunately they killed him so we will never know.

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Yeah she had super strength but wasn't extremely strong I think her max strength was like 10 tons, which is usefully but she wasn't a powerhouse. she was suffering from Progeria making her appear old on frail even though she was only like 11 or 12