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Lucas Bishop, Code Name:Bishop

Mutant level:Beta

Mutant Ability: The ability to absorb most types of energy directed at his body. He can also re-channel it through his body for concussive blasts, or in the same form form that was absorbed, an example of what he can absorb is followed: Cyclops optical blasts, storms lighting, and Iron-man's Repulsor blasts. his re channel powers can damage enemy's that other wise are immune to there own powers. it is almost to near impossible to damage Bishop with energy based attacks, to to his mutant powers.

Bishop gains a power boost when his body is containing energy. It is guest that Bishop can left a fully stocked container twice his size. He also gains an stamina boost, to which was never fully revealed. While in Bishop's absorbed energy state, his invulnerability increases to a super human level. He has been able to find off hits from super powered beings as well as survive in the arctic whether as he absorbed the energy that snow flakes gave off as they melted on his skin. His Mutation allows him to heal injuries, this ability can rivial Wolverine's healing factor.However, some energy types are more difficult to absorb than others. Bishop can absorb too much energy at one point and be forced to expel it before it kills him. He also has the ability to instinctively know where he is at. Bishop is also resistant to nanites thanks to his training in the XSE. recently Bishop has been seen to be learning to absorb physical damage much the way Sebastian Shaw does and redirect this kinetic energy into enhancing his physical abilities as well. Attached is an art work I've done.

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I say if a person can go out every night in an outfit to stop crime and to protect people, has more heart than any other person has, and then some. But if your going to be serious about it, please do not dress in bright colors,stop a fight that has no lethal weapons involved, and most importently be sure you are fit for it, both mentally, and physically.

#3 Posted by crazed_h3ro (1006 posts) - - Show Bio looks like Rachel's going back to her "Hound" look, and maybe codename,Idie looks a lot like that Japenese girl Logan took cared of from that min tie in from the Wolverine goes to hell saga..just saying.

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This fight does seem strange. If Logan really wanted to kill Scott he would of done it by now, seeing he threw some punches into the face of Scott. It seems that Scott is more determine than Logan, and also is focusing on getting some sort of detinator that Logan has in his hands, while Logan is preventing him from having it. This must be very important to the two, since the aren't paying any mind to the giant sentinel attacking them. So What does this mean?

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Well....that's one way to bring Nightcrawler back. But this news is pretty epic, and really can not wait for the new X-Men book.

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Awesome! is really all I can say. The Cap. Move was amazing and I have high hopes that the avengers movie will be just as amazing. I see they are going for an "Ultimate Universe" look with Hawkeye.

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This is awesome to know.This will be very interesting to see two sets of X-men. One lead by Logan, and the other by Scott. so far Scott's team looks...well organized. Can't wait to see who's on who's side. Seems like Booby,the Coockos and Emma are with Scott. Really can not wait.

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I think the Secret Identity serves as a mental stability for the heroes, or sometimes villians. The reason why is because the identity is a "get-away" from there normal, super-heroic life.Think about it. Can you really be a hero 24/7, and not suffer from any sort of effect on your mind? Creating that persona, and becoming it is two different things. You can get in-gulfed by the very Idea you created. What if Bruce was "always" Batman? would Wayne ind. collapse or become taken over by a rival Corp? that would have some hard wip-lash on ol' Bruce. We've seen something Like this in Flashpoint with Thomas Wayne.
Like use we long to be heroes ourselves, but what of Heroes wanting to be use? Identitay's aren't only just a bad thing Like I said, it's a stability, It can guide use and teach use things we might never have learned. We've seen this a lot from Peter Parker countless times. So theses are my thoughts.

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The Outfit looks pretty amazing, but I do have a problem with how small the eye lens/ or mask goggles are and the shape of the actors head in the Mask.. Maybe the designer was thinking to shrink to lens to optimize his seeing capability by taking away his peripheral vision, like those horses in NYC. What ever the case, from these screen shots the movie is looking pretty well.

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I am really liking this arc. It's great there bringing back the AoA gang. Make out sessions galore!!