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@Eyz: Same here bro, I am still wondering just how much pre 52 is in the DCn52. everyone knows that Blackest night happened, but what of the revived heroes and villains from BN? did cap.boomerang come back as well as Osiris and Hawkman and girl? so many question, so little time.

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@spiderbat87: This, THIS 100%

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Called it. Just saying.

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It's about time Northstar settle down with someone finally. This was an amazing piece, and Loving the story so far. Marvel your doing great and I support you 120%

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Honestly I think they know a lot more that they are leading on, maybe they just can't remember them enough, Barry is the one that was there so he should know whats what, but what of the memories of Pre-Flashpoint? they maybe gone, but something tells me these two will remember Ted Kord, Wally west, and all the others that were forgotten.

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Does Doom have to be the Main villian is most Marvel united game? Other than that this looks great, kinda gave me a Diablo vibe.

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I really feel bad for Logan. He is trying his best to raise these kids to become Great people some day, something that he never had the chance to be. But it just seems, that S@#$ happens, maybe a bit too often foe Logan. Come one The new Hellfire club, the return of Sabretooth, and the aftermath of AVX isn't going to help at all for him. Why can't Logan ever get a Brake?

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I like the Harley Quinn gang, they look awesome. I would really want to pick up the Game of the Year edition. Me FTW

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YAY! another X book, like the other 20 weren't enough. And what are they really trying to pull, we know how the x-men were founded. Maybe it's an Erik and Charles book, who knows.

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My Opinionated Guess: X-men takes over the United states, because the avengers were never formed. Scott Becomes the Mutant Leader (where the hell is Charles?!!?), and an area of the US (maybe San Fran) is now a new Mutant only City. Of course something goes horribly wrong (Human revolting against Mutants most likely), were Scott realizes that the Avengers were right and that they fought for Mutant rights unbeknownst to Scott. Scott now seeing he was acting like a total douchebag tries to mend the Selfish wrongs he's created. Scott Then realizes that This reality was created by the phoenix Force, which gave him a world where Scott got his way, Jean then comes back to life replacing Hope and fixing the world. Too bad for Hope because she goes back to being unused :(.