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I am surprised to see Wolverine and the x-Men so high, glad to actually since i voted for it.

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Gorr is one of, if not, the best new Marvel Villain introduced. His back Story is just amazingly well written in the current issue. It made the gods look like jerks in the process which was very humorous.

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Wolverine and the X-Men. The series really started to pick up later on, but sadl was ended at the beginning of the Age Of Apocolips Story arch which may have been one of the best story arch ever told in an animated series.

I really do want to see Young justice back, but I mis WAX more.

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It is great to see the unknown Solider back in comics, but I am not too familiar with this version (this one being the original). I have only read the Unknown Solider from Africa which was an amazing series by the way.

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@SwampPing: Ha! Nice

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@Outside_85: I guess this preview did him no justice then. I completely agree with you on that, he is a bit of a bloody twat.

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@Outside_85: I don't know, I am really liking this portrayal of Warblade, yes he is nothing like the original, and one may say DC screwed him up (I was one of those people) but I have grown to like the new Reno Bryce.

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I say part of it was caused by the Phoenix, but mostly himself. Namor was the first to suggested a War in Wakanda, no one else were so Brash, not Magik, not Scott, and not Colossus. It may Have been that he was the weakest willed one of the group, but Coming from past Namor experiences, it's hard to believe.

I still don't really like how BP is being portrayed, all Hateful and ill tempered, but it is understandable, he failed the people he swore to protect.

So Should Namor Be Held Responsible For The Destruction Of Wakanda? Well...meh.

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Great Article by the way. I have been wondering what exactly happened during "Blackest Night" and "Brightest Day". Who exactly were brought back from death, and how much of the event has changed from the Re-lunched. does Osiris exist? Did Hawk-man, and Hawk-girl were ever killed in the event? (seeing we have not seen her since the lunch, except in Earth-2) and what about Deadman? was he screwed over at the end of Brightest Day? because Swamp-thing is back in action, but was he brought back by the light? (yes) and how much of it was relevant to his Character coming back to life?

Pleases DC, so many questions, answer most of them please.

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@Jonny_Anonymous: Too true. I personally still hate how DC are treating the Wildstorm characters. Warblade is a Titian's villain, voodoo has not been the same voodoo we were reading for the past 3-5 issues, grifter is alright, but I haven't read anything from him yet, and I do love Stormwatch.