Crash! Landen's Very Own Facebook Art PAge...

Yes! I have one! With,ummmm... 9 Likes. But I would LIKE more. So if you're reading this, I hope you will go to my 'Crash! Landen Page'... right the frick now... and click the little 'Like' doohickey. You'll be in the running for a possible EXCITINGLY big prize, you'll conceivably have done a good deed so you won't have to do ANYthing else for the rest of the day to feel good about yourself and you might just feed a small hungry child in an impoverished foreign land. I stress the words 'possible', 'conceivably' and 'might'.

While there, you'll find more art just like this:

Click the 'Like button in the next 24 hours starting right... Now... and you'll also be helping to Save The Planet from environmental catastrophe! And you'll feel good! Go! Go now! Click 'Like'! Feel GOOOOOOOD!