My Thoughts On Thor (1-12, 600)

This is my first blog, so it’s likely going to suck. But anyways, here we go…

I’ve always been a fan of Norse Mythology and got into reading Thor a little before Siege started. The other day I picked up the trades of when the Asgardians came back to life. I found the story really interesting and I love the way the characters interact with each other. Volstagg is hilarious and I think the Warriors Three make great supporting characters. The only problem I had with it was how Loki went back in time and killed Bor and gave instructions to his younger self. Maybe it was explained in some of the older comics, but how would all the events take place in the past if it was Loki who made everything happen? The events had to happen in the first place for Loki to be where he was in the present. So someone would have had to originally kill Bor and talk to little Loki, or else Odin wouldn’t have adopted him, and he never would have grown up and become the God(dess?) of Mischief. Maybe it’s just a big plot hole that the writer overlooked, or maybe I’ve missed something and it actually all does make sense.


Other than that, I thought the books were great and I’d recommend that anyone who hasn’t read Thor to check it out.  

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Posted by Walker696

Its suppose to be one of those things where it happened because he caused it to happen or another way to look at is destiny. Pretty much its the writers little way of saying everything that happens is planned and that one event directly causes another even if the events don't occur in chronological order. Though it can be looked at as a plot hole another way to look at it is that it happens because Loki from the future came to current Loki so he knew at some point and time that he needed to go back and repeat the process in order to assure that he came into being. It honestly doesn't make much sense and I've been following Thor since he first met Herc way back when and this is the first and only time I've seen this mentioned. I think its meant to be a quick plot device to show how well thought out and devious Loki really is. But all this is just my guess.