Parents: Blade and Selene

Real name: Carla Gallio Brooks

Codename: Vamp

Appearance: A sheer beauty, standing five feet, eight inches, Oddly pale, but not fully white skin. perfect legs, a apple shaped ass, with an robust hourglass figure, Full vibrant lips, sweet endless brown eyes, curly black hair stopping at her shoulder, long pointed nails, normally i super tight clothing to show off every single curve, normally paired with matching heels of at least a three inches.

Powers: Mutant vampire: Like her father, Vamp displayed certain unique abilities as a dhampir due to the vampire enzymes in her body. She has shown many times that she is immune (or at least highly resistant) from the bite of a true vampire and cannot become a full vampire. However, there had been temporary cases in which her vampire instincts take over (usually from an intense battle and blood loss) causing her to act like a vampire.unlike her father, she has no thirst for blood, but does enjoy the enhanced power that comes from it. She does have a minor form of mesmerism, but it only works on those she has feed off of.

Thankfully she cannot pass any form of vampersim on to another, as she a Mutant vampire

It is assumed that she is immortal, but this has not been tested. She also appears to find the smell of vampires repulsive, it is unknown if she can smell mutants

One such feat is a healing factor, as long as she has fresh blood( less than 24 hours old) she can heal from any wound, this does actively use the blood up however.

Her actual mutant powers are in of themselves, magic, rather the use of magic, she has never been trained in any magical arts. She has also created a bevy Thaumaturgy based spells. Thaumaturgy or blood magic, as she also calls it, combines actual blood with magical energies. She can heal, hurt and even alter others through this.

Thaumaturgy takes a great deal of fresh blood, but the results are far greater than any other spell.

Via Thaumaturgy she can enhance her physical strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and durability to superhuman levels

Bio: While on his life long quest to kill vampires, blade came across Selene, he wanted to kill her but she ensnared him in a well laid trap. She threatened to worsen his vamperism by adding hers to the mix,then he could kill her, or she will divulge every single nest to blade, as well as were Dracula slept, the exact location, and all he had to do was have one night of pleasure with her. Her plan worked, Blade awoke, inside a very old dungeon, with a note. " Dear lover, you were wonderful, your kid will be great, i promise, oh by the way, you are sitting at the center of the largest nest in all of Europe, fifteen stories below you, rest Dracula, when you kill him, tell him he should of fathered my child"

Shortly after Carla was born, She was raised by Selene, so like her mother, she is self centered, controlling, and will use sex if she has to to get what she wants. At first her mother was disappointed that she wasn't born a Damphir, however at age eleven the powers and vamperism manifested.

When she was fifteen, she created Thaumaturgy spells, and on at least occasion used it to change an boy, who she caught spying on her, into woman. This process required her to drain almost all the blood of the boy, alter it and send it back into him, the process is very painful for the altered party, She kept the newly made woman, as a slave for six full years. At the end of which. she set free, but refused to change her back into a man, stating she improved on a birth defect.

For an Unknown reason, she views being born a man, a birth defect, yet she would engage in sexual act with men, when it suited her

Being like her mother, she stuck a deal with the iron brother, as she does carry an X gene, she wanted full citizenship, as well a spot in Section X. This worked for about a week, until matrix got around to her paperwork, seeing she had bargained her way into his force, he sent her Fort Havok as punishment. Where during the first day, Flatscan saved her, prompting her to become infatuated with him.

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