Parents: Blade and Selene

Real name: Carla Gallio Brooks

Codename: Vamp

Appearance: A sheer beauty, standing five feet, eight inches, Oddly pale, but not fully white skin. perfect legs, a apple shaped ass, with an robust hourglass figure, Full vibrant lips, sweet endless brown eyes, curly black hair stopping at her shoulder, long pointed nails, normally i super tight clothing to show off every single curve, normally paired with matching heels of at least a three inches.

Powers: Mutant vampire: Like her father, Vamp displayed certain unique abilities as a dhampir due to the vampire enzymes in her body. She has shown many times that she is immune (or at least highly resistant) from the bite of a true vampire and cannot become a full vampire. However, there had been temporary cases in which her vampire instincts take over (usually from an intense battle and blood loss) causing her to act like a vampire.unlike her father, she has no thirst for blood, but does enjoy the enhanced power that comes from it. She does have a minor form of mesmerism, but it only works on those she has feed off of.

Thankfully she cannot pass any form of vampersim on to another, as she a Mutant vampire

It is assumed that she is immortal, but this has not been tested. She also appears to find the smell of vampires repulsive, it is unknown if she can smell mutants

One such feat is a healing factor, as long as she has fresh blood( less than 24 hours old) she can heal from any wound, this does actively use the blood up however.

Her actual mutant powers are in of themselves, magic, rather the use of magic, she has never been trained in any magical arts. She has also created a bevy Thaumaturgy based spells. Thaumaturgy or blood magic, as she also calls it, combines actual blood with magical energies. She can heal, hurt and even alter others through this.

Thaumaturgy takes a great deal of fresh blood, but the results are far greater than any other spell.

Via Thaumaturgy she can enhance her physical strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and durability to superhuman levels

Bio: While on his life long quest to kill vampires, blade came across Selene, he wanted to kill her but she ensnared him in a well laid trap. She threatened to worsen his vamperism by adding hers to the mix,then he could kill her, or she will divulge every single nest to blade, as well as were Dracula slept, the exact location, and all he had to do was have one night of pleasure with her. Her plan worked, Blade awoke, inside a very old dungeon, with a note. " Dear lover, you were wonderful, your kid will be great, i promise, oh by the way, you are sitting at the center of the largest nest in all of Europe, fifteen stories below you, rest Dracula, when you kill him, tell him he should of fathered my child"

Shortly after Carla was born, She was raised by Selene, so like her mother, she is self centered, controlling, and will use sex if she has to to get what she wants. At first her mother was disappointed that she wasn't born a Damphir, however at age eleven the powers and vamperism manifested.

When she was fifteen, she created Thaumaturgy spells, and on at least occasion used it to change an boy, who she caught spying on her, into woman. This process required her to drain almost all the blood of the boy, alter it and send it back into him, the process is very painful for the altered party, She kept the newly made woman, as a slave for six full years. At the end of which. she set free, but refused to change her back into a man, stating she improved on a birth defect.

For an Unknown reason, she views being born a man, a birth defect, yet she would engage in sexual act with men, when it suited her

Being like her mother, she stuck a deal with the iron brother, as she does carry an X gene, she wanted full citizenship, as well a spot in Section X. This worked for about a week, until matrix got around to her paperwork, seeing she had bargained her way into his force, he sent her Fort Havok as punishment. Where during the first day, Flatscan saved her, prompting her to become infatuated with him.

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Parents: Xavier & Emma Frost

Name Maxwell Ernest Xavier

Codename: Onslaunt Or Omega

Gender: Male

Apperance: phisically weak and frail execpt when Inside Crystaline shell

Powers: Omega-Level Mutant, has a crystaline shell that grants invulnerability to an unknown but presumably high extent, super strength, speed, reflexes, and stamina, but this prevents his Psychic powers from being used. on the Psychic side he has the ability to tap into the virtually unlimited psychic resources of the astral plane in order to manipulate matter and energy. This grants him incredible psychic powers including telepathy and telekinesis. He can use his telepathy to read minds and even read residual thought imprints left on objects touched by people ( psychometry), communicate with others by broadcasting his thoughts, control minds, create illusions by altering the perceptions of others, fire psionic blasts that can scramble an opponent's thought processes (causing either intense pain, unconsciousness, or death) However he can burn his body out if he isnt careful, so he stays in the exo shell he can make, most of the time

Bio: The only son of the king and Queen of the hellfire club, he belives that it is he, who will be the true king, of not only the hellfire club but the world.

He has never been able to gain weight or mass leaving him very frail, this has only made him more hateful of others \.

To maxwell everybody is just a tool, even his own parents. Most people save the inner circle of the hellfire club, known as the order of the phoenix, know of his Psychic power. It is this Order that he leads as he seeks the Phoenix to amplify his already vast powers. Maxwell often calls out to random people, to see what he can do with them.

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Ok i want in, will psot my person then i will be back later to post graveyard

Calahalla Jones


Transmutation - 50 (Edward Elric)

Weapons Mastery - 10 (viking sword)

Ricochet - 25 (Peak Human Traits, Superhuman Agility, Danger Sense)

Sword - 5 (Viking Sword)

Vibranium Melee Upgrade - 10 (viking sword)

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The Convict and Gods

In an all to familiar integration room, Matrix sits across from and unknown person, a definite prisoner, he is about to begin something that he truly enjoys. A buzzer rings over the speaker system. He calmly stands up, and begins to head for the door, Stay! is the only word he utters, leaving the door open behind him.  Beacon greats him the hallway
"Nathan." spoken with a hurried voice, hinting on the verge of a catastrophe. Two hours ago, eight mutants broke out of there holding cells"
With an annoyed sigh, yet cold emotionless look about him, Matrix looks at his long time friend. " Pavitr, why does this matter, i have forty teams below me, you have thirty five teams below you. Just capture them again. we shall decide their fates right away." He turns his back as to head into the room from which he left. Beacon gently places his hand on the left shoulder of Matrix, everyone in the hallway gasps, the last person to such a thing lost the whole arm. Beacons face shows soft eyes encased in a hardened face,   "Lunar Moth! the Guthrie, the mass murderer. She got free Nate." Matrix turns about, ever so swiftly, he doesn't even have to ask, before his partner gives the details. 
A wall opens in front of the two men, ninety stories above the ground, they depart with the utter most haste, heading to the southwest, in hopes to cut of the woman known as the Lunar Moth. She is seen screaming over cities with insane speed, fifteen years locked up, fifteen years, to gather power.  She is the worst of the worst, her whole family, her entire town, wiped clean from the earth. A gleeful killer, is about to see what it is like to be outclassed. Despite nearly a two hour head start, Beacon, at full output, while carrying,Matrix. caught up to her. " A tin man, and a useless bald man." He face covered with disdain, as if two men were and insult to her greatness. " it took sixty people, to stop me last time'  
A $#!+ eating grin comes about as she lowers her head, only to be full on assaulted by Matrix, who was at her throat, within her blinking. Out of pure reaction she shields herself,barely stopping her from being killed. Beacon flanks her, his arm modifying itself into a solar radiation cannon. the blast engulfs her. After it dissipates, she screams a bloodcurdling howl. Her skin on one side of her body,blisters and sizzles, as the water in her skin boils away. Her mind creates a massive hammer, from her stored energy, she turns to Beacon, " I AM GONNA !@#$%^& KILL YOU!!!!!" rage blinds her, her barrier has dropped,Matrix wastes no time, a Psi bolt, chased by his blood red aura, slams her body, shattering her arm, shoulder, and ribs, this blast causes her plummet to the earth.
 " Pav..."  he looks over to him "yeah nate?"  "make sure she is dead, i have paperwork to do." He turns away to fly back to the new york base. "Nate!, he helped two of them escape, he is getting active, this is probably our only chance." Stopping dead in the air, a fire burns in his otherwise cold dead eyes.
To be continued..............

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A conversation with Kanji

Takes place prior to the breakout 
Inside the prison of  section x, at the end of a long hallway, sits Brainstorm, opposite her, sits Kanji, in a samurai's meditation stance. both of them wear de-powering gauntlets, as does every single prisoner in this inter-mitten  place.
She looks up him, and trust her feelings, like she has been taught.
" You're good man, do you mind if can have your name." At first, he does not budge, for he is deep into his trace ignoring all about him, but her indecent muttering breaks his walls away, he speaks perfect English, it is calm and well placed, there is almost no drawl to any of his word.
" why do you insist on talking, our powers are locked, this is only the first step to hell"
" Your powers Maybe" Her words snap a response like no other.
" Yoshio Walker Harada" She pauses for just a second, repositioning her left leg under her body for comfort 
" So what is your Other name."
" what  think.." She cuts him off, not purposely, she just answers with haste, slightly offending him
 " the cameras say your called Kanji" a Perplexing look comes across followed by a word of warning.
" you do know they watch us. What is your name young miss?"
despite the place she finds herself in she still cracks a smile, at a man who has features like her fellow tribe members, yet much more distant.
" No i asked them not to, i hear what they say, I talk their souls, and my name good sir is  Liliana Genesis Silvercloud, the machines call me Brainstorm. "
" father spoke of a  Jonathan Silvercloud, in the highest regard, he even made a sword for him, one that never had to sharpened"
" our fathers knew each other hmm. i guess he figured it was necessary for me to know, funny coincidence."
" so such thing, why did they not shut down your power?  She again moves, approaching the bars, to clearly see him,in the dim lit cell of which he sat.
" Simple.. I asked them not to. yours don't like you, they say you keep moving your energy, and it feels funny, but don't worry a door has just been opened, everybody is talking about it, what do you do anyway"
" Unlike my father, i am more or less a ronin,i have no use for a sword, i create a white blade of purest fires, i do however wish to get the teleporation ring back."
"Ahh the old magic i felt..... will you stay with me for a while when we leave?"
 " You seem so sure of this?" She mimics how he sits. saying nothing more. 

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The Non-Existent Power of Flatscan

The night was already halfway over, three of them quit the test set before them, the others did as much as the could, with some winning out. Alex stood waiting for the last person to step into the area, something he wanted to see, he knew who Flatscan was, a singer, a rich kid,a doctor in three fields,all this and now only twenty one. Adam had also obtained had three black belts, and a pair of golden gloves, by the time he was fifteen. Alex read and re-read his dossier, over sixty times It made him both hate and respect Flatscan,  he remind him of brother's Scott and Gabriel, and even a bit of himself. 
There was no formal order in how they went, and Flatscan used this time, to not only rest, but prepare. After Break lost his leg, he realized why the holograms, were meant to look like family and friends. The world has shifters and tricksters in it, most here want to get into Section X, or at least start in the service at an officer's level, and you could not hesitate in either. When Phase & Shift, he picked out there fighting styles, as well the machines, programed to act like humans, and fight like wakandians. They enjoy close range fighting, even when using guns. He had his fight all planned out, before he had even stood up. He began to breathe harshly and erratic, Alex grinned thinking he was nervous, but he was tricking his body to release adrenaline. He finally stepped forward, the human who used two minor birth defects to pass as a mutant, and his overly active brain to keep the illusion.
As it begin, the first one, looking like a high school friend, charged forth, the arms were quickly snapped, rendering them useless, to followed by being shoved into another running with a blade. they began to bull-rush flatscan, but the level of adrenaline flowing inside his body, made them appear slow and cumbersome, knees became shattered, limbs lost, even a broken neck occurred, the fact that they had to act human allowed all this to happen. He used one as shield as others shot him, all he needed was the gun. He was adapting fast to the combat, his father's pushing made him act with conviction, his skills allowed him to appear superhuman. About halfway to the gun, his shield was getting heavy like a dead body, another charged at him from side, he dropped the body, in order to dodge the strike, grabbing the machines shoulder, yelling a pitch perfect scream into his ear, simulating a flash bang, letting him stumble into fire. Seconds latter he reached the closest gunner, swingin down and to the left, he lands a blow that would of broke a person's spine, Nine shots were fired, each one kill shot. 
Impressed and angered, Alex jumps down and attacks Flatscan, he is trying to herd Flatscan into a closer range, just because, he wants to keep his record of everybody getting hurt, but i backfires, He sees what he i trying to do. quickly thinking he dives for a rock, that he throws at over a hundred miles per hour, even though he blast the rock, the dust created, blurs his vision, giving Flatscan time to fire another shot, the last one to the clip, into Alex's leg. The medic finally steps in and stops Alex from going any further.
"you scumbag, how dare you shoot me"  as loud as thunder these words were told, directed right at Flatscan, who gave a retort of his own, but in a much calmer tone. 
" Sir, you decided to become an enemy, i was told by you to subdue all enemies by any means.SIR" 
A bitter pill for Alex this was, in the twenty years he had run Fort Havok, only one other had every wounded him, it was vastly different, but still the fact that another could do this to him. 
"Maggots......get some sleep..." his finger points to flatscan. " NOT YOU, ninety miles, that is the perimeter, of my compound, you will run it, before you sleep"
His sick grin returned as the others headed for bed, Flatscan spoke to only one of them.
"'re gonna run this with me, remember you said that you are all mine, if i did this, and i want you to run with me"
" Really? I don't... don't  wanna do that." 
" To bad, you don't even sleep so lets go!" 
Vamp appears to have bitten off more than she can chew for change, but she does is asked of her, she gave her word, and her word means more than life itself to her. As they run, they both look back to Shatter jogging behind them, he makes a cracking noise as he runs. They stop and ask him what he is doing, with his heavy Russian accent tells him
" You good friend, i not let you do this alone, i not sleep ever" 
The three begin the arduous run, Vamp, annoyed yet happy that she is for once not an object of sex, for somebody thinks to herself. " what a wonderful woman he will make, but i have to make her want it."
To be continued.....

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Another day at Fort Havok

All ten are sitting in a very shabby mess hall,as breakfast is served, they expected bottom of the line food, instead were treated to on the best breakfasts, any of them had eaten. 
As with most small groups of people, they separated into even smaller table groups, Break, hit in Jessica, in such a manner nobody could discern what he was saying. Samantha, would chime in, as the two switched between bites of food,Sam had a mean streak about her, while Jess, was witty and sarcastic. you could just see the love the sisters had for each other though, a bond, so deep nothing could break it. Tower, Trajectory, Red Lion, and Condor, sat with each other,banter ran about there table. Shatter, chose to sit with Flatscan, only to be interrupted by Vamp.I a silky sultry voice, she bent forward, hanging her breast at eye level. Asking if a wonderful man like him, wouldn't mind little old her to sit with him, licking her plump red lips afterward. Without waiting for an answer, she passed her leg over the chair, showing as much of it off as she could, before needing to sit. She leaned forward, placing her sharply pointed purple nail, in the corner of her mouth, pulling the lip ever so slightly. She whips her head back, swiftly making her hair sway back and forth. She began to speak as if shatter was not even there, his personality, screamed to her that would say nothing, and she was right. She had not expected Flatscan, to cut her of. 
" My friend, may not say anything, but i will....You see, i know your game, your hot and you know it. BUT I'm hot too, and successful, but you know that. He leans in, getting close to her lips, his voice lowers. " don't you dare talk like he doesn't exist!" she is startled by this, as no man has ever been this way to her, she begins to back off, only to feel his hand wrap around the base of the skull, pulling her forward, planing a hard kiss on her crimson covered lips. However this was done as Alex Summers entered the room. 
 " Attention! " Bellowed from a man, who looked unhappy that all ten had made it. " VAMP, FLATSCAN, DROP AND GIVE ME 300 NOW"  They both do as ordered, and begin the long climb to 300.Alex begins to woweralk counter clockwise around the room 
" you all have until those two finish to eat, then we train,sleep and train some more, from this point on, you will not die, this does not mean you will not be in danger, this just means the medic, will heal your wounds. I expect the best, most of u will washout, thank god for miracles. Shatter! if you ever do what you did to me again, i will throw your big orange A$$ in jail. Meet me on field eight by O'six hundred, every second late, is 10 push ups, before and after the twenty mile run"
As he leaves, the other scoff down food, while Vamp asks Flatscan, why he kissed her, only to be told that he wanted to see if she was a good kisser, yet refused to tell her if she was good or not. They all ran from the hall, three miles to get to field eight, of course Break, the sisters, and Condor had no problem getting there first.Just like any other drill Sargent he waited, to the exact second, it was six, then he told them what they would be doing, as they looked ahead of them, they saw a massive field, full of pitfalls, barbed wire, and road blocks, all wrapped in a mock city.
" Ok maggots,this is field eight, you will each start one after another, with a thirty second delay between you. it is twenty miles to the training ground of field fifteen, where we learn to how to with physical threats. Now based on the past at least one of you will not endure this run, You canNOT use any powers" 
The group already tired, Lines up, as he screams go, they begin there trek, it is here that you can for the first time see, who will survive this place unscathed. 
two miles into this run Trajectory, collapses at the rear of the group, his stout body is not made for this kind of torture, to the surprise of everybody except flatscan, shatter doubles back a half mile, only to followed by his new friend, to help him back to feet, only to watch Tower, leap over a barricade, right into a whole filled with barbed wire.
Against her character, Vamp seemingly helps Tower, but only does this to get closer to Flatscan. The sun has shifted into the afternoon as they finish, The Medic waiting, he smiles, as each member, has help another reach the finish of this run, but the look on Alex is the same as before, bitter and spiteful
"Medic.... heal the wounded as best you can in five....they we start our real training, the Iron Brother has been gracious enough to bestow human sized sentinels, for training, They are set to KILL, Medic will keep you alive, It is fifteen on one,except the sisters. thirty on two.  the five hurt will go first. OH i have also read your dossier's they will look like your loved ones enjoy"
Only a truly sick man would find solace in this punishment, but there is a very solid reason behind this sick joke.
 What transpires next is brutal, they are tired and sore, and tossed into a very harsh combat situation, Break, has his left leg severed, and receives a shot to the heart, before it is stopped, his blood is the first to be spilled, and he is the first to leave Fort Havok, It goes even worse for trajectory, but he in stubborn, very stubborn. Condor surprises him taking out six before his wings are torn off. The day seems to drag on as they watch each other become bloody and battered. By the time shatter steps into the arena, it is night fall, he does not move for over two hours, he simply waits until the machines break apart from his body, this give a much need rest to the others, and allows medic to fully heal Condors wing. The smell of blood has caused Vamp to become almost giddy, as she weaved a spell hours back,that has allowed her to take almost all the blood for herself. She was next on the list, but the sisters want to show off, and show off they do, it only takes a half hour for them to bring down thirty foes, but they did not escape unscathed, Jessica nearly lost her entire hand, while Sam's back was flayed open, Alex grinned at the fact that they kept going. 
Vamp offered Flatscan to go before her, as it was getting into there sleep time,but he simply says ladies first, Vamp steps into the ring, and give one of the most impressive displays of strength, sloppy and formless, yet still impressive. She fears no blows, taking them head on, and just healing from it, she decided to bank on her vampire side to do all the work, it was a worth while gamble, every blow a kill, no move wasting time or power. She plunged her hand through one of them, not caring that the flesh was ripped away from her arm, by the metal, she pulls another through the first machines body, before ripping that on in half, by the time she finished, she stood nearly nude, just a small amount of her pants were left, and her heels covered in dirt and oils.  
" hey lover boy, like what see, its all yours, if you dont get hit once, if you do, YOU are all mine." 
To be continued............

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Fort Havok

"These recruits are lucky, its only forty degrees out. Looks like the normal pieces of $#!% i get..........I love my job"
Nine of the ten, new recruits for this term at Fort Havok, and already Alex Summers begins to boil with a vile hate, that festers until he kills somebody. Fort Havok, is his playground, his house, his killing field, and he likes it that way. The only other real personal here is Joshua Foley,the chief medic, cook, and mortician. 
As he approaches his impetuous killing line, a smile full glee and death, brightens his deeply scarred face. He has watched them for three hours, via a camera, this is his first group who has not broken from the attention stance they were told to take at two in the morning. All his rage and hate, is focused on the one person who is missing. 
 His voice is just as harsh as he is, with only volume attached to it, deafening... What breaks the silence is a deep heavy exhale from his crooked nose. The eye of a murderer sit still, sharply focused on the empty spot, however his gaze is broken as the sister finally breaks.  A meek voice comes forth from the raven haired woman
 " Sir can you please stop staring at me that hard Sir."  To every bodies surprise, the head of Master Drill Sargent Summers, breaks hard to the right, his whole body follows, in the most stiff manner possible.  He begins to slowly march to the end of the line
"Given the facts, there will be no pre-trial punishment, i am surprised, everyone of you did as i told." He reaches the end of the line, now facing the first person. 
" As a reward, you may choose your own codename, as i know own your real names" Uttered at the same volume as before, with the same look of hate and murder. 
" you will have Seconds to think of your name when I ask for it, i also want your IBC listings, fail to provide either, and i will name you." Before him stood a stout man, thick in a British accent, and for the first time, ever he asked for a name, thankfully he was not disappointed. 
"Sir Trajectory ,  Epsilon, Zeta, Sir" this would go one by one stopping at every person asking the same question, Each time he smiled that sickening smile"
"Sir Tower, Delta Beta Sir" '
Sir, Shift, Iota Theta Eta Lambda  Sir "
Sir, Phase, Iota Theta Eta Lambda Sir"  
The next person he comes to stands tall and orange, he has a heavy Russian accent,his response was the most welcomed, Alex had a not the dossiers, he hadn't the slightest clue that he was a pacifist.
Sir, Shatter, Iota Beta Delta Pi Sir"
Sir Red Lion Beta Phi Kappa Sir"  At this point Alex repeated the word kappa, it was several times more harsh, Alex loved to hurt kappa class mutants, nobody ever knew why, they just angered him by living. he soon moved on to the next mutant, a breed of mutant that has never left Fort Havok, an Avian style mutation
Sir, Condor PI Beta Phi Zeta Sir"  
Sir Vamp Gamma Tau Omicron  Sir  
"Lady, you have three seconds, to tell me why a vampire is at MY base, this is mutants only! " His hands swell with power, ready to kill a vixen of a woman."
Sir, my father was Blade, my mother was Selene, my vamperism, is my mutation, it manifested like everyone else, i carry the X gene.....SIR"
Without  a reply, he moves on once again 
Sir Break ETA sir
He has finally reached the end, before him now, is a person who would be the first Non mutant to go through Fort Havok, only nobody here would ever know this. Every word out his mouth said with passion and pride.
Sir Flatscan Lambda Mu Iota Beta
" OK swine, listen up, that was painful, but those are your names now. I only allow the best to survive here, This is day one, i guarantee at least one of you will be dead by the end of today." He gets a rush out of the shock, he already choose his victim. He swings his left arm back, something he has done thousands of times before, but this time flatscan reads his body, he is now lined up his victim with right hand, he prattles on, never seeing Adam readying himself. He begins to bellow the go, this is when he normally claims his first life. To his dismay, Vamp had her legs sweep from under her, the blast screams past the crown the of her head. Enraged he holds the blast swinging it left, Condor's wings break the sound barrier before his feet leave the ground,by the time sound catches up, break is already in the safe house. The beam Slams fully into Red lion, it deflects upward. Having enough of this Phase appears to his left, she almost lands a solid blow, but is forced to switch out, as Alex can push this blast from anywhere on his body, they decide to run for the Safe house. 
As if he had been doing it his whole life, Flatscan issues combat orders. " Single file, tower on point, Shatter, red lion bring up the rear with  Trajectory giving cover fire, Vamp, can you use your magic to shield us"  He would later be commended on his  snap orders, however nobody listened, Red Lion ran, trajectory, took to the air, vamp used her powers to shield herself as she walked calmly to the end. Now with his eyes set on Flatscan, he was like a hunter, who spotted his next meal, only to engulfed inside of Shatter's bizarre body, his blast would do nothing, Flatscan and shatter talked during there fifteen minute long walk to the safe house. Today is a day of firsts at Fort Havok, it is the first time i laughed in the long time, never in all my years here, has this happened, but i guess life is full firsts, i guess i wont summit my transfer papers.......
 A gold skinned man is shown walking away from a screen, a huge grin on his face, and a crumpled paper in his hand.............
to be continued

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Beacon (updated)

 Parents: Karima Shapandar   & Shola Inkose  
Name    Pavitir inkose 
Gender: Male  
Appearance:  Average size male, who is bald with what appear to be  implants protruding from the base of his neck 
Bio: The man who would become known as Beacon, was born in  Calcutta, India, on the same day as India signed the Iron Brother Defense Treaty.  His father, was one of the lead representatives, for the IBD treaty, because of this he spent a great deal of time with a local cop, Karima Shapandar, last of the omega sentinels.  
This was a completely unplanned unsanctioned birth. Stark had granted a grandfathered clause for this one child. 
Paviitr, grew up watching India go from a third world country, all the way to what it is today, a near paradise.
His parents knew paradise does not come cheaply, and began in house training. When he broke his arm at age eight, it was revealed to him, that he was part sentinel, machines that stopped being made in the early days of the nineteen eighties. 
The inborn technology would remain inactive until his mutant powers manifested, his powers literally turned him into a living solar powered weapon    
His mother urged pavitir to enroll in the service, while his father used his connections to get him sent to Fort Havok. As it is for almost everybody, Fort Havok was hell, but it was also where he Nathan Summers, his best friend and assumed brother. To this day Pavitir, will do just about anything Matrix asks of him.  
 Like most section X members, he tends to work in the two man cell system, but will not pair up with anybody other than matrix.

Solarkinesis: the longer he absorbs solar energy the more powerful everything he does becomes, If he sat for a year with never using any of the stored power, he could go toe to toe  with Sentry, on a pure strength level for about half an hour, but he tends to disperse this energy vie the inborn sentinel tech 
 genetic sentinel/ Mutant hybrid. has enhanced strength and resistance, a healing factor and great senses and agility, making him a great battle combatant. 
As well as   he can transform the molecules of his body to solar plasma reactors, converting portions of himself into thermodynamic energy Collectors.  
when fully powered he can do a myriad of things

  • The energy can be released as flashes of blinding light, focused blasts and explosive spheres of plasma . 
  • He ca; n fly in subsonic speeds.
  • He does not need to eat or sleep
         He can detect mutants 
         He can access the IB database, to discern the powers of any mutant
        He can cause mental backlash to psychics 
       He also has a large array of retractable devices in his shoulders, wrists, abs, thighs, and shins, including searchlights, volt-casters, lasers, plasma knives,and rail-guns
Matrix's files: 
 I owe this man my life, he is my moral compass, my sword and my shield. not that i need it, but it is a good thing. I would never wish a fight with Pavitir, least not during daylight, his mutant power is a form or Solarkinesis. if he did not have the inborn tech he would be as strong if not stronger than the god of thunder himself. 
This is both a good and bad thing, as the tech makes him much more useful, he knows as well as i do, paradise, is only paradise, as long as the dogs of war, keep the Hounds of hell at bay. 
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 Parents: Jonothon Starsmore (chamber) and Martinique Jason (lady mastermind)
Name: Aleister Jason
Gender: male
Codename: Wise Guy
Distinguished characteristics: Large Clan Akkaba, tattoo , on back. black iris and green pupil 
Mental Shielding: perfect metal defense, completely involuntary on his part.  
Suggestive ability: Gives advice, with proper wording, and concentration, Aleister can alter the active thought process of another person. This is technically a psychic  power
Psionic Illusions;  Creates Semi solid illusions,so convincing that his opponents begin to see settings and objects as he describes them. Due to being made of raw Psionic energy,the illusions are also explosive in nature. The amount of damage they can do relies on the density of the psionic energy. However the more dense,  the more unstable they become, causing his neural synapses to  temporarily burn out. Because of this, he usually doesn't exert the effort to create elaborate details when using his power.  
Retarded aging: Ages one year for every ten he is alive, this is not a healing factor
Clan Akkaba training, very reluctant to show his training.  genius intellect  in the specialized field of misdirection and subterfuge. Has a vast wealth of information
 Iron Brother Data:  Iota-Mu-Psi
Brief history:  Wise guy is time displaced person, his birth was chosen by the head of Slade family, as a price for letting Chamber leave the clan alive.
Within days of his birth, his Tattoo formed, as this is a sign of how close his bloodline is to the All father, En Sabah Nur. 
Seeing the size of this mark, Hector Brashir, a power hungry member, stole the baby, away from Slade house. However the only way to get away was to go back into time. 
It is unknown how he did this, or how far they wound up far in the past.   Brashir  attempted to pass him off as his own kid, raising him within the Brashir household within the clan, Due to rivial, Aleister was told the truth about who he was, at some point he decided to use his powers on Brashir, advising him to forget about him, thus leaving the Akkaba Clan altogether 
It is unknown how old he his, but it is believed, he his is seventies, but may be older
Aleister grew up in the past of this world, he has received extensive training of various sorts as part of Clan Akkaba. He has seen combat in three wars, mostly as a special Ops member. 

   Personality traits:  Dispite being a full blood member of Akkaba, he does not share there mantra, instead he is a very inactive person. This does not mean he will not get his hands dirty, but would rather avoid it. Wise guy does not let others know what he is thinking, as he is very private, yet oddly social. He cares for those considers friends, even if they don't know it. 
He does have a penchant for women of darker skin tones.
A large amount of his skills are kept secret  
 Parents: Nate Grey & Hope Summers 
Name: Nathan Grey-Summers
Codename: Matrix 
Distinguishing Characteristics: body is completely hairless, has a self-inflicted scar of an 'M' centered across his entire face 
Powers: Most of his real power resides in his Psychic ability; this creates a reddish aura around him;which include,a version of  flight based of a high level of telekinesis, as he uses his tk to push himself airborne, however he does need to push off something. Nathan can also channel his Telekinesis inward, making him Invulnerable to an extreme degree, but not absolute. Like most high level psychics he exhibits a sort of super strength, while not true super strength, he has gained over the years a level of  strength allowing him  to lift 85 tons. In a few rare cases, when pushed into a life or death situation, he has increased his strength becoming able to lift up to 100 Tons or more. Doing this leave Nate incredibly weak for days on end. The last of his psychic power is of course Telepathy, he can use his telepathy to read minds, communicate with others by broadcasting his thoughts. This is his weakest power however, as he cannot,control minds or create illusions by altering the perceptions. 
The Telekinesis, itself is his primary power,it is so powerful that  he can move massive objects with his mind, fire blasts of psychokinetic energy that can shatter steel. He also uses this power to such a fine degree that he appears to have more power than he really does, one is a pseudo version of pryokinesis. He does this by using his TK to feed, fuel, and control fire, but needs to already have the flame to do so. His optic beams, are nothing more than an optical illusion, when firing psychokinetic blast, his aura condenses around the blast itself and forms what appears to be a solid beam
 Due to some unknown brain trauma, Nathan had  to have brain surgery, during the surgery a Nimrod computer system was installed,because he would of lost his higher brain functions, This  has facilitated him ability to learn advanced martial arts, tactics, and weapons training, as well as an idyllic memory .
 Brief History: Both of Nathans parents, are classified as deceased. This caused Nathan to grow up as a ward of the state,  but his genetic markers garnered the attention of Iron Brother. After Iron Brother took notice of him, Nathan has been raised in the best situation possible, a near perfect childhood, the best schools, a perfectly balanced diet, and the perfect parents. This lasted until his powers manifested, finding out his parents where just government workers, chosen by stark. In a fit rage hey broke a mirror and scarred his face with a large M. A move he has since regretted.
Shortly after, Nate was summoned to the Iron Brother Tower in New York, where he was given the honor, of being one of the few who have seen the face behind it all. 
Stark told him, that he wanted Nathan to have the perfect life, as he believed he would be the key, the matrix to unify the world. He was then asked to attend Fort Havok, and that if he passed, he would be put in charge, of section X, a branch of the military that would deal is dissidents and illegally born mutants. Also that it would be Nathan who has final say of what happens to the these people, as well as who joins his team. When he asked stark, "why would i want this?" stark replied, it would be for the people, to stop your life from happening to another, as it was an Illegal Mutant how killed his parents. Within a day Nathan was at Fort Havok, where he changed his name to Matrix, this is also where he met Beacon, the man who would become his second in command.
During a raid on the 198 tunnels in San Fransisco, Matrix received a devastating blow to head, nearly killing him. Joshua Foley, was called in to heal him, but his powers kept repelling Foley. this prompted old fashion brain surgery, that was on the line of a frontal lobe lobotomy. Not wanting to see his friend turned into a mindless zombie, Beacon, removed a Nimrod mental regulator unit, from his own body, and had them Install it into Matrix's damaged lobe. 
  After he recovered, his personality has become colder,and more methodical,  except towards Beacon, to whom he is very close and open to. ( Best friend/ brother relationship)  
(note Nimrod Mental Regulator, is a device found on a Prime Sentential, it is a kind of learning computer)           

@Topher5151992: Yin Fang

 Parents: Karma & Vanisher 
Name: Talim Coy Manh 
Codename: Yin Fang
Appearance:  naturally black hair frosted blonde and spiked. goes shirtless alot and wears plenty of neon.
Powers: projects an astral Dragon, or Snakes to possess the minds of others.He does this by pulling massive amounts of energy forth from the astral plane. Everytime he does this he must chose a physical avatar for the energy to house. 
 Talim's avatars can reach out to other sentient beings and possess their minds, eventually poisoning there nervous system .  Once they take possession of a person, he can control their body, and therefore force that possessed being to do or say anything.  However the Astral being does not always do what he wants. Though he can coax them to perform simple tasks such as standing still, or other tasks that require fine motor control of the body.  This possession is not limited to just human beings. He has been able to take control over a variety of sentient beings, raging from monsters, lizards, aliens, and even at one point Loki, but only for a short time.  With the Aid of another psychic class mutant, he can bring forth enough energy from the astral plane to create a temporary worm hole, allowing for interstellar travel, however he never goes through it himself. 
Due to nature of the energy from the astral plane, being poisonous to all but Psychics, His control over another person is because of the energy of the person, being replaced with energy of the astral plane.  A little know power that Talim does possess and seldom use, is the ability to vanish into the astral plane, He does not do this often as he has to pay the shadow king, lord of the realm, with a body to control, and does not want to give his own body as that price.
The avatars normally  form in front of him, but can form almost anywhere wants,with reason. the rate of poison is relative to there size

Bio: Openly Gay, Talim, was born on genoshia, in the city of Wonder. He grew up as normal as he could, coming out to his mother at age five. Soon after he found out who his father was, and to his surprise, was living on Karoka. As he got older his grew very close to his mother, and became more effeminate. His school life was not all that great. Genoshia was very open, in terms of the rights of homosexual people, but not all the people living there were.  He would get bullied and beat by larger kids. this went on in secret as he did not want to ruin his mothers image of there home. 
When his powers manifested, he went into the astral plane, where he met the shadow king, who told him that, because this was his first time, he would not have to pay the toll. The Shadow king then instill both fear and the knowledge of how use his powers. Upon his return, he walked over to the house of one the men who used to beat him for being gay, when he opened the door, he planted a heavy kiss, allowing a small Snake to enter his target. "you will now be my man, until you die"  For the next year of his life he had what he wanted, sadly the Astral snake slowly killed him. 
Instead of remorse, Talim showed pride, and was excited that he could do that. After that he used his powers to reverse rape and kill three more of his bullies, alerting the genoshan Magistrates.
On Genoshia, killing another with your powers is strictly forbidden, and  punishable by death.  Not wanting to die he grabbed hold of a random person, and vanished into the astral plane. 
About a year later he showed up on Providence, and met Snug, with whom he befriended, shortly after me met Onslaught, and became smitten, but only by the power, 
Onslaught does not trust Talim, as he does not hide his lust for power, but keeps him around because he finds him very useful. 
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