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 Drugs= I'm sterile so feh, but personally I dislike them. Went to a therapeutic school for three years, and was the only one (teachers included ) that never did them. I feel it's quite stupid when people claim they won't do something different unless they're high  Also find the argument "its a plant" stupid as well. So is bamboo and skunk cabbage
Drinking. I dislike that as well, though if the name interest me I'll try it. Highly dislike underage drinking.
Smoking. Dislike it as well, though cigars are becoming more and more prevalent in my mind after hitting a 30's-ish period in my life Though my girlfriend gets pretty upset when I smoke them so I'm trying not to.

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I believe my father (Who is god believeing man, I myself am not, I like to think I believe in many gods, but feh) said this morning:
"If there's one thing I believe in, that isn't the Almighty God, it would be pancakes with maple syrup."
So I guess s that sums everything up nicely.

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@gobstakid777 said:

" @King Saturn said:

" just curious... but why is it that most of the time when people think of praying to God... its always about God giving them something... God give me a New Car... God make my Dick longer... God give me a Billion Dollars... God please kill Matt Smith so someone else can play The Doctor... God give me this... God give me that... you dont think God gets tired of people only wanting to talk to him just cause they want some new sh!t or want God to do something for them... Hey here is an idea... how about everyone once in a while just praying to God... just to talk to him and say thank you for what he has done for you 
if you are in fact in to all that Faith and Believing Stuff... 

I would, but God hasn't paid his phone bill in 2,000 years.
I don't believe in abortion. I do believe in elevator shafts however.
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Punisher was pretty good, X-men is good in my opinion, Luke Cage was okay, Daredevil was great,  Wolverine was alright, Spider-Man was Spectacular.
My avatar as well

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Have to right click "view image" on a few

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inally, a thread I can favorite
either Spider or Ben Urich

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@all of you
May I please have the marshmallow fluff back please?

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Cobra Commander and Destro
Jesus and Mary
Your mom and me
Batman and Robin
Scott Washington and the orgy of symbiotes
peanut butter and fluff
Peter Parker and Black Cat (surpirosed I'm the first one)
Duo and Hildie
Green Goblin and coming back to life

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It's been confirmed to be Spider-Ham and Man-Spider from Earth-7840

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I dig your style