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Cool, all he needs to do is pull the writers head out of his arse and they can script a character, instead of a dick measuring contest between him and that brat in IM3.

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Currently I'm on anything with Daredevil in it, Justice League, regular ass Batman and Invincible. Given current hear say I might have to ditch Ultimate Spider-Man to which is a crying shame, perfectly good books getting dragged into a lame event's BS.

It got way out of hand when I realized I could kinda get everything digitally instead of waiting for collections from my local half arsed store or buying them off Amazon or something. I had a few "What the F* am I reading" moments, like when WatXM had a circus and Cap Marvel turned into a 16 year old girls idea of a feminist power fantasy.

The one that really bummed me out to drop was Captain America. I got WAY INTO the collected issues of when Bucky was Cap, and thought I'd give keeping up with a Rogers ongoing a try.

I dropped it at the Krang Cap. The art was rough as a badgers arse and the story stank of tired 80s b-list sci-fi tropes.

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Yes, it's been one of the most consistently brilliant books with loads of WHAAAAAAT moments.

It's dope.

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It could just be a black guy

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The people have spoken!

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@azura_thena: You managed to go back a step in Killian's plan.

"Mandarin" is the scapegoat, a totally disposable nobody he controls completely. That's literally the definition of a scapegoat. The "Mandarin" is NOTHING in IM3

It's Killian's plan, his name is Killian - he called himself mandarin once to rub it into Stark because he thinks he's won.

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@azura_thena: No Killain was just saying that for effect, he was monologue-ing.

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Any question that starts with "Is Batman the best..."


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Can't believe Season Pass doesn't get me the skins, what a f*cking rip off.

You buy it not even knowing what you're getting - assuming (like every other game) you'll get everything they do for like a year.

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@novi_homines: Might have made my point badly there.

Stane, Hammer and Killian all wanted money as their endgame - screwing over Stark was a bonus for all of them along the way. The Golden Boy / Bitter Rivals / Jilted Partner are the only differences between them, but even that's a minor difference in the source of their grudge as their goals are the same.

To use your Dark Knight Trilogy analogy yes Ra's was aiming to destroy Gotham City - but it was nothing personal to Wayne as it was his plan for a long time (as seen by him recruiting Wayne from prison in the first place).

Joker wanted to destroy the people of Gotham, by taking away their symbols (Dent primarily and Batman if he could), and maybe make Wayne see the people of Gotham aren't worth saving. This Joker was fascinated by other people losing their sanity - it's why he once he saw what he had done to Dent he didn't care that he was still alive, he'd done far more damage that he'd hoped and was captivated by how Dent had lost it. It's made more obvious when he doesn't care if he lives or dies in that very room with the gun to his head as he'd broken one symbol that even disheartened Wayne (seen in his speech with the Gordon's hostage).

Then Bane wasn't even the villain of Rises, Talia wanted to hurt Wayne by taking away what was most precious to him to avenge her father - and wanted to be close enough to see it in the whites of his eyes as she did it. Destroying Gotham was a means to an end for her, and again she could have died happy knowing Wayne himself suffered.

So that's why I say Iron Man 1, 2 and Three have the same villain. The only exception (and why I genuinely think IM2 is the best of all 3 by a tiny fraction) is Vanko. He wanted to hurt Stark and didn't care how he did it. He would have rotted in that cell smiling thinking he'd humiliated Stark (make god bleed / stop believing yadda yadda) and exposing his plagiarized tech without Hammer busting him out just for him to help take out a corporate rival.

Three adds nothing to the table, and people saying Stark used "detective work" have been watching far too much CSI and taken Deus Ex Machina to the ridiculous extreme for an incredibly applicable science of deduction.