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The cameras being used really gave the sense that they were on a set, and I only saw the actors as actors. Joss Whedon is a great writer and director but I hope it gets better going forward. Also Clark Gregg, who I love as Coulson, needs to move a little more... or not depending on if his LMD joints are a little rusty.

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It makes me sad that everything needs to be in America to sell

Same, but I really felt like Batwing was only set in Africa because of forced diversity. I know that sounds stupid but when I was reading Zavimbe as Batwing you could tell the writers were writing a foreigners Africa; and they really did just copy Batman's whole shtick... he had the equivalent of an African Alfred!

The fact the new Batwing is also Black goes to show they have some sort of quota; this isn't necessarily a bad thing and I love the current arc/redesign but it can really break immersion by drawing the readers attention to DC editorial policy.

The DC Universe needs to be diverse and more than just America but as the majority of writers and artists are from America they're 'take' on the world will be inauthentic. The major publishers need regional bases with regional talent to get things right.

As a Briton I would love some Europe/UK based heroes but every time an artist tries to draw London or write a British accent I want to tear them a new one; as much as I love Constantine they really don't need to spell out how he says stuff - same with X-Men Legacy's Legion.

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I may be wrong but I remember Tom Taylor saying somewhere that although the comic is based on the video game it isn't necessarily following the same story... its more of an adaptation and he has been left to do his own thing.

That might explain J'onn J'onzz' death.

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I hope Marvel are ignoring sales figures for a little while! really looking forward to how this plays out, especially if Stephanie Hans sticks around.

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was just looking for some more Tom Taylor work and ordered this on Amazon... do what I do and check ComicVine for the 100th time today and BOOM!

soon, Earth 2, very soon.

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DC needs this team on Catwoman. Ann Nocenti's work is all over the shop.

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Just glad Ann Nocenti won't be writing it. That woman's stories are all over the place... i.e. bad!

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I actually screamed with excitement... I am physically giddy!

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So is Teen Titans the only Young Justice book now... Movement and Green Team, The Edge?

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As a British Marvel/DC reader I am always extremely put off by the way Britons speak in American comics; I was especially horrified to see the way Al Ewing (British) added in so much extra rubbish in Avengers Assemble 15AU.

DC seems to do it best with Constantine, as his British heritage only shines through when he says 'bloody'. Any other character, however, and suddenly you're in a Monty Python sketch. Some of the best comic book writers are British (Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Grant Morrison) and it's a shame they haven't put an end to the over use of the comic book "british" accent.