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They just need to focus on what makes him interesting and unique, namely the Egyptian mythology aspect of his character and the visions of Khonshu he has, they should make it so the reader has no idea if he's mad or if he really has been resurrected by a crusty old Egyptian God....

I'm really surprised Marvel hasn't jumped on Moon Knight in their movie universe, they've seen how well the "gritty" super hero stories do with the Batman trilogy, imagine that with more supernatural undertones, it could be brilliant.

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I can't begin to explain how pissed I am about this, Moon Knight has been one of my favourite characters for years, Vengeance of The Moon Knight was a bloody good series that was finally doing the character justice, I still have no clue why they cancelled it and now to hear it's being replaced by a Moony book that has no Khonshu in and Marc Spector's different personalities are just going to be other (note: more popular) heroes? Absolute bullshit, Marvel can kiss my arse for looking at this terrible pitch and running with it, if it was anyone other than bloody Bendis this would have been laughed out of the building.

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Hmmmm, I'm really not sure if I can be bothered with another bloody event, I may start picking up a few more Indie titles and drop the few Marvel books that are still on my pull list, Thor and Cap are the only two Marvel titles keeping me interested these days anyway.

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I recently rented this (I never got round to catching it at the cinema) and I really enjoyed it, I'm not a big fan of   Michael Cera and if I'm honest he put me off it a little bit but as usual Edgar Wright delivered an incredibly fun and exciting ride, I'll be definitely be buying this on blu-ray.

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@brc2000 said:
" No thanks. I don't care about the Ultimate Universe and I'm definitely not going to care about this. "
What that man said.
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I'd love to see a MAX Moon Knight book, it would really suit MK in my opinion.

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I'll believe it when I see it, there's been so many rumours regarding a Preacher movie adaptation and they've all fallen by the wayside. 
I'm not sure I'd even like it turned in to a movie anymore, it's got a lot of controversial themes in there and I'm sure some executive somewhere would want this bit or that bit removed, it'd probably end up cut to ribbons.

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I've ditched this because of Mr. Fraciton if I'm honest (I was very unimpressed with his job on Uncanny X-Men), Marvel should have kept Gillen on the book, he had a nice grasp of the characters and did a fantastic job following  Straczynski's surprise departure. 
EDIT: Probably worth noting that I'm bloody loving his run on Invincible Iron Man.

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Jim Carrey was excellent as The Riddler, just a shame about the rest of that film....

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I read issue #0 of this when it came out and was rather underwhelmed if I'm honest, it's an interesting premise it just didn't seem to be executed all that well, in particular (and surprisingly for an Aspen title) the artwork.