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@Liberty: Fair enough.
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" @Storm Mage said:
" @rbysjti said:
" @Storm Mage said:

" They = Witches. Witchcraft is not really a religion but more of a " craft " if you will. Also Wicca is to worship the God,Goddess,Universe,Creation, and the elements as one, and spirit. "

Nice of you to share your ideas, Firestar  fan.",)  
You should check this: "
I looked it up. : )  P.S. What is ",)? "
It's a smiley. the apostrophe is for 2 eyes, the coma is for the mouth , and the ) is the head/face shape.  If Storm worships a goddess, does she also worship a god? "
Not necessarily. 
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Thank you for trying to speak Portuguese. "Know" in Portuguese means "Sei." But it's complicated and complex, don't try to understand. So the fanboys can do that? There's no a moderation to control what is truth and what is not? 
   So thanks for the answers.

There is moderation up to a point. Once you surpass 1000 points then you no longer need to go through moderation.    
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@Cherry Bomb:
I hated it! The art was not great and the speech bubbles were weird. Thanks for the recommendation, though :)
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@Donnieman v5.1 said:
" @Nobody said:
" @Donnieman v5.1 said:
" As I homage to her father, I believe. Yes, I did like her old codename better as well. "
She's got her Father's lame costume too. "
This ^ "
She's had it for a while, ever since she ditched the Madrox-ish costume. That might have worked while they were a "couple", but they haven't been for a while. The Banshee costume is another way of her honoring her heritage and carrying on the legacy of her father. 

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The art looks right, you are probably correct :D

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What is this from?

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I believe that it's based off of the X-Men: Evolution version of her. 

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@Leliel: No problem :D