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@michaelthemighty17: Yeah, I probably should drop a wiki-bomb on that. I'm somewhat busy with school at the moment (I actually recorded this video back in December so I'd have a buffer set up for school), but I'm definitely putting that page on my to-do list, at least with the contents of the Runestaff series.

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@RoninLoganX said:

Now, as for the news of Ennis on The Shadow. This actually worries me. I'm not sure if his penchant for over-the-top violence is going to fit well with The Shadow, and if he forces it, it might end up hurting the series.

I have the same worries. While I'm a fan of The Shadow in all his forms (both as Lamont Cranston, Wealthy Man-About-Town of the radio plays; Kent Allard, Two-Fisted Crusader Of Justice in the pulps; and Lamont Cranston, hybrid of the two in the film), Ennis track record with superheroes worries me. While his Welcome Back Frank storyline and his run on Punisher MAX are well remembered, there's a very good reason nobody talks about the rest of his run on Marvel Knights Punisher.

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@fodigg: I agree about the new costume. If anything, the Smallville costume fits more with his Glory-Hound attitude (even if it is a put-on), and thus should work better for the mainstream Marvel continuity outfit.

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Finally got it - #23.

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So, I'm really late to the party on this, and I just want to point out (to anyone else working on this), that Moya is not one of the answers to the "point out the starships" question.

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In the words of Igor from Dork Tower... 

It must be mine!

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@The Mighty Monarch said:
" @Count_ZeroOR: And Kingdom Come is a dark future that apparently doesn't count. "
This reminds me - I've already gotten the Dark Future quest with The X-Men Storyline With The Most Referenced Cover Of All Time, but there are some other ones that I'm wondering about. Specifically, Age of Apocalypse (Technically this is alternate present, but we get into the future of that universe a little in eXiles, IIRC), and Dark Knight Returns. Did those work?
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Just a few time travelers who didn't make the list for that part of the Quest family:
Black Adam (Time Travelled with the JSA) 
Mr. Terrific (Skipped through the time stream on several occasions with the JSA) 
Superman (At one point in continuity was a member of the Legion) 
Bart Allen (Time-Travelling Legion Member) 
Jimmy Olsen (Has gone forwards and backwards in time, and probably has been cloned too at some point). 
Supergirl (Time Travelling Legion Member) 
Superboy (wait for it... Time Travelling Legion Member)
Also, Dead characters who were once Dead but Got Better who would work for that quest. 
Stephanie Brown (Killed in War Crimes, but Superboy Prime Falcon Punched Time and she got better. 
Superboy (Connor Kent) - Superboy Prime killed him real good. He still got better though. 
Doomsday - His whole schtick is that he's the supervillain equivalent of the belt that Gabe and Tycho created for Dragon Age 2 
Mysterio - Blew his brains out during the Guardian Devil storyline of Daredevil and had his identity taken by some successors, apparently restored back to life after Brand New Day 
Terra - Most Frequently Killed Teen Titans Member. 
Bart Allen - Big storyline around his murder by the rogues gallery, is apparently now back.
Clones missing from the list. 
Ragnarok - AKA Clor, as in "Clone Thor" 
Lex Luthor - Cloned himself and then killed the clone so he could give himself an image makeover. 
Madrox - I don't know if it counts that he can clone himself. 
Judge Dredd - In addition to being The Law, he as well as his other Judges, are clones. 
Finally, a few missing Heel Face Turns: 
Rogue - originally introduced as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. 
Gambit - originally a member of the Marauders.

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Alright, I'm #257