Where I Read - Heavy Metal Vol. 2, Issue 6

I'm carrying on with the Heavy Metal Recaps for Vol. 2, Issue 6 for October of 1978. Once again, our cover art is surreal and not safe for work, and brought to us by Ron Walotsky

In our letters column, we learn that apparently someone liked 1994 enough to write a letter in the dialect from the series. We also get a suggestion from a reader in Japan who gets issues imported from the states and thinks that they could clean up if they could get the issues past the censors. I really can't see them having problems with the censors, with the sole exception of all the penis and the full frontal nudity w/ pubic hair... which means the censors would really be a problem. Our editorial column hypes our sneak peak at Dawn of the Dead, and the new story “So Beautiful, So Dangerous”, which you may remember from the Heavy Metal movie. They also apologize for misprinting the Harlan Ellison story from last issue.

New Tales Of The Arabian Nights: Sindbad In The Land Of The Jinn by Richard Corben and Jan Strnad

Sindbad and company must detour to get water. After camping for the night, the Jinni's estranged spouse tries to score with Sindbad, but he's cock-blocked by a giant lizard. Don't 'cha just hate it when that happens? To Be Continued

Exterminator 17 by Enki Bilal and Jean-Pierre Dionnet

A military force is preparing to invade a planet that is currently rebelling., only to discover a model 17 Android is present on the planet. The model 17 is the first model of android to be made operational successfully. It's also incredibly dangerous, as they learn when the android is supposedly de-activated in accordance with a peace treaty, when it then re-activates itself, around the same time its creator, who used his own cells in designing the Model 17, dies. To Be Continued.

We also get an ad for the Illustrated Harlan Ellison and the Illustrated Stars My Destination, with art by Howard Chaykin.

Orion by Gray Morrow

So, Urza the troglodyte is crushing Mamba for propositioning his female companion, but the woman calls Urza off. The woman reveals that she is a former familiar of Lamonthos, who was elevated for her services, but was then turned into a sex slave, whether she was in heat or not. Urza stood up for her, and ultimately both were cast out for this. Urza then knocks out Mamba, and Urza and the woman continue in their plan to take out Lamonthos.

Meanwhile, Lamonthos and the Droons make their way through the caves underneath Chandra's castle, and attack, doing battle with Chandra's zombies. Lorelei and Orion make their way to the chamber that contains the energies and machinery that preserve Chandra's youth. Lorelei arrives shortly after and is about to do battle with Orion, when Lamonthos then arrives, and destroys the machinery. Lamonthos and Lorelei do battle, and Lorelei is forced to flee with a magic portal. Lamonthos and Orion next prepare to do battle. To Be Continued.

Off-Season by Elisabeth "Zha" Salomon and Nicole Claveloux

The plot finally goes somewhere when one of the people staying at the resort goes missing. To Be Continued.

Gail by Philippe Druillet

So, Gail is apparently the unwilling servant of some sort of Great Old One-ish elder power.

Blob! by Philippe Druillet

This is some more surrealism – man goes in motorcycle/horse/thingy, tries to go really fast but it explodes.

Dawn Of The Dead by George Romero and Susanna Sparrow

This is an excerpt from the novel. The main characters have arrived in the mall, and the two cops are heading to the department store to pick up supplies.

One Foot In Eden by Mark Wheatley

This is another work of prose fiction. It starts with a homeless drunk basically being induced by a demon into summoning a demon – or would, were it not for two psychically linked women working together to stop him, well, that and the alcohol clouding the drunk's mind.

The Airtight Garage Of Jerry Cornelius by Jean "Mœbius" Giraud

Barnabas the Engineer follows the mysterious archer, who delivers an infodump explaining how Major Grubert achieved immortality. To Be Continued.

We also get an ad for a collection of the Barbarella comic. I would consider owning any issues or collections of Barbarella a sign of poor taste. If you own it because you think it's “feminist” literature, I'd say you probably misunderstand feminism even worse than Sarah Palin, because barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen isn't feminist.

Shattered Like A Glass Goblin by Harlan Ellison and William Stout

This is illustrated prose. The concept is a guy gets out of the military and goes to see his ex-fiancee, whose hanging out with a bunch of stoners. After he take hallucinogens, he comes to see all of them as horrific monsters, only to discover that he's turned into one himself, and is killed by his ex-fiancee. Well written, though I almost get the impression that Harlan might have taken a trip, didn't like it and/or knew people who took drugs, and took that experience/those people and used that in this story.

Heilman by Alain Voss

Our rapist/Nazi/rock star/“hero” is reborn into a new body, and finds that thus far this body and this universe isn't that bad. He has women and soldiers at his command, he has respect and power. However, the then betrays his men to seek a gemstone that would grant him immortality, a gemstone in the possession of his anti-matter double. However, in killing his double he kills himself, presumably forever, as the Gemstone is extracted from his remains by some mysterious force. To Be Continued.

So Beautiful And So Dangerous by Angus McKie

We get a prologue with a rundown of the Drake Equation. The aliens here don't nearly look like the stoners of Heavy Metal film, in terms of personality. The ship design is the same though. To Be Continued.

Curious Thing by Stephen Bissette

A farmer sees a bizarre creature crash land in his field, recover and fly away – the farmer being a sentient scarecrow. Considering the design for the creature, I'd wonder if this was meant as an Alice in Wonderland/Wizard of Oz crossover.

Our back cover by Doug Beekman is barely safe for work... actually, it isn't at all, but it doesn't have any topless shots in it, and it does take us back to the safer territory of Swords and Sorcery. 

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