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Moving on with the Heavy Metal Recaps with Vol 2, No. 2 for June 1978. Our cover art for this issue is by Joe Jusko, which is probably the first piece of truely iconic Heavy Metal cover art - nearly naked woman with a sword, with maybe a few injuries, who fought something and won. In other words, it's a cover to Heavy Metal magazine that is really Metal. Our first ad of the issue is for National Lampoon's Animal House, the first National Lampoon film to go to theaters!

For the letters, we have another letter once again asking for western artists (and citing examples), which they're a bit nicer too. However, there's one more nasty letter which proceeds to take a dump on Conan and Swords & Sorcery in general (which thus includes Fafhrd & Elric). There's no response from the staff of Heavy Metal to this letter, so I'll respond for them - Fuck off, or this here mightily muscled axe-wielding barbarian will shove his weapon up an orifiace of his choosing. We also get a letter complaining about having too many stories that are multi-part serials. Considering that the writers of very few of the one-shots know how to write an ending, I'll take the serials over the one-shots, thank you.

Also, apparently someone likes Barbarella. I can't stand that series. While Barbarella is a female protagonist dealing with misogynist jerks, she is an idiot. She is an absolute idiot. She is a worse feminist protagonist than the woman of Sex and the City are (particularly in Sex and the City 2). She goes to a world of misogynist craftsmen, who refuse to accept her because she can't create anything as good as they can, and her response. She has a baby. Not to understate the difficulty of giving birth to a child, but when you're trying to break the steroetype that a woman's place is barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, and you're doing this by having the female character create something, the two things she shouldn't be creating are elaborate culinary dishes, and a child. I'm going on record and saying that Agatha Heterodyne could kick pathetic ass in every single contest you put them in. Yes, even the swan loincloth sumo wrestling contest from Koihime Musou. Barbarella is the worst fucking piece of crap that has been run in Heavy Metal Magazine so far. It's worse than 1996. It actively sets back feminism worse then the most degrading pornographic film ever could. Fuck. That. Shit.

Fable by Lourdel

Basically, this is a one page version of the Tortoise and the Hare, but with race cars, and with the Tortoise reading by passing the Hare, which misses the whole fucking point of the fable.

New Tales Of The Arabian Nights: Shahrazad by Richard Corben and Jan Strnad

Yay, new Richard Corben series! This installment basically sets up the classic background of the Arabian Nights, as well as the tale of the Merchant and the Jinni.

The Airtight Garage by Jean "Mœbius" Giraud

So, Major Grubert continues through the main part of the garage.

Sabre by Don McGregor and Paul Gulacy

This is a kind of post apocalyptic dark future swashbuckling pirate story. Seriously. Sort of like Mad Max was a post-apocalyptic western, this is a post apocalyptic swashbuckler. It's not bad though - I wouldn't mind reading more of this.

Colonization by Jean-Claude Mézières

It's a colony ship screwed by Neandertals. Not much more I can say about that.

Them Changes by Stuart Nezin

A man gets up in the morning and sees animal people, starting with his wife who is a catgirl, and gets comitted.

More Than Human by Theodore Sturgeon, Douglas Moench, and Alex Niño

This is a fun little story about repression and learning and all sorts of fun stuff. Rather than being just prose, it's an illustrated prose. It's also To Be Continued.

Galactic Geographic

Galactic Geographic: The Passing Of The Airwhales by Karl B. Kofoed

Another nice little snapshot of a planet.

Diabolical Planet: Report V.1 by Denis Sire

This is a one-shot continuation of Sire's last story, basically setting up the back story of the villians occupation of the Diabolical Planet.

Evolution by Bob Aull

This from the protage of Bode, the guy who did Spacepot. While the SpacePot was dark comedic space opera, this one is extremely dark post-apocalyptic, complete with gore and on-camera borderline hardcore rape. I don't like this one.

Add for Sabre
We also get a full page ad for Sabre, which apparently is going to be run as a seperate book. Frankly, this ad couldn't get more pretentious if it tried.

Heilman by Alain Voss

The "Heil" part is because this character is decked out in loads of swastikas. Anyway, the character also looks sort of alien-ish, is a rock star, and wears a codpiece that is also a strap-on, which we see him using to do a catgirl in the very first page of the story. The character tries to save the world using the power of rock but appears to die in the process. To Be Continued.

Barbarella by Jean-Claude Forest

I made my thoughts about Barbarella explictly clear earlier in the recap. Anyway, something is depriving Barbarella of all her senses, and only her husband can save her. For fucks sake!

1996 by Chantal Montellier

This series still makes no sense at all.

Our back cover is by Robert Morello.
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