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I feel like getting my cousin in animation to do an "Oppa Black Hand Style" music video...I don't know why.

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@614azrael said:

Always enjoyed rping with you, granted we've also had a few spats on things opinion wise. Be it a scene one of us thought was over worked though or total apraisal its always been fun. So it totaly f-ckn blows that you feal its better elsewhere, but I understand and wish ya the best of luck. Hopeing you start to drill out the fall of the Blackhand at least. You spent a long time building it up and I would hate to see it go unfufilled :)

Oh I wouldn't leave permanently without destroying my most intricate creation.

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@Amaranth_Strix said:

I lurk at Spacebattles a lot, so I can certainly see the appeal. Thought about moving my battling to there a few times.

Still, although I understand the appeal I do hate to see you go.

I'm still here, I'm just not here *as much*.

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@EdwardWindsor said:

@Count Bleck: Good luck, We have something to discuss about the prime moon by the way.

Shoot me the PM.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador said:

Have fun!

Oh I'll still be around, just not as often. It gives me a chance to engage in debates that aren't with absolutely stupid people.

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@Simon Williams said:

Hmmm now things just got more interesting.

Oh look it's the Mary Sue again.

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Through the dark halls of a distant dimension, a small drone flitted through the black and red skies of the hellish cathedral to deliver a message to the lord of this place. Circular in shape and sleek in it's design, it brought itself to an impressive Throne room, decorated in the paraphenalia of scorpions. Even the throne was designed to resemble a scorpion. And within the throne was a single figure, clad in dark armor and a dark purple cloak. Spidery limbs emerged from his back as the message was dropped into his hand. Without even looking at the drone, the Count reached out and grabbed the message as it fell. Breaking open the seal with a slice from one of his arachnid limbs, he took out the dark parchment and focused his burning red eyes on them.

According to the report, a temporally displaced human was causing quite the ruckus in the Balkans. Ordinarily, he as a member of the Black Hand was expected to not care, but this particular happening intrigued him. That a human would have the stones to launch such a brazen assault in a day in age where his own nation could be nuked off the face of the map in an instant. And of course; one who threatened Sturmheiser's careful manipulations of Germany. He fondly remembered helping the Nazi party rise to power, ah what a glorious place. And his dreams of helping Germany form a Prussian empire that would dominate the whole world soon came rushing to the fore. A dream that this upstart threatened.

"I shall go out and handle this problem." Klaudius declared to no one in particular as the searing power of the Null principle flared in the back of his eyes before leaping forth in a crimson inferno of energy that pounded directly into the fabric of reality. Time and space started to split at the seams as they were bathed in this amazing display of ocular power, and soon a ragged hole formed in the fabric of the universe; a hole that continued to push forward and onward, going and going as it sought out it's target. The null principle rays continued to burn through reality, piercing through the veil of three dimensional space and into realms beyond human understanding. And soon, the sky tore a fair sized hole in itself, a hole in the cosmos itself.

Like a roiling sea of eldritch energy the hole churned upon itself as the Count stepped through, accompanied by his Centurion guards that he gave halt to with a hand gesture. Folding his arms behind his back, he stepped out onto the fields of Earth, once again smelling the scents of a grassy world still covered in forests and vegetation. The smell of a world that had gone for so long without a decent war, the smell of weakness, the smell of cowardice. Some good old fashioned Prussian militarism would be the best thing that ever happened to the world, even if he had to beat it back into humanity. But of course; he couldn't allow for some Slavic swine to get in the way of Germanic destiny.

But he didn't know that what he did had consequences of it's own, for in the stars above; deep space stations detected the telltale energy signature of the null principle as it burned beneath the skin of reality. In space, technology beyond that of the Earth began to rapidly break down and analyze the data before coming to a single conclusion in a planck length of time. The Black Hand had set foot on Earth, and not just in the form of a few small units or agents coming and going, but something powerful enough to generate the Null-principle under their own power. In other words, something capable of wielding some seriously Bad Juju.

Roused to wakefulness, the computers continued their analysis of the Earth, the deep space stations focusing their mechanical eyes upon the green and blue world. They broke down the situation into it's base components, constantly relaying their data and conclusions to commanders light years away. Detecting a large amount of extremely usual activity, the computers determined that sending a full crusading force would not be in order...something with a bit more...focused firepower would be in order, a reccomendation this mechanical hive mind quickly relayed to their superiors throughout the Galaxy.

And within moments, the call went out for four individuals in particular, most certainly not of an ordinary nature, but those who's lifelong combat experience and training, combined with their great power and equipment made them some of the most formadible warriors on the side of the angels. They would be the subtle scapel to be thrust into the cancerous mass of evil where a hammer would destroy the body they were trying to save. They would be a precision implement to correct this dire problem, expected to go about their duties as quickly and efficiently as possible while minimizing collateral damage. They were also thirteen.

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I think not, victory for Vrakmul means the end of the strong caring for the weak, the end of shackling morality, the end of destabilizing chaos, there can be no better system than one of orderly evil.

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@oppagangnamstyle19 said:

I really think Godzilla is the same size as Trypticon unless you are trying to make Trypticon better.

Given that Trypticon is godzilla sized relative to transformers who tower over humans, he should tower over Godzilla.