A note on my (Vrakmul's) partial withdrawal from the CV.

Recently me and my husband have gotten into the Community at Spacebattles.com, and so far I've found the community over there to be more enjoyable than here. I'm sorry to say guys, but they have me hooked. Generally speaking I'm not going to be present anywhere near as often as I used to be, but will still poke around for role playing and snarky comments on the battles forum. If you really need my presence, PM Lord_Johnathan as it's my main account, but otherwise I'm only going to maintain a toehold here while moving off to a better forum (for me anyway). Yes this is kind of short, but this is more of a notice than a rant. And one reason I'm going to spend less time here is because the battles forum here are full of the dumbest sh!ts I've ever met. And finally, a lot of my favorite writers hang out there, and sorry to offend; but they're just better than you lot.