Rating The Copycats

In pairs - DC first, and then Marvel

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Posted by PowerHerc

Really good list. I enjoyed this a lot!

I like Deathstroke better than Deadpool, Tigra better that Cheetah and consider Darkseid and Thanos even, but otherwise I'm in almost complete agreement with your picks. Good job. Another thing I noticed is you consider Amazo and the Super-Skrull to be copycats, whereas I've always considered the Super-Adaptoid to be Marvel's answer to Amazo.

Posted by cosmo111687
@PowerHerc: Why thank you! :) Well, as time goes on, I find myself agreeing with you that Deathstroke is better than Deadpool, Tigra is better than Cheetah, and Thanos and Darkseid are about even. It's just didn't know much about Deathstroke, Tigra, or Thanos at the time I made the list. :)
And I can see where you're coming from with Super-Adaptoid. I was just thinking "Super-Skrulls and Amazo are both very physically similar, especially given their pointy ears, and they both copy other people's powers." Now I'm thinking "Who would be a better dc counterpart to Super-Skrulls if not Amazo?"
Posted by PowerHerc

@cosmo111687: Your question 'Who in the DC Universe would be similar to the skrulls?' made me think of Martians. They are super-powered alien shape-shifters, too, same as the skrulls. As a matter of fact, the Marvel counterpart to the Martian Manhunter is the Skrullian Skymaster (aka Skymax) of the Squadron Supreme.

Posted by cosmo111687

Ooh, great suggestion! I should look more into Squadron Supreme's DC analogues. :) Thanks!

Posted by MrUnknown

Awesome list and I agree with almost all of your picks except for probably Namor and Aquaman.

Posted by Hawkeye446

FANTASTIC LIST!! Brilliant idea Cosmo! Except, i would probably disagree with a lot of them.. Lol ;)

Posted by cosmo111687

@Hawkeye446: Thank you! :)

Which ones do you disagree with and are there any pairings you'd recommend/replace/switch-around?

Posted by Hawkeye446


5, 6 Hawkeye is better.

7, 8... Mhmmm, I like both, I probably prefer Mocking Bird a teensy bit more..

15, 16 I prefer Tigra

21, 22 I LOVE the Vision.. MM is cool, but he is no Vision.

27, 28.. I like Kree more.. Just though... just...

That's alll, actually not so many :) Also, Vision, Hawkeye, Mockingbird and Tigra are all personal favourite characters on mine! And I don't really like Krypotonians... IT"S NOT RACISM :)

Posted by cosmo111687

@Hawkeye446: Oh, it's totally cool. :) I lean more towards DC than Marvel and most of my choices were made out of ignorance of Marvel's stories than out of preference. I've heard a lot of great things about Tigra. Perhaps I should look into her. :)

Posted by entropy_aegis

Aside from Deathstroke and Aquaman i agree.

Posted by cosmo111687

@entropy_aegis: When I read more Deathstroke and Aquaman, then my opinion will likely change. Anything you'd like to recommend as a place to start?

Posted by entropy_aegis

@cosmo111687 said:

@entropy_aegis: When I read more Deathstroke and Aquaman, then my opinion will likely change. Anything you'd like to recommend as a place to start?

I guess you could start with both of their new ongoings,though for Deathstroke i would also recommend his previous ongoing and Marv Wolfmans and Geoff Johns Teen Titans.My experience of Aquaman has mostly been though the JLA(Morrison era and onward) though i've heard that Peter David's run was very highly recieved.

Posted by primepower53

I agree on absolutely ALL of this.

Edited by cameron83

i agree on some of the things you said...but many things here are off,and i like deathstroke better than deadpool,i want a master assassin villain to be deadly,not playful...also i like aquaman better than namor...

but other than that,i agree,but one guy just picked all of marvel,tells me something about him...also deadpool is too much of a copy of deathstroke,WAY too much,but people dont give dstroke enough credit,if you ever watched teen titans,than i bet more people would like him (in fact many do,but some didnt even know that was him,also deathstroke was too deadly and had to be toned down in teen titans)

but personally i like raven better than scarlet witch,one main reason is because her father is like satan and

she is like the portal to our world,and she uses dark magic,but good topic,(even though some arent copies)

but everyone knew aquaman before namor,and just look at the costumes...nuff said

and i knew cap before i knew shield..nuff said,but marvel tends to copy too much

Posted by cosmo111687

@cameron83: Fair enough, you have a right to your opinion. But, out of curiosity, which ones do you not consider copies (you never mentioned in your post)?

Posted by 99xman

I think a better opposite for The Joker would be The Green Goblin. Both are manic and have an obsessive preoccupation with their nemesis. Arcade does not have a "special" nemesis and is more of a B list villain. Otherwise, I really like your list.

Edited by 5012_4

Great list!!! Best I could find..... but an anyone put dates to all these heroes and villains? I would like to know WHICH hero was first?

Posted by canzerous

This is great work! Everyone has their opinion, and many will differ, but I mostly agreed, not that it matters, haha. Here is my personal take:

Deathstroke > Deadpool, partly because I'm not really entertained by his antics, and he is a BLATANT ripoff, down to his real name.

Catwoman > Black Cat (still love her, though!)

Green Arrow > Hawkeye (though some have said that GA is a Batman wanna-be, Hawkeye for the longest time was a Captain America wanna-be)

Black Cat > Mockingbird (though Mockingbird's spot as Hawkeye's counterpart has apparently been usurped by Black Widow, who despite not having Black Canary's scream trumps them both)

Aquaman > Namor (smarter, more level-headed and thus suited to be king, and indeed commands ALL life-forms under water, not just the humanoid ones. Also, what's up with the tiny wings that somehow are supposed to make me believe that Namor can fly?)

Super-Skrull > Amazo (though both of them have stupid names)

Hulk > Solomon Grundy, but barely. Since SG is impossible to kill, I'm not too sure about this one, but either way I would have chosen Doomsday as a counterpart (and far superior) to the Hulk

Tigra > Cheetah (she just has more of a personality; Cheetah has none other than hating Wonder Woman)

Mr. Fantastic > Plastic Man AND Elongated Man

Braniac = Ultron

Martian Manhunter > The Vision (still love him), but I think the Vision is more comparable to Red Tornado than Martian Manhunter, and that's a tougher call.

Darkseid > Thanos (barely)

Deadshot = Bullseye (both have unbeatable deadly accuracy, Deadshot has more of an array of weapons, Bullseye has a more 3-dimensional personality)

Kryptonians > Kree (by far)

Circe = Enchantress (no strong feelings either way)

Dr. Fate > Dr. Strange; I love both characters, and was giddy with Amalgam Comics' Dr Strangefate. Despite my overall DC leanings (and Dr Fate being probably my favorite character), watching the animated Dr. Strange movie really re-introduced me to Dr. and made me love his character. Dr Fate, however, is not a human sorcerer, but an ancient GOD just borrowing a human's body and capable of reincarnating in any other's body as well, so really Dr Fate can't compete with that - when he dies, he dies.

Robin > Bucky, and Nightwing > Winter Soldier.

S.H.I.E.L.D. > Project Cadmus

The Lizard > Killer Croc

Clayface > Sandman (though I sympathize more with Sandman as a character)

Alfred > Jarvis (by far)

Scarlet Witch and Raven don't really seem very compatible to me, personally...Maybe Magick would be a better counterpart to Raven (Raven wins), and Zatanna to Scarlet Witch (Scarlet Witch wins)

Cap > The Shield (who? lol) The Guardian would have been a better counterpart to Cap, but Cap still wins

Swamp Thing > Man-Thing

Vixen > Glory Grant (not even close)

Joker > Arcade, Green Goblin AND Hobgoblin (both of whom I think are better counterparts than Arcade)

Wonder Woman > Power Princess (lame), but would be more appropriately matched with Ms Marvel (Wonder Woman wins, but barely)

Batman > Daredevil, hands-down!

As I said, these are all opinions that inevitably some will agree with and many have their own two disagreeable cents' worth of input, but I appreciate how well thought out your list was!