10 DC Characters I Now Fear For The Most

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Posted by thehummingbird

I agree I am so scared for my darling harley!!!!! 

Posted by cosmo111687
@thehummingbird: I know! I know! This recent reboot announcement has had me holding my breath, fingers crossed, and bracing for the worst. :(
Posted by cosmo111687
Posted by B'Town

These, plus for me I would need to add the Secret Six characters Catman, Scandal Savage, Ragdoll, Jeannette, King Shark and Knock Out.. I think Bane and Deadshot are big enough they may be safe enough.

Also, I'm concerned with Batgirl and Birds of Prey being screwed up beyond caring about..

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@B'Town: Absolutely! I have a feeling that King Shark will make it, since Geoff Johns is going to be working on Aquaman and I remember King Shark was included in a Green Lantern story written by Geoff Johns a while back. But I'm sure lesser known characters such as Ragdoll, Jeannette, Catman and Knock Out are on the cutting block. :(  
And Scandal Savage is a really cool character, but there's such a glut of obscure, hard as nails, female characters that I wouldn't be surprised if she was dropped, combined with another character, or altered beyond recognition. :( And any character with a convoluted history, or tied to somebody who does (Vandal Savage), is at high risk for receiving heavy rewrites. :( 
And I really don't know how they're going to do Birds of Prey if they set the Batman universe back 10 years (or however many years they said it would be). The thing is, if they're doing the reboot to attract new readers, than it would make sense to have Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, which means no Oracle for a while, because she's the Batgirl everybody knows (not Cassandra Cain, sadly :( ). The only reason why they wouldn't is if Oracle gains enough recognition from DC Universe Online and the Arkham games that DC decides to keep Barbara as Oracle. But if she stays Batgirl, that may not necessarily mean there won't be a Birds of Prey. She could still lead the team for a while as Batgirl and, in time, eventually become Oracle. (Or maybe they'll try something new and make Huntress Oracle and Barbara Huntress? Who knows. *fingers crossed fingers crossed)

I'm really trying to remain optimistic and remind myself "I probably won't agree with every change, but I have hope that most of the changes made will be for the best and the stories and characters will remain to be compelling and innovative. Remember, DC recognizes the importance of it's characters and it's fans and will try to present the best possible DC universe they can. And with some of the best minds in the business at work, I'm sure it'll turn out really well." 
Posted by PowerHerc

Why do you fear for them?

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@PowerHerc: I made this list just when the relaunch was announced and, being mainly a Batman fan, I panicked and hoped that the Bat family wouldn't be split up and that many of my favourite Batman villains wouldn't be given edgier designs (ala The Batman, The Nolan movies, or The Arkham games). But now I think that they're all pretty much in the black now, except for Harley Quinn, Cassandra Cain, and (to a lesser extent) The Joker.
But, if I had to remake this list now, after all the information we've been given about the relaunch, I would be frightened for the Superman family. Jimmy Olsen is clear but anything with a reference to Krypton is gone and also Lois Lane (I think), and they're receiving enormous rewrites of their origins and it looks like Power Girl is going to have to just be Karen Starr from now on...And then there's also the Marvel family, which doesn't look like it's getting ANY chance at all. And god knows that DC hasn't had a clear vision for Wonder Woman for a while now and, although I'm willing to hold my breath on it until I actually read the title, judging it from the cover, it looks like they're making an attempt at completely redefining her and that can always be scary.
Oh, and I was scared for Martian Manhunter because he wasn't in the Justice League any more, but I think he's pretty safe now that he's in Stormwatch. And he might be able to provide a much-needed conscience to Apollo and Midnighter's violent actions.