10 DC Character I Now Have High Hopes For

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Posted by PowerHerc

All but numbers 4, 8 and 10 are among my all-time personal favorites.

Big Barda is my favorite female DC hero and Captain Marvel (Billy), Aquaman and Green Arrow are my second through fourth (in order) favorite DC male heroes. Darkseid and Black Adam are two of DC's best, and two of my favorite, villains as well. I really like your lists.

Posted by cosmo111687

I really, really, really hope they do something good with Barda now that they're given a chance. I want to see her and Dr. Light return and have their own title. :) I think the relaunch has a few titles that aren't likely to survive long, such as OMAC and Batwing, and it would've been nice to see Barda with her own title in their place.

Posted by jrock85

Bring Barda back!

Posted by B'Town

@jrock85 said:

Bring Barda back!

Yes, absolutely this.