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Nobody definitive


Its been debated for, well, ever that PowerGirl and Supergirl are contenders, I've seen people say she is stronger than one but weaker than the other, then I've seen people say PG = SG and the she is either weaker than both or stronger than both. In term of strength they appear fairly equal.

Maxima is favorite non-main-streamer of mine and is a psionic, who also has super stats and strength (I believe boosted by be psionic abilities), but she does not have the raw feats of the others.

As of now

I think Wonder Woman is the top for DCnU. PG and SG have not done much post flashpoint.

As for marvel, I'm not sure, they don't seem to push many strong woman like DC does, only ones I could think of are Captain Marvel and The Strontian, but they would not cut it, so unless there are others above them then nope.

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None, WW is the it girl in the strength department :)

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Big Barda

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@FadeToBlackBolt: big barda is in the same strength class,but wonder woman has super speed and big barda doesn't,so overall wonder woman is more powerful.

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@drgnx: when some people say that supergirl and powergirl are stronger,it's because they think,superman is kriptonian and he is stronger than wonder woman,supergirl and powergirl are kryptonians so they are stronger,but it doesn't work like that,that's like me saying that wonder woman is an amazon so all the amazons are as powerful as wonder woman,superman is not like all the kryptonians,just like wonder woman is not like all the amazons,they have certain things that make them different and much more powerful than any other person from their race,superman has always been stronger than supergirl and powergirl(going by feats),and has been able to handle them in a fight and stated that he is more powerful than them,and wonder woman has already defeated supergirl,and defeated powergirl 2 times,and has also defeated more powerful opponents like captain marvel,so she is at least as strong as them,but she has a higher level of super speed when it comes to reaction speed,and she is a much better fighter,that's why she defeated them,she is overall more powerful,this is the calculation,enough power to fight them plus better reaction time and much more fighting skills and fighting experience=wonder woman is more powerful.

and ms marvel(cap marvel) is not the strongest woman in marvel,that's shw-hulk,and she is still not as strong as wonderr woman,not even close.

sorry for making this comment so long.

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Maybe power girl or super girl?

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Faora or Zod's wife

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Wonder Woman has the power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@FadeToBlackBolt said:

Big Barda

Everythin else is irrelevant.

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big barda is in the same strength class,but wonder woman has super speed and big barda doesn't,so overall wonder woman is more powerful.

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just my opinion......, faora, ursa, kara, lara, alura any kryptonian female ( some of who can metabolize sunlight better than supes, making them more powerful than him) , daxamite females (closest physiology to kryptonians) , maybe even mary marvel and miss martian............then wonder woman

these other strong female character don't get as much spotlight as wonder woman because they are supporting characters.............wonder woman stands out because she is a leading character

in marvel......wonder woman would own......she's alot stronger than miss/captain marvel and rogue .....and has flight, speed, maybe even strength advantages over she- hulk, sif, and thundra

(aside from strength, speed, ect) ............the only female characters that i see ww loosing to would be phoenix or rachel grey , with their omega level telekinesis, telepathy, ect

.......just my thoughts =D

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@gokuwarrior said:

@FadeToBlackBolt: big barda is in the same strength class,but wonder woman has super speed and big barda doesn't,so overall wonder woman is more powerful.

she has super speed compared to who

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in terms of raw strength hard to say definitively. WW seems ot be at the top.

In terms of formidability , I'd say Zatana, Invisible Woman and Jean Grey would give her a run for her money in certain scenarios.

I'm trying to think of any female skyfather level beings, but I can't think of any outside of maybe Hera or Athena, and those two are no match for WW.

I can't think of any female lanterns like the pink lanterns that would be a match for her either. hmmmmmmmmmmm. I'll think about this some more and post back if I think of someone definitively stronger

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Wonder Woman god does seem like she is strong enough to destroy both the dc universe and the marvel universe.

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Pandora ?

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Silver Age Supergirl is stronger.Her biggest feat was breaking the bonds of infinity.

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@Ryanmcfarland: what do you mean compared to who?,wonder woman has super speed,it's one of her powers since her debut,and she has countless of super speed feats,that include move at super speed,block at super speed,and throw punches and kicks at super speed,are you telling me that you haven't seen wonder woman using super speed?.

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The new female Captain Universe is.

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@Teerack: who is the female captain universe?,or are you talking about ms marvel(the new captain marvel)?.

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@gokuwarrior: http://www.comicvine.com/captain-universe/29-27193/

Basically a super strong force inhabits that people so that they can do something they need to do. It's been in Spider-man, Hulk, X-23, Juggernaut, and a lot of others, but the force as seemed to have settled into a new host for now, and is part of the Avengers extended team in Avengers.

Here she is from the Avengers 1 recently.

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i'm telling yall..... Faora's gonna be hard core in man of steel, she's gonna show us how true kryptonians fight........well at least i hope

how about phoenix or Rachel Grey' TK, for marvel (even if they may not be physically strong)

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@Teerack: thank you for the info.

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@marvel123: wonder woman has always been the most powerful female hero in the DC universe,and i think it's ok,why not?,she has earned that right with her trayectory and for being the most important and iconic female character in comic.

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oh yeah, most definitely, she's the most important influential and iconic female character in all of comic history

but you still can't forget about the few other surviving kryptonian women out there......they don't get much spotlight.....but some of them can fight better than supes and they may not hold back.......i'm really looking forward to seeing the man of steel fight scene with faora.....i heard rumors that superman is essentially gonna get the beating of his life, aka "doomsdayed" by faora

WW can and would take every marvel female character down , with the exception of phoenix and rachel grey.................she takes down sif, she hulk, thundra, captain marvel, rogue, enchantress, spider woman, ect.

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@marvel123: just because other women aren't in the spotligh doesn't mean they are more powerful than wonder woman,supergirl and powergirl don't hold back that much but even going all out wonder woman is still more powerful than them,her power is not below them,and she has much more skills than them,i don't know about faora,to beat superman she would have to be as powerful as him at least,then her superior fighting skills can make the different in her favor,but kriptonians never were portrated as great fighters.

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i guess its just up to the writer/ artist. i've seen wonder woman beat super girl/ power girl and loose to them as well. as to whose the most recognized its, WW. , for best fighting skills, it's WW............but for physically strongest, I only have an idea of who may be fighting for the top 5 :D ..............same for superman.....he's an awesome character, but he may not be the absolute strongest Hero in dc.

(in no particular order ) i've heard Maxima, big barda, Wonder Woman, any kryptonian or daxamite females who metabolizes sunlight better than supes..............wild cards: Mary Marvel, Miss Martian, Donna Troy, Wonder girl, mongal (random)

i always assumed that based on principle that characters like kara were physically stronger than WW. but only because supermman's strength is usually set a little bit higher than hers. All kryptonians display the same abilities under a yellow sun (with a few exceptions using tactile TK) and their strength is not dependant of their body/ muscle mass but their ability metabolize sunlight. kara metabolizes sunlight at a faster rate than clark, theoretically, she should be stronger than him..........that principle is what lead me to believe that WW may not be dc's Physically Strongest heroine. again i guess it depends on the writer/artist.....yeah supes doesn't have the best fighting skills

as we all know, being the physically strongest, doesn't mean winning every battle. brute strength is sometimes useless when dealing with skilled opponents............i think that's how Wonder Woman gains the victory.....just my opinion tho

I think we both agree that she's Physically stronger that any Marel female character =).....thanks for responding

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@marvel123: it doesn't depend on the writers if the writers follow the characters standards,so if ms marvel(70 toner) beats she-hulk(100 toner) only using super strenght in one issue you'll say that she-hulk wining against her depends on the writer?,no we know going by feats that she-hulk is always showing better strength feats.

supergirl was stronger in the silver age,but not anymore since post crisis,when did supergirl or powergirl beat wonder woman?,anyway,wonder woman defeated powergirl 2 times,and it's logical,because wonder woman is not weaker than them,and she is also a much better fighter,raw power alone won't always make you win a fight,wonder woman has more than enough power to fight supergirl or powergirl,and she has much more skills too,with all that combined she has an advantage over them,the same reason why wonder woman defeated captain marvel,she is in his power level class,but with a much higher degree of fighting skills that's how she defated him,otherwise they could end killing each other.

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it's kinda confusing (for me at least). sorry for repeating this question/ comment.

supermman's strength is usually set a little bit higher than WW. All kryptonians display the same abilities under a yellow sun (with a few exceptions using tactile TK) and their strength is not dependant of their body/ muscle mass but their ability metabolize sunlight. kara metabolizes sunlight at a faster rate than clark, so theoretically, should she be stronger than him?..........that principle is what lead me to believe that WW may not be dc's Physically strongest. i'm just confused by it all............they always portray WW being slightly under superman in strength, yet they say kara is stronger than him (by absorbing sunlight faster) but they don't show it ............. haha i don't know what to believe man..........sorry if i'm not making sense here.

as we both said, winning battles isn't all about strength.........so thats why i said it depended on the writers.........thats how they show batman defeating bane or superman defeating darksied or any other character defeating someone stronger than themselves.......... the writers can do anything they want, even if it may not make sence, hence WW vs storm.................which WW should have won (even if it was a fan vote or whatever). if writers wanted flash to defeat superman ( for whatever reason) they would and could find a way. do writers always follow character standards?

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@marvel123: i know that writers can do whatever they want,but sometimes they make mistakes,sometimes the way that a character loses against someone inferior is just stupid and that's what we call PIS,bad writing.

by the way,storm won more votes because at the time,she was very popular thanks to the x-men show,if the votes were from 2001-2009,wonder woman would have won because of her huge popularity thanks to the justice league cartoons and her animated movie.

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can't wait to see her in the new justice league animated movie.....flashpoint. with the amazonians vs the atlanteans. i wanna see her give the beat down to aquaman (nothing against aquaman tho)

i guess now that she's gotten a little bit more exposure and we see what she's capable of..........ppl won't be making that mistake again (i'm pretty sure WW could survive a few lightning strikes)

i'm kinda new to comic vine what does PIS stand for?......and, yeah your right about it ...........and thanks for replying

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@marvel123: flashpoint was bad writing,there is no way that aquaman can beat wonder woman,it's going to be a movie about that?,no,why they will do that crap to wonder woman?.

PIS=stupid plot,bad writing.

wonder woman can survive much more than a few lighting strikes,she has taken a termonuclear explosion completely unharmed,heat vision hotter than the core of the sun,lightings from zeus(sky-father lightings),etc,etc.

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well, i heard there is gonna be a JL movie later this yr based on flashpoint., what??....she lost to him in the flashpoint comic??? , i haven't read it yet, i only read what it was about ............ i'm too broke for all these comic books

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@marvel123: aquaman didn't beat her,but he gave her a hard fight and the fight neverr ended,flashpoint was very bad written,but it was a step before the rebot it's not even cannon,i hope they don't make that movie.

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you should be read suprema comic,bro...she basically was silver age supergirl.and she best feat was lift universe weight....

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battle Royal Will Settle this all! Who with me??

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1,this girl should be entire comic most powerful

2New 52 powergirl:as strong as superman(who can lift earth weight)

3SA supergirl(who as strong as SA superman)

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In my opinion she is. She has strength, speed, fighting skills - ONE OF THE BEST- and experience that out shines any female in DC. She is an icon that will live forever and possibly create even more common comatose like super heroines in the future ;)