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@batkevin74: I thought about his landing a lot. I was torn between having him intentionally land in New York or unintentionally land in Alaska. Each of the settings would set the story in two totally different and separate paths. Ultimately I decided New York because I like that path.

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I added some to chapter 1.

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Ther is a very short chapter for a fan fict of Gabriel Summers' return that I have came up with. If you like it tell me and I will make more chapters that are much longer.


CHAPTER 1: Conscious

Somewhere in Deep Space

It was a deep, dark, and very small corner of space filled with nothing but the faint stars and a filling blackness. It was quiet and perhaps even peaceful. But the assumption that it was empty was very wrong.

Suddenly something started to move. It was small compared to it surroundings but definitely more significant. Soon this mysterious entity began to gain power. It started to glow a bright orange that resembled the color of the sun at the end of a day. It kept growing brighter and brighter until it finally woke up. It wasn't a "something" at all but a someone instead. Someone that had long been forgotten by the world and people he left behind.

He was slim and tall figure with long black wavy hair. His eyes opened and all that was there was a bright orange that resembled the aurora around him. The man then started to twitch and spin like the life had been suddenly forced back into him, but it hadn't. The life never had left him. It remained there in a faint and almost extinct form. It had been growing a little bit every day until now when it could awaken.

In almost a split second the man became conscious and the thoughts starting pouring in. Where am I? he calmly thought to himself. He tried to remember but he couldn't, I was-- He grew frustrated and soon the orange light around him and in his eyes grew more fierce. "Earth," he spoke to himself. "That is where I will find my answers." He then flew off into the distance with incredible speed and power.


On The New Space Satellite Orbiting Earth

After four years of hard preparation and construction the new government satellite is finally in space and almost operational. On the outside of it is a team of four astronauts working consistently to finish the installation.

"Bob," said Teller. "How is those shields coming along?"

"Almost done. Just a few more tweaks."

"Alright...Joan and I will head back inside," stated Teller. "You and John stay out here and wrap things up."

Joan nodded, "gotcha."

The two astronauts began to head back in, while the other two continued their work. All of the sudden a bright orange light shined upon them all. One after another each astronaut stopped what they were doing and turned their heads.

"What in the world is that?" asked Bob in a nervous and agitated tone.

In the distance was the glowing orange man heading straight toward them at an alarmingly fast speed. Within a matter of seconds he reached the astronauts with a shroud of hot energy surrounding him. They said and did nothing except watch in both curiosity and fear. The man was now upon them and the energy he brought with him started to burn through its surroundings. The glass on the the satellite began to crack and then all types of warning messages went off on the control panels inside and outside the satellite.

The heat began to penetrate the suits of the astronauts and then their bodies. Joan was the first to start screaming, "AHHHH!!!!!!". Which was soon followed by similar screams from her team.

Teller, who was closest to the door, struggled to get inside but finally made it. Once he did, he collapsed to the floor and sighed for both relief and sadness. He watched his teammates scream and move in agony as they burned to a crisp outside. He believed himself to be safe but right as the orange man passed next to the satellite it exploded.

The orange man continued on his path to Earth without a hint of hesitation. In a matter of moments he was in the atmosphere and started to slow his descent. Slowly and steadily he continued on his path which was headed into North America. That path soon became more pointed and the mans destination was revealed to be New York. The orange aurora around him fainted as he glided down to the top of the one of the skyscrapers. "Home..." he whispered to himself.

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I am actually in the process of writing a fantasy/science fiction novel at the moment. I do not want to go into full detail about the world I am world I am using for the setting though. I will tell you that I am aiming for a universe that draws elements and emotion from that which you may see Marvel/DC, Star Wars, and Star Trek universes. It may sound a little messy when I describe it like that, but trust me it is all in order. From the Marvel and DC universes I am using similar elements such as diverse and in-depth characters, and from the Star Wars and Star Trek universes I will mimic the limitlessness and potential. Ultimately I plan to have a unique novel unlike anything else that still features small but dire things that you have seen before.

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Hello, I will be writing a short book soon and I just wondering if I have the correct format and punctuation for dialogue in novels. Here is a short made up example (NOTE: Cannot indent because of the writing box):

"Sir?" said the soldier standing in the audience.

The captain sighed. "Yes, Corporal?"

"Don't mind me asking, but what if we do indeed find some of these 'Aliens' still living on the planet."

The captain raised one of his eye brows. "What do you mean 'what if'?"

"I mean, what will we do?" replied the soldier. "We haven't even been briefed on what exactly these things --

"Stop right there!" yelled the captain. "You are a trained marine, and marines do not ask questions like 'what if?'. Do you understand me soldier?"

The soldier immediately became frightened and started to speak nervously, "Yes Sir". He then fell back into order and sat down.

Please tell me if I have done anything wrong on the format.

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You know that last few or more Marvel "big" events have been crap, but for some reason I'm really attracted to this. Maybe it is just me but the combination of Avengers vs X-men, Phoenix Force arriving, and then the new Nova has got me interested. For the first time in a few year I will be picking up an X-men comic.

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I don't really see Nate being depowered a bad thing unless they take too much time to repower him back up. I think Nates power should come back out of nowhere. Like say his whole team is in trouble during AvX and then all of the sudden BAM! Nate goes into beast mode because he is focusing so hard. I don't know maybe that sounds a little weird but I would like to see a scenario like that. If they kill Nate off again I will be severly PO.

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Marvel seems to over-do it. Instead of having one or two Avengers teams they have several, the same applies to X-men. DC don't have 10 different Justice Leagues. By the way, I'm seventeen so you can say I'm some 40 year old man wishing comics were like the old days. I really think that Marvel's problem is having too much or too many, there is nothin really special any more. While with DC, that is not the case, you see unique characters that are totally different from each other.

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Three years ago I would have never picked up a DC comic over one of Marvel's, but that is not the case now. Sadly, i have been grown quite bored with Marvel stories. This happened over time as I lost more and more interest in different Marvel series. It would seem as if Marvel has ran out of ideas or something. They keep throwing out big, lengthy, dull events. Now when it comes to DC everything seems new and mint. You cannot blame this on "The New 52" because it was this way before, the reboot just makes things even better. I do not mean to offend people who are currently super fans of Marvel, but this is just my opinion. I wish it were not my opinion. I wish that I was eagerly waiting for a new Marvel comic to come out, instead I am waiting for Black Adam to show in DC. Does anyone else feel the same way I do?

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@angeldust616: EPIC