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Immature, spoiled, manipulative, lazy, foul-mouthed, sadistic, masochistic, xenophobic, sociopathic. bipolar, obsessive compulsive, angrophobic, philophobic, and fun to be around. I generally lack any heroic attributes. I do enjoy spreading my vast intellectual and philosophical cynicism with a splish splash of crass humor and occasional hulk smash back to reality wisdom. Im a massive hybrid fanboy of the hulk but im not with the people who think he is GOD I know the hulks limitations through thoroughly reading his comics due to several very boring car rides he is an awesome character though and I do respect everyones views on their own favorites I will not however tolerate ignorance in a debate from people who just want their guy to win in other words IM NOT A REPUBLICAN!! if you've read this then you know me in a nutshell thank you and have a nice day....or a crappy day whatever you prefer. Actually the hulk has no limitations now that I think about it HULK PAWNS!!!