was gonna title this 'the Fast and the Furious' but i don't know........

Anyway, good 'ol list of speedsters and also characters know for being very fast (ah ha, now that will include some ones that are not technically just 'speedsters' but are insanely fast nontheless.....such as Surfer, Superman....make sense?) and probably more than could get added, but i'm gonna keep it simple.

and here we go! In no particular order keep in mind, just off the top of my head.....

List items

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You could add Thor and Bill to this list. Massive FTL travel speed.

Also Ultimate Quicksilver. :)

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Makkari is as fast as Barry Allen. he needs to be much higher on this list!

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@kidman560: i didn't put the list in any type of specific order, just as they came into my head...listing does not in any way illustrate a notion of ranking.

@darkazrael999: yeah, I could..........though about it, but then there would also be many others i need to add for the same reason..........but thank you!

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@kidman560: really? c'mon.......

really really. naw bro naw. i wasnt btw be with me here cuz i need it

Loki > John Constantine

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Also, just remembered, and she didn't live too long, but Trajectory deserves a place here.

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I just got an update that read, "Joygirl posted a comment on Speed!" How very Detroit after dark of you, @joygirl. lol Also, yes. Trajectory. May I also recommend Black Racer of the Serpent Society?

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The New Gods Speedester is Fastbak. Lightray is more like The Ray or Dr Light. (light powers)