some insanely powerful, god-like powerleveled beings!! from lowest to highest, if they can destroy a planet, rewrite reality and above (by above I mean skyfather and up) I'll put them here.... in no particular order, feel that I am leaving a lot out...will have to add as I get suggestions and think of others

List items

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Badass list, bud.

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Anti-monitor deserves to be here

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@darkseid1006: right you are! done, added!

If i hace missed some obvious ones, please anybody let me know!!!!!

@darkazrael999: thanks man...............

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@cosmicallyaware1: Eclipso,Krona,Decreator,The Endless,Michael Demiergos,Mr Mxyzptlk,The Monitors,Kismet,Lords And Agents Of Order,Lords And Agents Of Chaos,,Neh-Buh-Loh,Rama Kushna,Nekron

There the dc ones

Now for the marvel




I think that's it sorry about marvel list being unorganised I tryed to edit but its difficult on phone