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DC Team. All feats? For sure DC.

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@boschepg said:

@cosmicallyaware1: I just got this. My notifications have been seriously late.

HA! and I just got this one! no worries my man, take our time on this one. I'm in no rush whatsoever. Plus I'm in an insane amount of matches......12+

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@pope052: ah bro, you didn't take that long at all. Nicely done my man! Turnin up the heat huh? cool. I will work on a response, will get it up in the next couple days. I have soooo many responses that I have to do.....I got stop entering so many matches....but, the HOF will not elude me again!!! Gotta put work in!!!!

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Wally west and captain atom bloodlusted? Sheesh...

right? eek!

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@sebast_allen: alrighty then. Traditional Intro post shall we?


Spectacular Spider Man, the leader..

Quick Bio:

Doc Ock's mind in Spider Man's body. All the skills of the Spider at his disposal. Had a run with the Avengers, and some very noteworthy feats in his time. Now being featured in Spiderverse.

What he brings to the table..

  • Genius level Intellect and strategic mind.
  • High tech gear
  • that webbing!!!
  • strength (10 tonner)
  • speed, agility, and stealth if necessary
  • that spidey sense!!!! good luck getting the drop on him

Agent Venom, the specialist..

Quick Bio:

Spidey's high school nemesis, all grown up and became a decorated military war hero. Has become Agent Venom, the host of the symbiote and a operative of the government. He has shown more control and finess with the symbiote than any other previous bearer.

What he brings to the table..

  • military experience. strategic skills.
  • strong offensive capabilities
  • the symbiote's versatility (tendrils, eytc...)
  • durability and strength as well

Tombstone, the bruiser..

Quick Bio:

The cold, tall and monsterous looking Spider-Man villain who takes pride in his grim and dead-like appearance. A criminal enforcer who uses methods of intimidation and murder under the deserving nickname known as Tombstone.

What he brings to the table..

  • ruthless killing machine
  • strength and durability. he's a beast (only around 6-10 tonner)

Taskmaster, the sniper..

Quick Bio:

Tony Masters, also known as Taskmaster possesses the ability to absorb knowledge and instantly replicate combat skills of anyone he observes. He has used these skills as a teacher to many super villains, henchmen, and even some heroes. In order to clean his record, he started working to the U.S. government as a combat instructor and currently serves as a member of S.H.I.E.L.D's Secret Avengers.

What he brings to the table..

  • vastly accomplished fighting skills
  • weaponry
  • tactical skills
  • anything you can do....he can copy (well, only fighting moves and the such. no powers)

Bloodshot, the new guy...

Quick Bio:

Bloodshot is a former soldier with powers of regeneration and meta-morphing made possible through nanites injected into his blood. After having his memory wiped numerous times, Bloodshot is out to discover who he really is and get vengeance on those who did this to him.

What he brings to the table..

  • insane durability levels and regen
  • military background and tactics
  • nanites. any tech can be compromised

that should do it for now..........

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@masterkungfu: thank you!

@cosmicallyaware1 *beats my chest like king kong* I'm comin' for ya!!

hey, hey no favoritism there Mr.Kung Fu guy.......

Nima: ahhhhhhh, bravado. we'll see about that now, keep it comin mate. I'm prepared. There's much yet to be sated and illustrated here. I'll have my reply up tonight hopefully....

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@pr0metheus: ok buddy, quick intro here...........busy, busy. Will get an opener after you put intro up



Kallark, codenamed Gladiator, was once the Praetor of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard, the most faithful servant of the Shi'ar throne. After the Shi'ar-Kree War, with the apparent death of Lilandra and Vulcan, Kallark is elevated to the position of Majestor by consensus of a desperate Shi'ar populace. He has been one of the Marvel Universes most powerful cosmic heavy hitters for quite some time and has a close comparison to DC's Superman in powerset (he was actually patterned off of him. Kallark = Clark). He has served in the team of Annihilators and had glorious battles throughout the cosmos. A powerful individual indeed.

Powers and Abilities:

Kallark exhibits abilities in line with the "Superman archetype" which include:

  • class 100 strength
  • flight and insane speeds
  • insane durability and invulnerability
  • energy output in the form of a "heat vision"
  • "ice breath" / "freeze breath"
  • undefined psionic abilities
  • enhanced sensory perceptions

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@jkutz: Sweet well, here's a quick Intro post on my guy.


presenting the world's mightiest mortal......Billy Batson who is better known as Captain Marvel. SHAZAM!!

Deemed worthy of becoming his champion by the ancient wizard SHAZAM, whenever he utters the word; "SHAZAM!" young Billy Batson is struck by a magical thunderbolt and empowered with the powers and abilities of six Elders as he's transformed him into the World's Mightiest Mortal - SHAZAM!

There's really no need to go into full blown detail of CM's history and Biography, as he is fairly well know. What I will do quickly though, for those that are unaware of how powerful this individual is.......give a synopsis of powers:

Powers and Abilities!

The wizard's name, SHAZAM, is an acronym with each letter standing for an Elder who grants his power to Shazam's champion.

When young Billy Batson speaks the wizard's name, a magical lightning bolt charged with the power of the Shazam Elders transforms Billy from an adolescent boy into the adult hero, Captain Marvel, empowered by the gods. As Captain Marvel, he is granted powers from these Elders:

S is for the wisdom of Solomon. The wisdom of Solomon gives Billy great knowledge, perception, comprehension and insight. By mystical means, Solomon is actually able to speak to Billy during his times of need. The wisdom of Solomon gives Billy many intellectual abilities, some known and other yet unknown. Some of these specific abilities are a photographic memory, omni-linguistic and advanced knowledge of war strategy and tactics. Captain Marvel posses a vast amount of knowledge about facts that he had no encountered previously. Billy is able to make guesses about subjects that he had no prior knowledge to but is able to answer with incredible accuracy.

H is for the strength of Hercules, strongest of the gods. Billy is empowered with Hercules' nearly limitless superhuman-strength which is often compared to, rivals/ matches and possibly surpasses that of Superman.Captain Marvel has the ability to lift well over 100 tons with minimal effort and has battled top tier beings such as Superman, Wonder Woman and Black Adam.Captain Marvel has stalemated Superman in an arm wrestling contest and has at least matched Wonder Woman in raw strength. The limits, if there actually are any, of Captain Marvel's strength are unknown.

A is for the stamina of Atlas, Titan who bears the heavens on his shoulders. This means he doesn't need to sleep or eat as Captain Marvel and has virtually limitless superhuman endurance. Due to Atlas' stamina, Captain Marvel doesn't fatigue during or after any exertion; no matter how strenuous or how long in duration.The godly energies that transform his body into Earths Mightiest Hero is enough to sustain his body. From Black Adam, who also shares the same powers as Billy Batson (but from different sources) we have seen that he was able to survive crossing the universe in his return to Earth which took him 5,000 years to accomplish. His endurance may indeed be limitless.

Z is for the power of Zeus, most powerful of the gods. Though the term "Power of Zeus" is vague, this grants Billy many abilities, with many possibly unknown as of yet. Through Zeus, Captain Marvel has high-level magic resistance and can call down the lightning that changes him back and forth between his two personas. He has even used the lightning as a weapon before; calling it down and then dodging it while allowing it to strike an enemy. Captain Marvel has also stated that with this power also comes the "Wrath of Zeus." This implies supreme, righteous anger/rage, though it's unclear how this ties into Billy's powerset. The power of Zeus is vast and hard to define completely. It may augment some of Captain Marvel's other powers and abilities and it may grant him powers and abilities even he has yet to discover. From Zeus Captain Marvel inherits sheer unbelievable power rendering him utterly invulnerability (Captain Marvel Adventures 144, DC Comics Presents Annual 03). The power of Zeus adds to the other powers of Captain Marvel giving him the wisdom of Solomon and Zeus, the strength of Hercules and Zeus, the stamina of Atlas is beeded up with the immortality of Zeus (World's Finest 254 and Shazam the Monster Society 04). Captain Marvel can still blend all the strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas and power of Zeus to increase his strength (Adventure Comics 492 and Power Of Shazam 46)

A is for the courage of Achilles, greatest hero of the Trojan War. This grants him an inner strength and confidence.. Achilles has bestowed on Captain Marvel with the great fighting abilities (Captain Marvel Adventures 144). Achilles in myth was also very Invulnerable, and such Captain Marvel is virtually invulnerable to all forms of physical harm. His resistance to harm is comparable to that of Superman's but he does not share his weaknesses to Kryptonite or magic.

M is for the speed of Mercury, swiftest of the gods. This grants Marvel his god-like speed and his power to fly. Captain Marvel is able to move at incredible speeds and is able to move so fast that he can seem invisible to the eye of the human being. Captain Marvels speed is said to surpass even that of Superman and rival that of the Flash.

and with that, back over to you!

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@sirfizzwhizz: couple quick questions.

  1. Any prep time?
  2. Standard gear? And what exactly constitutes standard gear, as that has been a grey area before. Seeing as our characters are playing the roles of "bounty hunters" do they go into a mission as prepared as possible for a mission? I am specifically referring to spOck and Taskmaster on my team. I am wondering if spOck is coming with his spiderbots (example), and if Taskmaster would be equipped with an array of Hawkeye specialty arrows (example), and Udon gear.