British American?

Having recently read the updated Poo Poo list, something struck me about Mr. Ubiquitous, he used the British spelling of ass, arse (fifth quote down). As further evidence, he also uses the term 'mate' for friend, which is something Brits and Australians do in their slang but for North Americans tends to hold its proper meaning.

He has also been on and posted during the morning, British time, which for a New Yorker would be either very late or very early. It certainly would be if you had a day job, like say a lawyer.

Not that any of this is proof, but it does seem interesting that someone who spews American nationalism that would make George W. Bush and Bill O'Reilly blush could well be British, or at least raised here.

I'd be interested to hear other people's opinions, am I right or am I seeing something that isn't there?

Posted by acewasp23

LOL maybe its Methos playing around.

Posted by Poo Poo List

Actually, the time he posted today would be around 10am-12pm in New York.

Posted by Cosmic Sentinel

It wasn't Saturday I was thinking off. It's other times in the week.

Posted by zero edge

I got so annoyed with this dude I had to ask Red to ban him... still waiting and hoping lol

Posted by Cosmic Sentinel

He's certainly earned a banning. So have a couple of others on the Poo Poo list, but as far as I know, no one has been so far.

Posted by Hagane Enna

I do know one thing: I've voted the schmuck off my damned island, assuming he even lives here. I also sincerely doubt he's a lawyer. He has yet to answer any of the very direct & local questions Ive thrown at him.

As to his use of Brit terms, I do believe he was attempting to a- mock people and b-trying to sound classier than he is, since many Americans think Brit accents sound classy (and they do ;-) )

Posted by Cosmic Sentinel

Mine does, I sound like Hugh Grant only more macho.

Posted by Ms. Invisible

I have to say, good detective work. Have you worked alongside Batman? ;P As for whether he is Australian or British, I have no idea. I'm Aus myself and from what I see, I cannot see any type of Australian-ism/British-ism. To be honest, no Australian I have ever met speaks like THAT.

PS. His comments on Australians being mean and nasty to America is a bunch of crap, and he says he has been to Australia many times. Do I smell a poseur?

Posted by Cosmic Sentinel

No one I know speaks like him, but no one I know is quite that big a jerk. I don't think any country really wants to take ownership of him!