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@the_fun_bun: ( I didn't see this until just now, sorry)
Cyrus was not at all surprised at the man's origin but more with him meeting aliens. Before he could respond the man shot a small black hole onto the wall, it quickly disappeared but while it lasted Cyrus noticed the pull on gravity. "Most of my powers have control on them though so I don't swallow up the earth in a black hole." Cyrus noted that he was in full control and before he could respond a loud thud was heard from the entrance. A large man with a powerful looking Gatling gun stood in the small door way and yelled at them ferociously. "Get on the ground now!" Cyrus chuckled a bit and whispered to the man next to him. "I'm guessing they're with you." After saying this Cyrus smirked and rays of heat gushed out of his eyes flying to the gun in the man's hands. He managed to melt the barrels and before the man could react Cyrus flew over quickly and punched the man onto the street. "Do you plan on staying or bolting away? Cause I can go either way." Before the man's response could be heard a rain of bullets fell onto the shop. Dayton slid onto a wall next to the door way and suddenly a deathly stinging was felt on his arm. "Aggh, these are no ordinary bullets."

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@the_fun_bun: "Ahh you have a good eye I see." Cyrus stared the man down and thought for a second. After making a list of pros and cons he sighed and began to speak. "I'm a Russian vigalante." Cyrus let his accent become recognizable. "And in a strained and simplified way, I am fused with a very radiated sun and thus have powers of cosmic heat. " The man didn't seem to be too astonished about this fact so Cyrus figured his powers were equally or more amazing. "I can create heat at any and all parts of my body, and the temperatures can go up to well, billions of degrees. I can also shoot rays of energy from my body." As he said this Cyrus' eyes began to glow a bright orange-red. "Okay, now it's your turn. "

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@the_fun_bun: (Sorry for the delay, family stuff and I kept reading your post wrong but I finally understand XD)
The man silently ignored Cyrus' question and even though this angered him, the man didn't really need to speak so Cyrus took a deep breath and followed the man off of the trolley to a poorly maintained pawn shop. As the trolley passed, from the corner of his eye Cyrus noticed that the elderly couple was no longer there. "I don't remember them-" Cyrus' thought was cut off by the chime of a bell on a door. Cyrus took one last look at the almost out of sight trolley and walked into the shop with the man. As they walked through there was no sign of employees and after seeing nothing but knickknacks Cyrus spoke. "Well, we're alone so time to talk." Cyrus shot out a puff of smoke.

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@the_fun_bun: The man led Cyrus onto a passing trolley. It was empty aside from an elderly couple in the back. As the stood near the front Cyrus noticed the sound of screeching wheels in the direction they were headed. "Okay, anytime you're ready." Cyrus calmly said while not facing the man. "And if you're apprehensive don't be, I'm a cop. Just not from around here." Cyrus held up the badge he took from an agent years ago. "I've worked with plenty of "Supers" in my lifetime. " Cyrus said as he took out a cigarette and lit it with his finger, it was subtle but he hoped the man didn't see.

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@the_fun_bun: (That's okay)
As the two men exited the tension onto the streets Cyrus inspected the man mentally before speaking. "So what is your deal?" He let his accent slip through slightly. "What is your talent? You are obviously no ordinary man and I could use a little fun tonight." Cyrus was not sure what he was expecting from the man, weather there was a criminal in front of him or a renowned hero, Cyrus would play along.

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@the_fun_bun: Cyrus walked down the always crowded streets with a less than pleased look. Though a vacation was suggested, he really just game for a new type of scum to clean up. He turned a corner down a fairly quiet street and enjoyed the scenery that enhanced the dampened architecture. As the day progressed Cyrus became bored and decided some drinking would help before the night crowd poured onto the streets. He picked a bar that was a couple blocks down and sat a table near the front. Not long after he arrived Cyrus heard commotion from the other side of the bar. He glanced over and saw a man break a glass on the bouncer's head. Normally Cyrus wouldn't interfere but as more bouncers came the man fought them off easily. Cyrus stood up and walked over to the man, who was weaving around punches. Before he could throw one himself Cyrus put his hand on the mans shoulder. He made eye contact then proceeded to speak. "Well this man is obviously drunk and the alcohol is giving him a great power boost, let's forget this happened, I'll pay for the damage." Cyrus pulled out two hundred dollar bills and gave it to one of the bouncers. "Good day gentleman, and you come with me." Cyrus motioned to the man.

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I would love to see him return, My question is......How could anyone hate that costume?

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I would like to take part

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