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Hero Name: Cosmic flare

Real name: Cyrus Kirsanov

Age: 31

Height: 6'1

Weight: 234 lb

Eye Color: Black

White in costume and Red when using powers.

Hair color: Brown

Base of Operations: Somewhere in Russia, but travels a lot.

Faction: Chaotic Neutral

Team Affiliations:

Aliases: The Flare

Known Relatives: None Remembered


  • Advanced H2H combat
  • Is a skilled marksman with handguns, shotguns and assault rifles
  • heightened strength (Can lift about 4 tons)
  • heightened senses
  • heightened agility
  • Greatly enhanced durability
  • flight (At top speed he can fly at about 1400 mph)
  • can shoot dangerous rays of energy out of eyes and hands.
  • Can punch or kick with cosmic energy radiating from body part.

Cyrus' suit is made from a mixture of vibranium and an unknown radiation resistant fabric.


Cyrus is just as vulnerable to magic as any other human.

Most human weaknesses

Mind Control


M16 File

Z Russian scientist briefly became known for his theory on alternative energy. His theory stated that in another galaxy far away, a sun shined billions of times brighter than ours. But in being brighter, the sun's rays were also billions of times more powerful. The scientist stated that he created a portal that opens about 100 miles from the sun. Instead of harvesting the power of the sun the Russian government vouched to make a super human.

So an embryo was made, and it was sent in a ship to the sun, but what the scientists didn't know was that the sun was alive. As the shuttle hit the sun it started to flare, and it shone brighter than anything before, and after all was calm, the shuttle was back through the portal, with a newborn baby.

The baby was taken into custody for constant surveillance , and when he became of rightful age, began to train in hand to hand combat. The Russian scientist was to constantly monitor the child which he named Cyrus. As he matured and trained,at the age of 7 it was realized that Cyrus had still not shown any sign of possible powers other than heightened senses and strength and endurance, the bare minimum of what was wanted. At age 11 Cyrus fell asleep one night and had a dream where he talked to a bright star. The star stated that he and Cyrus were connected and that Cyrus could use his power at will. The star stated that his power was far greater than that of earth's sun and that Cyrus could live as long as he burned. Suddenly the sun began to glow brighter and brighter until Cyrus awoke and realized that he was covered in sweat. He heard footsteps coming up to his room and he panicked. Cyrus his valuables and ran away.

Unknown what happened between then and present day

Cyrus now lives in Russia, serving as a vigilante. He remembers his true last name but he decided to take on the last name of the scientist that helped create him. Cyrus is a highly feared authority because he will go to extreme measures for justice. He lives in an apartment and speaks Russian and English. A while ago, Cyrus realized that the number of super powered villains was on the rise, he decided to "find" a costume that could withstand the radiation and cosmic energy that he had and from then on Cyrus became COSMIC FLARE. He doesn't want to put criminals behind bars, he wants to put them in Hell.