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Batman keeps putting these mass murderers away to "rehabilitate" them. They keep escaping and killing and then he catches them and puts them back. DC perpetuates this notion and the "asylum" simply because they need these villains to come back over and over. Let's not forget the real reason why the overly strict "no kill rule" and the kid friendly Robin were brought into the mythos in the first place. There's no good excuse why the police aren't putting bullets in the brainpans of people like Mr. Zsasz. And somehow these people never get killed by other street people or inmates. None of it makes any sense.

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I know the movie section is a kind of a joke but I'd like to see these movies removed. They are eye sores that get in the way of the big upcoming superhero tent pole films being at the top. 

Gatchaman - this movie has been officially cancelled. Source:
Godzilla 3D to the Max - This Godzilla project was announced and then quickly abandoned a pretty long while ago. Sure, we all know there will be another Godzilla movie sometime in the future, but this isn't it.

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Because we think he is a worthwhile human being. We like his work. We like what he brought to the material. 
Bryan Singer doesn't like superheroes either. I highly doubt Nolan likes typical superhero tripe, he doesn't even like Robin. And he tries as hard as he can to make his movies not feel like a comic book fantasy. 
Are you aware that Nolan complimented Burton in the press, and has at least praised B89? He called it "brilliant," which even I wouldn't say. Bruce Timm is also a fan. So I'm in good company.

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@Sydpart2 said:
@Feliciano2040 said:
@Sydpart2 said:
um...making Gordon more than some fat guy, that told me. Nolan might not do everything true to the comics, but he keeps the characters very similar IMO
Why would anyone make Gordon a fat guy ?!  Nolan is a great filmmaker, but a poor comic book reader.
Ask Tim Burton. Nolan does a great job in respecting the source material but in changing it to tell his own story.
So it's ok for Nolan to make changes to tell his own version the legend, but not for Burton? I'm pretty sure "Nolan's story" borrowed heavily from Year One, Long Halloween and Killing Joke.
Pat Hingle looked exactly like the comic. Fat, skinny, it doesn't matter. Perhaps Gary OldMan said it best, "There's boring old Jim Gordon on the roof, next to the bat-light.
Note the Fat Face and Sagging Neck Skin. 
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The year is 2004. Lestat de Lioncourt has arranged for a threesome between Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and himself. Pitt has been living and traveling with Lestat as a roadie during his entire world tour. When they arrive at Pitt's residence they find Carmilla (a.k.a. Mircalla Karnstein) feeding on Aniston, who has been mesmerized. Carmilla beckons Lestat to bed, suggesting that they can share their prey. Lestat refuses, insisting that the couple must be his conquest alone. Both are at full power, Pitt and Aniston must die during the battle no matter what.


Setting: Midnight, a large mansion in Malibu.

Gear: Both are in the nude.  
Character Version: Novel versions
Winner: Carmilla. Countess Karnstein's ability to shapeshift wins her the fight. She turns into a large Werecat and maws Lestat, breaks Brad's neck and continues to defile Aniston.
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@sEsposito7 said:

I like Frank Miller's stuff (the Dark Knight Returns and the Dark Knight Strikes Again), but I'm not a huge fan, where as some people swear by those stories and hail them as the best Batman stuff written.

If you put DK2 on the same level as Dark Knight, you are blind as a bat.
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@Hellnbak: Wow, that is pretty much the best thing I've ever seen. Fantastic work, thank you for sharing.

Well technically this would be "fan art," but the term is inadequate to describe a brilliant piece such as this. I'd go ahead and add this to a Fan Art gallery in Forrest J Ackerman's page, as it is a the ultimate tribute to the magazine that is synonymous with his name. Let's face it, Forry was Famous Monsters. Without him, it can never be what it was. There's no general image gallery section on a volume page, things like this go under a character or creator page. Maybe add it as fan art to Warren Publishing?
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I don't know who the artist is, came across it in the Gotham City images. Anybody recognize it?
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Is it from a comic? A novel? 
I must know!
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