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It gets me out of talking to my gf.

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@lagoon_boy said:
" @Baldy:  That was a Valid reason simply Informing you that That feat of Strange of defeating In-Betweener  could be PIS, And please read properly. "
Well, I don't see Strange defeating the In-Betweener as PIS. He called upon the powers of Lord Chaos and Master Order to defeat him.
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@lazystudent said:
" uncharted is no doubt a better game , but i enjoyed dead space alot and replayed it more so deadspace for me "
Deadspace is no doubt a better game, but I enjoyed Dead Space a lot and replayed it more so Dead Space for me.
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@RavenDark said:
" Cosmic team wins...(They are immune to most effects and therefore most spells) "
Tell that to Galactus who seems to get punk'd by magic quite often.
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@Neon_Nemesis said:
" Actually Kratos would easily defeat Raiden, unlikle Raiden, Kratos actually has Superhuman stats [watch his fights with Kronos]  Raiden doesn't have the speed or the power to keep up with him "
He does when not restricted in the rules of Mortal Kombat.
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@Deava Aeschma said:

" Any of the Shokan's from Mortal Kombat can solo street fighter. (Goro, Kintaro, Sheeva) "

Lol I love how Kintaro punts this bitch across the entire battlefield in the MK Armageddon intro at :54 into the vid.
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 Young Tiger Lily


A heartless kitty killer hissed angrily at animal rights activists Wednesday, grinning widely as she took credit for stuffing the helpless pet into a 500-degree oven.

"It's dead, b****!" snapped an unrepentant Cheyenne Cherry, sticking her tongue out after a plea bargain that will put her behind bars for a year in the May 6 killing of tiny Tiger Lily. 

Cherry, 17, was confronted after her guilty plea in Bronx Supreme Court to charges of animal cruelty and attempted burglary in the May 6 killing at her former roommate's apartment.

Tiger Lily was left to die inside the blistering oven after Cherry and a 14-year-old friend trashed the apartment of Valerie Hernandez, destroying furniture before stealing DVDs and food.

After her arrest, Cherry told police the cat killing was "just a joke."

In court Wednesday, Cherry admitted to Judge Margaret Clancy that the younger girl put the cat in the oven - and "I didn't let the cat out."

The pair fled the apartment because they didn't want to hear the dying cat's cries or desperate scratching at the oven door, authorities said.

The second girl is facing trial in Family Court because of her age. Prosecutor Jennifer Troiano said Cherry was granted a plea deal because her cohort was "more culpable" for the crimes.

Under the agreement, Cherry pleaded guilty to two charges in a six-count indictment. She waived her right to appeal and agreed not to keep a pet for the next three years. Cherry, jailed on a probation violation, faces formal sentencing July 31.

As she exited the courtroom, she passed a row of animal rights activists outraged by her crime.

"Justice for Tiger Lily," read one sign held by the demonstrators.

Sharon Tuerlings, 43, of Levittown, L.I., extended both her middle fingers and kissed them. Cherry grinned widely, stuck out her tongue and responded with her profane retort.

Cherry is not new to animal crimes. 

She was busted last year for using a BB gun to dog-nap a teacup Yorkie with her boyfriend. She was also arrested for robbing a man of his iPod at gunpoint.

The dozen animal lovers who attended the hearing said they represented more than 20,000 people who signed an online petition supporting harsh punishment for Cherry.

They were thrilled by the deal that guaranteed Cherry would do time for the cruel killing. "She is dangerous," said Brooklyn cat owner Josie Marrero. "A very dangerous young lady."

Tuerlings said she wanted to get a glimpse of the monster behind the cat execution. "It felt so good to look at her ugly face," she said. "Those evil eyes that she has."

Read more:
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A Day Without a Mexican. 
I have no idea how that garbage made it in theaters. The plot was boring and unrealistic in all aspects, the statistics they used in the movie were bogus, everything was a blatant stereotype. 
Just god awful - and it was listed as a comedy which is even bigger bs.

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I hated how they tried to make people feel sorry for Freddy. 
The dude's a sick child rapist/killer you aren't supposed to feel sorry for him.