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i think she should stay as a vamp until some miraculous power to change her, maybe she could have her mutant powers return somehow so she could return to duty with the x men in the future. she was a wiz at being wondra, maybe she could be the big tough character through robots or something like that. But I do wish though that writers at marvel don't screw with any more character(s) if it ain't broke don't touch it   just make juiced it up with a good story line.

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this game was very popular when it came out, i couldn't even get a try at it until everyone got tired of it or player space opened and id die on my first try too then id be shoved over to let someone else play. i mostly watch how they played the game. it was cool though.

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cool boooook. so how much is it and where can i get it if they sell out fast. like next year. too bad they dont have a collector item made of gold like a coin or something like that.

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cool yes to see some of his foes outwit the bats only to see him or her defeated but Id like to see that this character better his enemy the batman through wits and intelligence. i sure hope they write a good story not just a fly by.

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what the hell is with the guns spuderman is shown with one now the xmen, what with guns today. wonder if they have their gun ownership papers on them. whatever happen to plain fighting skills and powers and wits.

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sex sells or what ever you want to call it. whatever makes the characters pop out to make comics get bought. now imagine what bats would look like if he was in a skimpy outfit would that sell? no matter how you see you gotta have that sex symbol to help sell the comic even if their is a good story that goes along with it. besides  they show off power girl twins eyes up here chatting to ya why don't they show the crotch shot of male superheros other then their muscle bods or bony butts then complain or wine  bout it professionally. you gonna have subjected individuals or make them as a sex symbol in comics or movies.

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 hints for I made you it was so cool thanks guys for the hints soi hope this well help you on your quest journey.

  • the scientist inject a type of material into their test subjects which p parker gets bitten by
  • our favorite insanely rich bald guy he was also a clone and matrix was duped into loving.
  • this thief made Bruce swore an oath to hunt and stop criminals of Gotham
  • one of wolverines first enemies back when he joined weapon something
  • the first green lantern carved his ring out of this space rock 
           what type of liquid made the avengers cap into what he is if only we could have that so we don't have to work out at the gym!
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whats the secrets with butlers in comics how come they don't age.

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make more movies neat well hurry up then i want to add to my dvd collection?!!!

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enough already, vampire is so over done why couldn't it be well done or rare. what happen to werewolf  wolfsbane child pregnancy development.