saw push today. Better than expected, I really liked the beginning with the ball and the ending, interesting twist. I don't think it's exactly the average superhero movie, no real heroes which makes it good. Chris Evans I find was better as Nick in this than as Johnny in FF4. Dakota Fanning(Cassie) was quite cool in this, seems to have grown up. I liked the way the film was shot as well, and the effects used for different powers. Some parts were quite funny, DF made me laugh most or at least smile, all though i do suggest she closes her legs more lool. overall I give it a 4 - 4.5 Good movie, go see it. (All though it may not be your typa thing)

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saw Twilight yesterday, the book turned movie directed by Catherine Hardwicke, i thoroughly enjoyed it and so did my friend Catherine. It was funny sitting there and listening to the girls awww and whatnot. I haven't read the book but for some reason after watching the movie I want too.I think the performances by the main actors where excellent and I'd recommend the move to anyone who likes HP, vampires or love stories. at least 4 stars maybe more :D

4 and a half stars


well my story is coming along, got passed my parents death and my own death and my funeral
currently I'm on the track of my killer and about to leave the magicking world after speaking to Dumbledore
soon shall meet Bella swan, will have regained my love life, I'll kill my killer and also get my pride and dignity
up next I shall become Draugr Daemon fighting evil whilst living in Paris, France, I will meet and join the clan, drop the name Scott and gain the name Constantine
in a further future I will be meeting Captain Jack Harkness and a bit later on the Doctor and Buffy


Won't be around...

well I won't be around for the next few days, unless I can scavage a computer, cause I'm goin cornwall, then on the sunday I'll travel back home and on monday I'll be goin upto Newcastle and from there to Scotland, so I won't be around or at least I don't think I will.... so cya then

from Con


Vampire's Heart: The Sorcerers Palm

My fan-fic of Scott's first year at Hogwarts is up, there isn't much in my first post......hopefully it'll get better, I've started it off in diagon alley, anyways I hope you enjoy reading it :D second post will be up within the next few days.....tell me what you think, links from the thread on my Page will be up shortly... and again enjoy :D

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YES! FINALLY! I'M DEAD...well not me, as me, but me as my character, if you read my profile you should be able to find my first death, killed in the hall's of Hogwarts, I've been planning this for ages but haven't, until now, wrote up to his first death, the path to my first rebirth, the splitting of me from the magical world, the realization of immortality....I feel strangely free...there will be Fan-Fics about my character linked to the page in certain areas, I feel that my bio would be too long trying to write about everything in a trillion year old mans life, I won't be back with the potter-verse until 1998, when I find out that Hermione's my daughter, from where I've left it to the next time we see Harry which is from 1979-1998, almost twenty years, in between there will be a joining with the fraternity when I learn to bend bullets, I shall meet captain Jack Harkness, Buffy the vampire slayer, which as I'm a vampire should be interesting, and we shall see Spike again, within the Buffy time, I will also meet Angelus annd later on have a brief run-in with the Doctor.....quite a bit to look forward to, I hope you enjoy =] :P

btw I should have my first Hogwart year fic up soon, Vampire's Heart: The Sorcerers Palm, look out for it....

as I said, once my Scott/Hogwarts Fics are done I will be shortening my bio so I only have important highlights, with links to my short stories....

I forgot to mention that in the tome of 1979-98 I'll pick up my new nname, Constantine =]