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I would like a series exploring everything Kirby created on DC comics, from the New Gods and Challengers of the Unknown.

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@scouterv said:


Those are some pretty cool ideas. Curious about some parts though. For the new Elite, do you think you'd use different versions of Midnighter and Apollo or use the ones already in the Post-Flashpoint Earth? Also, props for wanting to bring back a Jenny. I imagine there would be some pretty entertaining tension between Lobo and Midnighter on the same team.

Also like the idea of the Shadow Cabinet. Do you think you'd take some mainstream characters like John Stewart and add them to the team or stick with mostly Milestone guys/gals?

Use different versions of Apollo and Midnighter. I would like to use Ellis-Hitch versions and old Lobo, the one who loved Heavy Metal.

I would add mainstream characters, after all, it would need public, Static is popular but not enough to take a book alone. But Steel, John Stewart, Black Lightning and Vixen would be great in the team.

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I like when JL has seven members but the 12 (in comparison to the Pantheon of Greek Gods) is much better.

Big Seven: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter

Others: Captain Marvel, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Hawkman (or Hawkgirl) and Elongated Man.

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Vertigo, Wildstorm and Milestone people. How?

Use Stormwatch as the "Mutliverse Police", maintain the old mythology (what Warren Ellis could be canon with a few alterations), but use a new idea, like: After Convergence, Nix Uotan decided that the Multiverse needed to be protected, so he reunited a team of experts in different areas: Rip Hunter (Time Travel), Adam Strange (Zeta Beam technology), etc.

Use the Authority as some kind of "Elite" (from Superman stories), bring the classic team: Jenny Sparks (or maybe Quantum), Jack Hawksmoor, Apollo, Midnighter, and some DC character that could bring readers (some violent character, maybe Lobo or Hawkman).

Use Shadow Cabinet as a kind of "Black Justice League" composed mainly of Black Heroes (Icon, Rocket, Static, John Stewart, Hardwire, Vixen, Steel, Black Lightning, etc) who could also include some white characters too, just like JL has some black characters, SC could have some white ones. It's just an idea, make the comic some kind of comic relief with blaxplotation references.

What about picking up some Vertigo characters and putting them in Doom Patrol, like Spider Jerusalem, Saint of Killers and Cassidy (from Preacher), Mitchell Hundred (Ex Machina), Flex Mentallo, Desolation Jones, etc.

Also pick up characters like Agent Graves from 100 Bullets and putting them in DC's FBI or secret espionage organizations scenario.

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Hey guys. I would like to know what New Gods stories you recommend or what others should I avoid? I know the first thing I must have is Kirby's stuff, the Kirby's Fourth World Onimbus 4 volumes is already on my wish list. But what other TPBs and Hardcovers do you recommend? And what do you tell me to never read and avoid completely?

PS: I already have Final Crisis, the Great Darkness Saga and Legends (by Ostrander and Byrne)

Thanks for everyone who help me, I'm a fan of Darkseid and the New Gods but I really want to understand them even more.

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Well, I want to go deeper on Thanos. I've read Infinty, Thanos Rising and some of the old stuff. But what is your favorite stories? What is essential for me to read about him? Is there any stuff I should avoid or buy instantly?

Thanks for everyone who helped or will help eventually, if you could recommend some TPBs or Hardcovers I would be pleased.

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@foamborn: Don't know if you're a woman or a man, sorry, I just saw your comments there and I'll just call foam, don't get offended if I say something gender related about you.

Sure foam, woman are always portrayed as sexy, strong and with big boobs and ass, that's sure. But have you take a look at the other side? All men in comics are strong, tall and muscular, and use tight suits, yes there are exceptions, but so there are in the women's side. I guess comics are meant to be the dream of a lot of people, being tall and muscular or hot and sexy is the dream of a lot people, like flying or shooting lasers from our eyes is the dream of a lot of people too. It doesn't change that women are over sexualized, but it's never going to change while men are still a stereotype of giant muscular guys in tights. And it's not a DC only thing, it's the whole industry.

And this kinda view isn't just comics, movies and video games too. I doubt they ever thought of taking a fat or ugly girl to be Katniss Everdeen, no, they took the beautiful young talent that has now become a superstar. I know this is revolting, but we can't change this alone, the industry has to be aware of that.

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Well, I'm sure you all remember that Thomas Elliott likes Aristotle, I don't know which issue was but Hush quoted Aristotle, that pretty much proves that it's him. Or it's just bad characterization.

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My favorite writer is Morrison, tought my vote goes to Denny O'Neil. He still have the best Batman ever.

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Before hating on me, I think Snyder is great and I appreciate everything he done in New 52 Batman but I can't see him nowhere close to Batman's top writers.

Court of Owls - 6/10

Night of Owls - 5/10

Death of the Family - 3/10

Zero Year - 7/10