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@nateb1211: It was before Sinestro Corps War, the ring came to him but he refused.

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I love the whole Goblin concept, so I would vote Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Demogoblin and Gray Goblin.

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Maybe if they did something like this it would work.

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Isn't it obvious that he and the woman had a son (or daughter)?

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when you said "very bom" you meant "very good"? I'm brazillian and I might have understood you.

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DC is using the whole "Japanimation" style in their movies, I personally hate it. The blood has increased a lot (a small cut releases an incredible amount of blood in seconds, damn japanese style) but is a minor problem. Oversexualization, poor dialogue, shitty acting (Alfred and Dick are the only good things in Son of Batman), etc.

DC is trying to get the whole anime fanbase but they do forget the normal fans. Seriously, if Assault on Arkham is shit (the acting is no more a point since we have Kevin Conroy and the animation style is a little better since it's inspired by Carlos D'anda artwork), I will drop DC animation.

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The movie itself is good but is too way damian wank. The character is awesome? Yes, but that isn't the reason to make him beat Deathstroke, I would only have that pass if it was Batman who defeated him. The violence is sometimes not a good thing especially with kids, but when you see that kids watch animes with the same violence, it's not even a problem anymore. Talking about animes, I hate that they're using anime style to make the characters, I loved when they made the animation style close to the art of the original story.

The voices were awful, Damian sounds waaaay annoying (they could have used the guy who dubbed Dick in YJ first season) and Deathstroke's voice had no emotions and was waay to bad (Is it to hard to get Ron Pearlman?), Jason O'Mara's Batman and Nightwing were only voices that were good, despite Alfred, cause he's always the best.

The story itself was a good *meh*, it totally destroyed the original and made it their own, I do like when they change the stories but they could have changed it into a good story, maybe on par of the original, who's one of the best Batbro stories. The prologue was good, seeing Ra's being burned to death and the League being taken over by one of Ra's old acolytes, but does this sound familar? BANEEEE! (credits to entropy_aegis). The fact that Ra's in burned can make a good plot for a Ressurection of Ra's al Ghul movie if they do one. Some parts of the movie are better than the fight scenes (Dick VS Damian was disappointing and you already know what I think about Slade VS Damian).

Well 6.3/10 for this.

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@thanosismad: I like the armored concept of Batman, they've created one of the best suits for Batman (despite that horrible gauntlets) but It's their fault that It doesn't make sense, like I said, they could have easily made a suit more like Year One. And I think AK suit is great, the gauntlets are awesome and the helmet too.