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Scott Snyder's Batman is the most awesome Batman run I have ever read, including The Black Mirror. I hope he sticks around for ages. And I cannot wait to see his take on Riddler, because I have never read a great Riddler story, which I'm sure this will be!!

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What is/are the greatest TV show/s of all time?

This is a question which I find myself answering all the time. It's a really hard thing to keep an exciting ad engrossing story going through dozens of episodes, and there are so many factors which a show can be judged on.

My thoughts: The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, and The Wire. These are my all-time favourites, and are what I consider the pinnacle of television achievement. But why post this if I already had an answer? Feel free to reply to this post with your own thoughts and opinions!

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Let's try and create the forum topic with the most individuals posting on it!!

And.... Go!!!!

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I agree with a lot of the people here. Year One is a perfect place to start. After that I'd read The Killing Joke. Hush is also a good one. The Knightfall sage is also a great story, and is even more relevant with The Dark Knight Rises coming out soon, which features Bane, the main villain.

Scott Snyder's current Batman series is THE Batman story still running. If you're still uncertain about Batman comics, this run will change your mind, I guarantee.

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Being a teenager I only recently found the money to start buying comics regularly. I've heard a lot about Morrison's Batman stories, and have really been enjoying his Action Comics run. I've picked up Batman Inc. Vol 2 #1, but don't want to read without first getting up to speed with the events leading up to it. Tracking down all of the issues seems like a sprawling mess, and I would like to know all of the trades and/or single issues I need to read, IN ORDER.

I'd really appreciate it :P

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My list:

1. Batman

2. Animal Man

3. Swamp Thing

4. Aquaman

5. Batman and Robin

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While he's not a mutant, the Avengers isn't really a team where a dark, brooding character with issues would fit in. The X-Men, on the other hand, is full of dark, brooding characters with issues! He'd fit in way better with them. Also, they're much closer to the vigilante type of hero that Batman is.

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-Batman played by Christopher Nolan. I know he's not perfect, but everyone knows him so it minimizes the risk.

-Superman played by Henry Cavill, so we don't need yet another origin story, and to cash on the inevitable popularity of Man of Steel

-John Stewart Green Lantern, played by Djimon Honsou. Not for racial reasons. If he's introduced as the GL after Hal Jordan, we can keep the recent GL movie canon without needing to have Ryan Reynolds the whole way through. We could even have Ryan Reynolds DIE!!!!

-Wonder Woman played by Evangeline Lilly. No real reason, she just seems like someone who could pull it off.

-Barry Allen Flash played by Neil Patrick Harris, as long as he doesn't make it too over the top.

-Martian Manhunter, but as a Hawkeye character who isn't focused on too much, because he's not that well known to non-DC fans. No idea who should play him.


Darkseid. This may be pulling out the big guns too early, but as long as he's used correctly old Uxas should make it an exciting movie.


-Needs to be dark. To separate it from the Marvel movies, we can't have the happy-go-lucky cheer of the Avengers. Not grim Doom and Gloom, but the characters should be believable, and for the threat of Darkseid to be taken seriously it needs real seriousness and weight.

-Like Nolan's Batman movies, there should be some deep ideas explored here. Do we need heroes? Does it make things worse? What makes these characters tick? That's why the Dark Knight was so great, and that's how this film can really be a winner.

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Seeing the great job Synder has done with creating one shady secret organization, Ra's Al Ghul's League of Assassins would be a great next step to take it worldwide, as long as he doesn't just recreate court of Owls.

My personal favourite Batman villain is The Riddler. I would love to see him made truly sinister, and look forward to the creative mysteries Snyder could concoct for Batman to solve surrounding this character.

As for Killer Croc, I think this would be a terrible choice, personally. It would be cool to see him "legitimized", but this seems all but impossible to me.

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We have a world where having a ring powered by a magic lantern can create magic using only willpower, and you're asking why people can go faster than light?

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