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While Aeron's reassuring words and emotional support in these difficult times provided Kieran with some degree of comfort, it wasn't entirely noticeable. Still sobbing, the Notorious Wilshere managed to collect himself enough to meet his friend's gaze, "Thanks", he sniffed, wiping the tears from his features, "You're a good friend, Aeron". He did his best to force a weak smile but his current disposition wouldn't allow it. The impending death of his mother by the entity that took his father coupled with the fact that he was completely helpless to prevent it, after years of preparation and study of the supernatural, it was too much to bear. It was like a slap in the face.

Like being told that all of the work, time, effort and energy imparted into understanding Rama Red had proven fruitless. And because of that, his mother was going to die. He needed solitude. Rising to his feet, Kieran cleared his throat as he gathered his bearings, "I need some time to myself, Aeron. Please", he paused, briefly shutting his eyelids to fight back the reemerging tears, "Don't let anyone come see me". Minutes from now he was alone, locked in his room, head resting against his bed's pillow as he tried to ease his pain in slumber. But he couldn't, he simply couldn't. His heart had been cut through, bleeding as it sunk into the pit of his stomach while the world itself went gray from the tangible sorrow he felt.

Like his father's death, this was not something he would learn to overcome. It wasn't something one could simply 'get over'. It was simply something he would learn to live with. Or so he hoped to.

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@aeron_glyndwr: I think it'll be my closing post here so I can get the Rama Red portion of things moving.

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This situation, it was their father all over again. They were no longer children however. This time they possessed the knowledge, the ability, and the allies necessary to truly defeat Rama Red, a persistent enemy of the Wilshere Clan. It wouldn't save their mother, but it would perhaps bring the everlasting peace that the family had yearned for since the death of it's patriarch. As they exited their mother's room, they all exerted as much effort as possible not to break. Jill was strong. Her mental fortitude was not unlike their mother's, she was a legendary Amazon in both mind and body. She held back her tears and put forth an expression of austerity. Her sorrow was channeled into anger, anger she would focus into a quiet rage and direct towards Rama Red.

Alexander however, could not contain himself. Like Kieran, he was one of the most attached to their mother. The man he grew up to become, everything was owed to his mother. Though he did his best to maintain his iconic composure, even the dark shade of his sunglasses' lenses could not conceal the tears that ran down his barbate features. Soon he was inconsolable and led into the living room and seated by a considerate Michel, who held himself together better than his siblings. Meanwhile Kieran's watered, crystal blue eyes met Jill's in a telling gaze. The Notorious Wilshere was an uncommonly happy individual with an even more uncommon ability to touch the hearts of others and share with them his cheeriness and vibrant social energy. He could make a person's day by simply being in their presence.

He was the kind who would stroll through a park and give complete strangers flowers, reasoning to those who asked that a simple kind gesture could brighten anyone's day. He looked at the world through the innocent gaze of a child, and flashed his trademark personable smile to everyone, even those who detested him. This sunny disposition of his was nearly broken when Rama Red took their father from them years ago. Now with the creeping realization that he would soon lose his mother, he felt as though his remaining anchor to happiness would be taken from him. He was never good at letting people go. It hurt him too much. Tragedy was a poison and his parents were his remedy. Through all the years that Rama Red sought to bring him to the brink of insanity with despair, his mother was his clarity. He didn't know what to say. Or do at this point. He knew they had to prepare but he needed a moment.

Instinctively he reached for a hand. Aeron's hand and sought to draw her out of the mansion's palatial interior as he exited the door. The moment itself left Jill with a feeling surprise. Usually it was always her that Kieran would take when in need of emotional comfort and support. It was a staple of their unbreakable bond. For him to take Aeron instead, it spoke volumes of how much the Welshman valued his friendship with the Winter Maiden. "Oh... I'm not ready for this", Kieran muttered under his breath as he sobbed, releasing Aeron's hand before abruptly seating himself on the ground and resting his back against the doors to his home. Doing his best to wipe the tears flowing uncontrollably from his eyes, Kieran apologized with a sniff from his sobbing, "Sorry.. I don't.. I don't even know why I dragged you out here", he paused, bringing his knees to his chest before wrapping his arms around them. "It's just... it's not fair", he cried.

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@aeron_glyndwr: (Got a bit sloppy towards the end but I didn't wanna make the post too long LOL)

Meeting Aeron's affectionate embrace with his own, Kieran wrapped one arm around the Winter Maiden's waist, and the other around her back as he brought her in for a doting hug while Michel watched on with an approving smile. Meanwhile, Jill and Alex attempted to fight back their expressions of concern, unable to decide on whether to inform Kieran of their mother's text message. Jill had suspicions of what their mother might require of them, Alexander however, the most cerebral of the Wilshere family, was certain. Gently breaking their embrace with a soft kiss on Aeron's cheek should she allow it, Kieran met his close friend's gaze with a tenderhearted smile of boyish charm. "Hi", his voice echoing just above a whisper.

Soon however, the atmosphere experienced a noticeable shift. Deafening silence hung in the air like a force of nature. Michel's smile faded and Jill swallowed down hard as Alexander nudged her arm with a whisper, "Tell him", he insisted. While the siblings were all close to one another, Jill was the closest to Kieran. They were the closest in age and had spent the majority of their childhood and teenage years together. They did everything together. As children they played together. As teenagers they went everywhere together. As adults they still did, and they trained with one another, they stuck to each other like glue. Their bond was unbreakable. Which was why she was always the best choice to relay worrying information regarding their family to him. "Um.. Kieran", Jill began, hesitant but aware that it was her duty to speak to Kieran about these matters.

"I don't mean to sour the mood but", she paused, gently reaching for his hand from behind, a concerned expression falling upon her sweet, golden features, "Mum wants to see us. All of us", she clarified, briefly shifting her gaze towards Aeron, "And that includes you, Aeron". Kieran, the Notorious Wilshere, knew not what to expect. He simply nodded and remained earnest as they walked up to the mansion's stairs and headed into their mother's room with a knock. Slid into the sheets of her Caesar-sized bed, head resting on a pillow, was the matriarch of the Wilshere Clan, Malene. At 6 foot 3 inches in height with a build of thick bones and muscle, she was a giant of a woman. An Amazon not unlike Jill. And like ever Wilshere, her hair was golden and beautiful. Her expression was one of weariness as she turned to meet her children and Aeron with a quiet gaze.

She did her best to force a smile but she was weak. A shadow of the woman with the vibrant energy and forceful but loving disposition that had come to become her primary traits. "Oh Aeron, I didn't mean for you to see me like this but it seems that we don't have much of a choice at this point", she apologized in an ironically unapologetic manner. Though waning from whatever it was that had afflicted her, Malene was still unapologetically herself, strong and never portraying herself otherwise. Shifting her gaze towards Kieran, her features softened. Of all her children he was the most attached to her and she adored it. "Kieran", she smiled, "Come sit next to me". With an expression of visible concern, the Notorious Wilshere readily complied and sat inches from his mother, resting his palm atop hers. "Rama Red", she began, uttering a name that has long been a thorn in the Wilshere's side. "He's returned, dear".

"And he's done what he promised he would do when he took your father from us. He's in the process of taking me from you as we speak. My soul grows weaker by the minute as he feeds on it and destroys me from within. I'll be dead come next Monday", Malene explained, oddly at peace with her fate. While Michel swallowed the lump that formed in his throat and shut his eyelids to hold back his tears, Alexander, Jill, and Kieran were unable to fight back the tears that now blemished their features. "Now now, I'll have none of that. I'm not dead yet", Malene reminded with a cheeky smile, hoping to use her rather morbid sense of humor to ease her children's pain. "But my time has come. And if you don't prepare yourselves, Rama will come for the whole lot of you. And I can't have my children joining me in the afterlife. That's the last thing a mother should see, her own children dying with her. Kieran, Alex", Malene paused.

Focusing her gaze on them, she continued. "Rama fears you both the most. Alex because of your intellect, and Kieran because of your magical expertise and uncommon ability to be happy and spread happiness. He's going to come for the two of you first after he's finished with me", Malene explained, "That's why I wanted Aeron to be here to hear this as well", pausing, her gaze met Aeron's. "You may not know how to cast spells dear, but you know magic and that's good enough. I want you to help Alex and Kieran. Rama will know you mean a lot to my children so he will come after you as well, he knows that if you die as well, the despair he would create from that would be enough to destroy the Wilshere Clan", she warned before addressing everyone as a whole. "Prepare for Rama Red. I can't imagine the heartache I'll feel if I see you all in the afterlife with me. Go on, let mum rest", she insisted, pressing a gentle kiss atop Kieran's hand before allowing them to exit her room.

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"What are you lot arguing about?", Jill inquired, curiosity overtaking the usual bossy notes of her voice, her azure gaze remaining on the road and her hands on the steering wheel despite her intrigue in whatever had spawned debate among her brothers in the back seats. "Your brother, Michel over here has gone mental", Kieran exclaimed with a teasing smile, "Mental? I really don't think-", Michel's attempted interjection was interrupted by an ever curious Jill, "Wait why is he mental?", she asked, subtly turning her head to briefly angle the corner of her eye towards her brothers. "His favorite Ninja Turtle is Donatello", Kieran pointed out with a mild shake of the head. Raising her left brow in disbelief, a dispassionate tone took hold of Jill's voice, "Really? That's what all the fuss is about?".

"Listen, everyone knows Michelangelo is the best Ninja Turtle. He's got those bloody nunchaku danger sticks and he's shoving pizza down like it's nobody's blasted business. The chap's brilliant", Kieran justified with a sportive smirk before the largest Wilshere, Alexander added, his voice relaxed and his disposition nearly aloof, "That's right, brother. And he doesn't give a shite cause he's smoking mad weed from that turtle pipe". Rolling her eyes along with Michel, Jill shook her head, "Bloody hell, you silly, silly boys", before jesting with a cheeky smile of her own, "Donatello's a class act though". As the nonsensical argument was brought to a close as the Wilshere Clan arrived in their palatial estate. "Did you see Aeron's car? It's parked right outside", Michel pointed out with a tap on Kieran's shoulder as they set foot inside their upscale home.

"I did. I did", he smiled before being greeted by a horde of the family dogs. They jumped and barked with excitement as Kieran lowered himself to a knee, embracing the affable canines. "Oh you lovely pups. I missed you too", he doted, "I'm not so sure about those people though", he whispered, briefly casting a glance in his siblings' direction. "Alright, Kiki", Jill began, addressing Kieran by the affectionate pet-name she'd conceived during their childhood, "Let's not keep Aeron waiting, come on". "Pfft... Michelangelo...", Michel shook his hood with a whisper, sliding both hands into his pockets as the family set foot into the living room. Catching sight of Aeron, one of, if not his closest friend, Kieran, the Notorious Wilshere, smiled with contentment. "Aeron".

"Don't greet us all at once. I don't want to be lumped in with these people", Kieran paused, gesturing towards his chuckling siblings, "I'm the only one worthy of your attention. Come on, give us a hug", he encouraged. "Hey Jill", Alexander said just above a whisper, reading a text message from his iPhone 6, "I just got a text. It's from mum. She wants us to go to her room now. Says something's wrong".

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@solarhawk: @skullken:

Rodger's lack of sobriety was a reasonable enough explanation for why he couldn't be as articulate in telling them about his powers as he could be had he been sober, so neither Kieran nor Jill minded, especially because their new friend seemed to take his intoxicated state into account when he spoke. "That's fine, mate. Jill doesn't mind. We're all a bit tipsy from the drinks anyway", the Notorious Wilshere chuckled, shaking his empty glass in the air, wordlessly requesting a refill from any neighboring waiters. "Oh don't worry about that, Rodge. Nobody's as rich as they pretend to be. Except for myself of course", Kieran jested with a wink, "See this watch?", he paused, bringing his Rolex Yacht-Master ll into view.

"This watch is made of one hundred and fifty percent stardust. Stardust, mate", Kieran continued, "I had to go to bloody space to get this watch. Everyone else's watch is earthbound", he laughed before being soothed by Jill's comforting strokes of the head as she rested his head on her shoulder, "Shhh... you've had too much to drink, Kieran. Listen to your sister and 'take a moment' as you like to tell others to". Affectionately stroking her brother's head as it rested on her shoulder, Jill responded to Rodger's words. "You might need to start managing your finances more wisely but you've survived this long in your way of living so who am I to judge?", Jill continued, touching on Rodger's promise to reveal what they wanted to know during their quest's start.

"That's fine Rodger. I don't want to pressure you into telling me or Kieran anything you're not comfortable with". Glancing at Solar Hawk's glass of whiskey, Jill considered ordering one herself before Kieran's head returned to it's former position, "I know what you're thinking Jill. I see you looking at that glass. Listen, if you want good whiskey, you come to my house and drink. We drink sixty five million year old whiskey there, love. That's dinosaur whiskey, Jill. Entire species were extinct and World Wars fought making my whiskey", Kieran began, garnering a quick, "I should pray for a saner brother", from his sister before he added, "Nonsense. Wilsheres talk to God. We don't pray", before pausing to notice tension brewing between Rodger and Solar Hawk over ideological differences. They both remained silent, not wanting to add to the tension but both shot a glance in Rodger's direction.

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As aesthetic as the gold bar was, and as certain as it's monetary value was, both Kieran and Jill managed to conduct themselves with a good bit of relaxed carefreeness. They were after all both multi-millionaire investors from a highly wealthy family, money to them was of no concern. Nor was treasure, it was the hunt. Though as they gazed upon Rodger and noted their friend's overt interest in the bar of gold resting atop the table, Kieran couldn't help but laugh, "Calm down, mate. You're drooling", he advised with an amicable pat on Rodger's back. Though as their friend reached for the bar of gold with dollar signs festooning his eyes, Jill's brow raised in surprise before she broke into a fit of laughter, "Sorry, sorry. It's just... it's a bit silly how into it he is. He's like a cartoon", she apologized. More to Kieran than Rodger himself.

Dismissing Jill's reaction with a subtle shake of the head and sweet smile, the Welshman returned his attention to Rodger. "You don't even have to ask, Rodge. I'd club a dragon with another dragon for a friend", he chuckled before shifting his gaze and pointing towards his sister, his voice speaking in a hushed tone, "I'm not so sure about this little lady however". Meeting Jill's routine roll of the eyes and puff with a playful wink, the Notorious Wilshere touched on the dangers of treasure hunting. "Don't worry about us, we can more than handle ourselves. Few people who oppose the Notorious Wilshere manage to escape without being erased from existence", by his fists as he'd claim. "And there's a reason I don't have a list of enemies", Jill added, folding her arms before her chest. Her words couldn't have been truer. Of all of Kieran's siblings, she was the most ruthless in the battlefield, and physically she was the strongest.

She held back none of her strength against her enemies and more often than not, they crumbled before her hyper-herculean might. Kieran however, was more forgiving. He didn't kill. He had his reasons, and Jill had her own for sparing no one and anyone. Though soon the topic of treasure hunting was dismissed in favor of enjoying the club's bombastic atmosphere. Taking the time to answer Rodger's question, Jill smirked. "Hehe, what I can do? Well, you saw my dear Kieran lift a table with a lot of people sitting on it? I can do that as well, tenfold. I'm much stronger than he is. Granted strength isn't his primary power, it's not why he's dangerous in a fight but it's why I'm not the bitch anyone would want to mess with", she chuckled. "I'd say I'm Wonder Woman but Wonder Woman wishes she was the wonder I am", she jested before asking a question of her own, "What about you though? I'm a tad bit curious".