Wilshere Mixed Martial Arts (Wrestling, Sambo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing)

Wrestling (Wilshere Wrestling)

A superlative combatant gifted with limbs of omnipotent length, towering height, and explosive athleticism, Kieran Wilshere makes use of his stature, explosiveness, rapidity, and relentless pace in order to maximize the effectiveness of his wrestling pedigree. A cerebral fighter at heart, the European Elitist made use of his intimate understanding of the intricacies of grappling in conjunction with his awareness of his stature as well it's advantages and disadvantages. Combining this with his renown Fight IQ, Kieran has crafted a wrestling style perfectly geared towards maximizing the boons of his athleticism, height, strength and speed. Though as a result of his height, when shooting for a takedown without an appropriate set-up, the Winsome Wilshere is prone to telegraphing when changing levels due to his 6 foot 6 inch frame.

This fundamental dilemma has been accounted for by the inclusion of and prioritization of clinch grappling, enabling Kieran to use his height, strength and technical competence to bully his opponents. Generally, the Welshman searches for the double underhooks by positioning his arms under the opponent's arms. This allows him to hold either the adversary's upper body or midsection, awarding him substantial control of the opponent, as well as presenting the opportunity to execute trip takedowns or throws. Additionally, by abusing his physical strength, Kieran may seek to hook both hands behind the opponent's book to advance into a torturous bear-hug (body-lock). Though should an opponent seek to lock a double underhook on him, Kieran responds immediately by securing the double overhook around the opponent's double underhook in order to prevent the threat of a bear-hug while somewhat controlling the opponent with defensive grappling. This double overhooks are also used to advance into a pinch grip tie (to execute throws). Typically, Kieran keeps his head on the side as the overhooked arm in order to place greater weight on the adversary's underhooked arm to prevent any effective use of it. At times Kieran seeks to get behind the opponent with the double underhook in order to execute a suplex.

Fundamental to the Welsh Wolf's clinch game is maintaining his arms on the inside of the adversary in order to press his elbows together to cultivate a tighter grip while ceaselessly maintaining his hands in a cupped position. Additionally, Kieran makes use of the collar-and-elbow position to facilitate strikes and takedowns. Though it is generally a neutral position as both fighters have one hand grabbing the opponent behind the neck and the opponent's other arm is held at the elbow, Kieran often pushes his hand on the elbow to the inside of the opponent's arms to hold the biceps, obtaining more control and allowing him to attack with strikes and takedowns. Though he rarely attempts submissions from the clinch, he may at times execute a guillotine choke from a collar tie by using his height as leverage. His never-ending stamina is used to maintain a very offensive pace for his wrestling style while he also maintains an upright posture and stance to facilitate clinch grappling. Though heavily reliant on the clinch, Kieran's brand of wrestling is a well-rounded system of perpetual evolution.

  • Hybrid Takedowns: Though he does not attempt to run through the opponent like a freight train with relentless shoots due to his height often telegraphing his intentions as he changes levels, the Welshman does execute takedowns, albeit improvised versions that better suit one of his stature. Blending in his takedown attempts with striking in order to disguise them, Kieran regularly ensures the success of his takedowns with tactically sound set-ups. This is accomplished by deceiving the opponent. First the Wilshere begins by executing a series of dipping jabs, convincing the opponent to anticipate a jab based on the dip. After a sufficient number of dipping jabs have been executed, Kieran then mimics the dipping movement, indicating a potential desire to jab. Instead, as his hand moves to strike, his rear hand grips behind the lead knee of the adversary while using his lead hand to push them backwards, taking them off their front leg, therefore allowing him to pick it up and finish the takedown. Another set-up that makes use of deception is one where Kieran uses his lead hand to control the opponent's neck by grabbing behind it as his rear hand grips behind the opponent's lead knee, picking the leg up. The follow-up is a quick step to the left which dumps the opponent towards the right.
  • Opening for Strikes: By pumping his hybrid pickup-takedowns, Kieran renders the opponent wary every time he dips to pickup their leg. However, a subtle yet lethal aspect of his wrestling is that it is somewhat geared towards creating openings for strikes. His collar-and-elbow technique for example. As stated before, it is a neutral position with both combatants having one hand grabbing the opponent behind the neck while the other hand is held at the elbow. However, to create openings for possible strikes, the European Extraordinaire pushes his hand on the elbow to the inside of the adversary's arms to hold the biceps, allowing for greater control and opening the opponent to strikes. Another method used to create openings for strikes is one that facilitates the use of the Welshman's crushing body kicks. Having alerted the opponent to the threat of his hybrid pickup takedowns, Kieran begins toying with the adversary's reaction to his takedowns. By mischievously tapping the back of the opponent's leg and forcing his hand into the side of their neck, the Winsome Wilshere incites an instinctive reaction in the opponent to backstep as they seek to avoid the takedown. Releasing the leg, Kieran dexterously steps his right foot forward while using his hand to push the opponent back, exposing them to a powerful left kick to the midsection.
  • Judo Elements: Inspired by aspects of judo, the Connoisseur's trips and sweeps are among his most extensively used takedowns as they do not present the disadvantage of being telegraphed as a shoot would. Similar to an Osotogari, a judo technique whereby the practitioner steps in with their left foot and follows by sweeping the back of the opponent's right thigh with the right leg, Kieran instead maximizes this by stepping in with the left, securing the double underhooks, then sweeping the back of the opponent's right leg with his own, off-balancing them while successfully taking them down to the ground. Like any elite grappler, Kieran is capable of chaining his takedowns together and countering techniques. In order to counter trip takedowns specifically, Kieran makes use of the Judo counter-throw known as the Uchi-Mata. As the opponent comes forward with the intention of hooking their leg behind Kieran's, the Welshman quickly wraps his arm over the shooting opponent across their back, hooking them by the armpit area with his hand close to his body while their leg is hooked around his from the outside. Quickly bringing his unhooked close as he clinch grapples with the opponent, the European Elitist twists his hips away from the opponent while leaning them forward. Kicking his hooked leg backwards and up, Kieran lifts the opponent's hips above their head, combining it with the torque from his upper-body, throwing the adversary into the air and onto the ground as he executes the Uchi-Mata, a counter that he uses against double and single leg takedowns as well.
  • Additional Judo Elements: A savvy counter-grappler and intelligent defensive wrestler, Kieran has crafted numerous methods with which to counter shoots. His application of the Harai Goshi judo throw for example, is a favored grappling technique to counter double leg takedowns. As an opponent attempts to drive through Kieran to complete the double leg, the Welshman reacts by turning, pivoting on his right leg and bringing his left leg across the opponent while his left hand grabs the adversary's lat (large muscles down the back of person), allowing him to control their upper-body. Continuing to turn by the hips, Kieran maintains his left arm tight, hugging the opponent to their back while maintaining fundamentally necessary body proximity. Trapping the opponent's right arm tight to the front with his left, the Welsh Wolf then sweeps his left leg, adding momentum that forces the opponent over the leg, torque from the hip turn and twisting the grips on the opponent complete the technique, throwing the opponent to the ground.
  • Further Defensive Wrestling: Differing from his wrestling style's clinching game, Kieran consistently makes use of the fundamental wrestling technique known as the go-behind. While the majority of his defensive wrestling consists of sprawling or judo-based counters in order to prevent takedowns, the go-behind is another alternative. The Welshman's ability to stuff opponents down and spinning behind them is perhaps his most remarkable defensive technique. Perfectly geared towards preventing a shooting opponent from taking him down, Kieran's go-behind showcases his intimate understanding of an elementary fact of wrestling, which is that the body follows wherever the head goes. A move of irrefutable practicality, the go-behind allows Kieran to execute the easiest of takedowns against opponents. As an opposing fighter shoots forward, the Welshman catches them, snapping their head down to the ground, wrapping his hands across the opponent's face prior to rotating behind for a takedown.
  • Technical Power Slams: A combination of his explosive athleticism and technical prowess, Kieran though preferring a more controlling, defensively aggressive wrestling style, is not impartial to slams. His most preferred power-slam stems from setting it up with what appears to be a single leg takedown. Positioning his head on the outside of the hip while both his arms remain wrapped around the opponent's leg, the Welshman squares his pelvis to the adversary's right hip in order to allow his hips to adopt a perpendicular position. This is to capitalize on the fact that lifting any opponent off the ground is facilitated by facing them at a right angle. Bearing all of the opponent's weight with his left forearm, Kieran maintains his forearm very deep under the adversary's crotch. Explosively popping his hips to propel the lift, the Welshman facilely lifts the opponent into the air, causing the adversary's center of gravity (their chest) to fall to the ground in front of him while Kieran uses his strength and the lift's momentum to fling his opponent's legs and hips directly over his head and shoulders in a thunderous slam.
  • Heavy Stance-to-Takedown Transition: Though he rarely shoots for takedowns unless he is in combat against an opponent of similar or greater physical stature, against shorter opponents, the Combat Cosmopolitan makes use of a peculiar fighting stance emphasizing the loading of one's weight over the lead leg rather than assuming a neutral position which is primarily used by boxers or the back leg as several power-punches and counter-strikes do. This wrestling style however, makes use of the front foot heavy stance for Kieran's level change. A level change is the dropping of the bodyweight prior to a wrestling shot. Tall fighters like Kieran naturally possess great reaches which while superb for jabbing, diminishes the success of their takedowns. This is because the length of a tall fighter's legs telegraphs their change of levels for a shot which is then becomes easily predictable for the opponent. In order to better shoot for his opponents, Kieran gets his weight over his lead leg from where he can shoot for the hips without telegraphing. Additionally, it allows him to still throw hard kicks with his rear leg or spontaneous jumping knees while ducking the opponent's attempted counters.
  • Top Grappling-Full Mount: A wrestling style, an emphasis on top grappling is showcased while discouraging the use of bottom grappling. Two dominant positions are prioritized, the full mount and side control. A superb wrestler, Kieran makes excellent use of his hands and head to control the opponent on the ground, often bracing his forearm atop their head while allowing his body weight to keep the opponent grounded. He often uses his head to control distance while sapping the adversary of their stamina by forcing his entire body-weight over them and controlling their movement. A favored position is the full mount whereby Kieran sits on the torso of his opponent, his face pointing towards the adversary's head. From this position, the Welshman can generate palpable momentum for strikes, particularly favoring elbows and hammerfists to the head of the opponent, restricting the bottom opponent with his body weight. Additionally, submission maneuvers from the top are possible. By trapping the opponent's arm against the ground, a kimura may be locked. If the bottom opponent attempts to push him off by extending their arms to push, Kieran quickly transitions to an armbar. Another submission from the full mount is a potent arm triangle choke that can be locked by pinning the opponent's arm against their neck, and holding their head and arm tightly.
  • Top Grappling-Side Control & North-South: Kieran's most favored top grappling technique, side control is a dominant position characterized by the top combatant lying perpendicularly over the face-up bottom opponent while the legs remain free as the top combatant retains significant control over the one on the bottom. From this position, Kieran enjoys striking with elbows, knees, and occasional punches. From here he favors the cross-side armbar, an armbar-turned into triangle, and the kumura. However, if not finding success in side control (a very safe position), Kieran transitions to either the full mount or the north-south position which is a dominant position where the Welshman invertedly lies prone on top of a supine opponent, his head over the opponent's chest. From this position, the Welsh Wolf often executes vicious knee strikes to the exposed head of his adversary or at times locks in a north-south choke or transition back to side control. And from side control again he may transition to the knee-on-belly position which is accomplished simply by rising up slightly placing one's knee on the opponent's chest or stomach. From this position, the Connoisseur may strike the head or chest of the opponent as if in full mount and occasionally locks armbars. Additionally, by using his weight to compress the adversary's torso, he can induce agonizing pain by using his weight to limit the expansion of the lungs by compressing the torso, interfering with the opponent's breathing.

Combat Sambo & Sport Sambo (Wilshere Sambo)

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Wilshere Jiu Jitsu)

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Kickboxing (Wilshere Kickboxing)

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The Boxing Virtuoso

--While a prodigious disciple of every fighting system in recorded human history, as well as a variety of esoteric disciplines and historically undocumented martial arts, Kieran has consistently placed a stressing emphasis on continually evolving and refining his boxing game. Though having developed a variety of self-taught kickboxing styles, and a variety of other martial arts (see Combat Cosmopolitan) including his own rendition of Shotokan Karate, the Welsh Wolf prides himself over being, as he claims "the world's elite boxer".

Having cataloged an overwhelming quantity of different techniques etc. via the advanced procedural abilities of his genetically aggrandized Eidetic memory, the European Elitist's arguably unparalleled Fight IQ has enabled his development of the following boxing styles:

Wilshere Boxing

Though he is an impeccably fostered counter-striker as well, Kieran has appropriately crafted himself into a superbly aggressive combatant with an antagonizing boxing style perfectly complimented by the unpredictability of his set-ups, the boundless set-ups for a variety of different angles and attacks being peppered at a very pacey, overwhelming rate. Wilshere Boxing's unrelenting aggression coupled with the European Elitist's ceaseless pace have enable him to fustigate even the greatest of defensive fighters with his hyper-active, smothering offense.

In addition to seeking to viciously knock the opponent unconscious, a fundamental component of Wilshere Boxing is that it is geared towards bombarding and winding the opponent to the point where all they are able to do is react to the Boxing Savant, and the self-proclaimed 'ultimate initiative fighter'. At it's core, this style insists on the fighter operating as a come-forward boxer that is willing to endure a punch to land a better one, and another, and another. Cultivating Kieran's blitzing striking rapidity, reflexes and monstrous power as well a dexterous ability to deceptively punch unpredictably mid combination, Wilshere Boxing crafts the Welshman into an exemplary offensive boxer.

The most elementary aspect and core tenet of Wilshere Boxing is hip movement which is furthered by several forthcoming factors. All of which render Kieran a ruthless killer with a pulverizing array of punches accentuated by uncanny deception.

  • Hip Movement: Though he is predominantly a left handed fighter, Kieran has trained himself into becoming equally competent with his right, adopting an ambidextrous skill-set that fortifies him as a threat with both hands, an integral aspect to his hip movement. Constantly shifting his hips and stepping his feet when standing in front of his opponent, Kieran bamboozles the opponent, rendering them unsure of his intentions. Every time he moves to the right, it appears as if he is readying a left hand, but then appears to be a loading right hook which is altered as he shifts back to his right without executing a single strike prior to seemingly loading a left straight, but then readying a right hook. This applied hip movement is designed to apply a very frustrating mental pressure on his opponents as they do not know what he intends to do, rendering them incapable of being bombarded by the hard-hitting Welshman again and again and again. The point of this hip movement is to force the opponent into a reactionary position. When all one does is react, they are bound to react incorrectly, and be struck.
  • Deceptive Punches: Adjoined to his hip movement is the art of deceptive punches. Though he places a natural emphasis on his left hand, he is capable of accounting for it's repetitiveness due to his hip movement, rendering him laboriously difficult to predict, and thus allowing his left hand to land seemingly at will. As he leads with his left, Kieran's weight transitions onto his right hip, his head positioned over his right knee, this is because these lead lefts are not power punches, they are designed simply to land consistently and frustrate the opponent. This is done so because as he shifts his weight to his right hip, it could mean a variety of things to the opponent. Kieran could for example be slipping to his right because he is wary of an intercepting jab, or perhaps he is loading up a right hook which he also tends to lead with as he employs Wilshere Boxing, or he could simply be circling to the opponent's left. This back and forth shifting adheres to Wilshere Boxing's philosophy of "Feinting everything, but doing everything as well". Copulated with his hip movement, his deceptive punching prevents the opponent from settling into a rhythm. They have to worry about his right hook because of it's overwhelming power, they however, also have to worry about his straight left because of it's ability to tag them consistently, but they also have to worry about his slipping and perpetual movement because a moving target is difficult to hit. As if to mock them, the deceptive punching coupled with the hip movement almost taunts the opponent, reminding them that the bout has been slipping away from them since it's commencement.
  • Southpaw Stance & Jab: Because a high percentage of fighters tend to be orthodox, Kieran usually adopts a southpaw stance to exploit the difficulty that orthodox fighters face against southpaws. This however is not a very determining factor to his boxing style due to his ability to fluidly switch from southpaw to orthodox and vice versa while making use of the shifting body weight to land powerful punches. However, the southpaw stance is Wilshere Boxing's primary stance. Orthodox fighters traditionally believe the jab to be strenuously difficult to land a jab on a southpaw, and thus resort to the lead right as a primary weapon, which comically is not a punch that orthodox fighters are experienced in using, which is why southpaws are generally very difficult to do battle against as southpaws may know how to use all of an orthodox fighters weapons against them. With the jab, the king of punches, Kieran often sets up his left hand by gauging the distance with his opponent. Dexterously rendering them accustomed to his antagonizing right hand, he will regularly execute a stiff jab to fluster them, allowing him to follow up with a hard punch. These tactics can be illustrated as follows. Kieran feints the jab, forcing the opponent to reach for it with their own jab, causing Kieran to step forward. Due to his hip movement and deceptive punching, the opponent reacts, but usually incorrectly, assuming that a left hand will follow the feinted jab. Instead, Kieran blisters forward with an authentic, committed jab designed to panic the opponent, forcing them to roll to their right, however, using his speed, Kieran bombs his left straight into the opponent's head.
  • Defensive Dissection: How Kieran is capable of drawing out the hand from an opponent lies within his understanding of defensive fighting. Generally, many fighters are fixated with maintaining top hand position when doing battle in an open stance, such as an orthodox battling a southpaw. Several fighters believe that by having one hand always ready to intercept the jab of the opponent, that they have cultivated a competent defense against a southpaw's jab. This however, is only true if said southpaw also seeks top hand position. Kieran however, does not. He willingly concedes top hand position so that he may come up underneath the opponent's parry or guard. Opponents using high stances are habitual targets as the intention of stopping a jab causes the opponent lift their hands, allowing a jab to sneak in at an upward angle. As the jab lands consistently, the opponent becomes reactive, regardless of how light the jab may be. Should an adversary block the second jab by pulling their forearms together, they unknowingly expose the left side of their face. While jabbing, Kieran, upon noticing this, would jab to an outside angle and crack the left side of the opponent's face with a straight left. The point of the striking combinations' defensive dissection is not for the punches to land. The point is that it will force the opponent into a purely reactive mindset. And once all they do is react and offering nothing offensively, Kieran is free to continue attacking relentlessly. As a result, the subsequent hundreds of punches of the combination eerily slip through the adversary's gradually dissipating defense.
  • Body Work & Aggressive Defense: With an already frightening array of switch-ups to fluster his opponents with, the European Elitist is superbly capable of aggrandizing this with body shots. Habitually, he will execute a right hook to the ribs, but also threatens with a more dangerous straight left which he used to target either the solar plexus or the abdominal region right above the belt line. Should an opponent, already made timid and confused by Kieran's aggressive yet cerebrally destructive boxing, attempt to prowl forward with an offensive attempt, the perpetually-in motion Welshman will buoyantly hop out of range prior to the opponent's development of a substantial offense. Immediately back on the offense, Kieran steps forward behind his jab while subtly positioning himself to the opponent's left to acquire a dominant outside angle. Instead however, of jabbing underneath, he will jab high, to the outside of the opponent's left hand, indicating that he wishes to come over the top with a jab or lead hook, which causes the opponent to lift the left hand in defense, removing the elbow from the ribs and rendering the gut exposed. This is then followed by feinted jabs and a hard left to the body. Following his body work, Kieran quickly employs a fade-away right hook. After the left to the body, he pulls his weight back to his left foot and swings a right hook at the opponent's head. The weight transfer on this punch renders it ideal as a retreating strike as backwards movement is needed to land with power. This is a follow-up to the body shot because by exiting on an attack, Kieran renders it unlikely that the opponent will cultivate the necessary confidence to dart forward as he backsteps out of range. The defensive nature of this punch is further advertised as Kieran covers the right side of his head with his right arm while throwing the punch, but also keeps his head out of range while creating a threat to keep the opponent back. As a result, Wilshere Boxing renders Kieran an offensively and defensively aggressive fighter.

Connoisseur Boxing

Adhering to the philosophy of combat evolution, Kieran makes a conscious effort to discard unnecessary components and absorb that which is useful. As a result, the Combat Cosmopolitan has refined and simplified his boxing game down to the basics which has fruitfully enabled him to connect his strikes virtually every instance they are executed. No longer sprinkling unnecessary punching techniques mid combination, Kieran has built his Connoisseur Boxing style around the god of strikes, the foundation of modern punching techniques, the jab. The entirety of his developed fighting styles disproves several common misconceptions of the jab, among the most popular being that the jab only deals superficial damage to the opponent and that it is a solitary technique.

Connoisseur Boxing to the untrained eye manifests as a boxing style characterized simply by a continuous chain of jabs. The damage that Kieran is capable of dealing with his lead for the duration of a bout transcends beyond superficial, preventing even those possessing granite chins from accomplishing anything. Literally gearing the jab towards stupefying even the most fervent of power-punchers with precision-based boxing, Connoisseur Boxing stuns a charging opponent with connecting jabs, halting the adversary's forward motion. Thus, Connoisseur Boxing is best described as a masterpiece in how one can use the jab to damage and discourage Kieran's opponents. This however, is not to say that Connoisseur Boxing places no emphasis on executing power punches, it simply places greater importance on dexterously employing the jab.

  • Diversity of Jabs: The key to successfully connecting with the jab according to Kieran is by appropriately deceiving the opponent. Connoisseur Boxing insists on usually faking two or three jabs prior to diving in with a thunderous one against an unsuspecting opponent. Another technique is jabbing while leaping in straight or while circling to the left (the Safety Lead). At times, a non-committal jab to hide an unforeseen combination may be used as well, and conversely, a faked strike may be used to throw a leaping jab (a Superman Punch).
  • Veiled Power Punches: Due to the incessant implementation of the jab, Connoisseur Boxing encourages the adversary to attempt parrying incoming jabs with their rear hand, allowing Kieran to occasionally fake the jab and instead execute a lead hook (a power punch) with thunderous knockout power capable of knocking an adversary unconscious.
  • Circling: Both an offensive and defensive component of this boxing style, the focus on circling is first and foremost used for the Safety Lead, which is performed by circling to the left while jabbing. This however, renders one susceptible to a powerful overhand from the opponent. And though an uneducated boxer would unknowingly circle towards an opponent's right without necessary preparation, Kieran has devised a defensive response to alleviate the danger of circling into a right hand. This is accomplished by tilting his head off line to his own right and raising his left shoulder tightly to his cheek as he jabs while correctly making use of distancing due to the jab being longer than the right straight allows Kieran to cultivate safety from an overhand right.

Cragen Boxing

Integrating the combinational potency of Connoisseur Boxing's philosophy of repelling the opponent from attempting to attack the European Virtuoso while simultaneously borrowing influences from Wilshere Boxing's aggressive defense to render Kieran a very difficult opponent to tag cleanly, Cragen Boxing is by it's elementary components a defensive boxing style, and Kieran's most lethal expression of pugilistic prowess. Cragen Boxing's defensively oriented style and perpetual awareness of the opponent's maneuvers craft Kieran into a frustratingly difficult opponent to strike against. In addition to rendering his chin virtually impossible to crack due to the style's immaculate defense, the only defensive chink is the very subtle exposure to body shots which are also laboriously difficult to tag him cleanly.

Though it's fundamental intentions are to foster the defensive necessities of boxing, Cragen Boxing is also focused on fortifying Kieran's comfort in the majority of striking situations, and virtually any plausible boxing situations, all while rendering him an absolute terror to attack against. However, it is not simply it's emphasis on defense that solidifies Cragen Boxing as the Welshman's greatest boxing style, but it is it's use of defense. A defense, regardless of it's excellence is a failure should it not enable the fighter to use the openings of the opponent created by the defense. The utilized crab guard style of Cragen Boxing coupled with a unique stance facilitates the Combat Cosmopolitan's use of a fruitful defensive technique known as the 'shoulder roll'. Rarely used by modern fighters due to it's difficulty, the photographic properties of his advanced procedural memory enable him to perform the technique as if second nature to him.

To further compliment Cragen Boxing is not simply counter-striking, but it's coupling of this counter-striking with Kieran's most elusive ability, sonar hearing. Combining his boxing dexterity with his sonar hearing's ability to sense vulnerable points in structures, Kieran is capable, even with the softest of punches, capable of cracking, shattering, breaking etc. nearly any physical structure simply by accurately striking it's structural vulnerable point. This enables him to seemingly execute punches of nearly insurmountable potency, allowing him to facilely break bones, concrete, steel, titanium, nearly any physical substance by targeting these vulnerable points. In addition to allowing this, the targeting of the vulnerable points of an opponent's muscular tissue enables him to momentarily diminish their muscular strength to the point of inducing a limpness in the limbs.

  • Defensive Fighting: There is an irrefutable emphasis on Cragen Boxing's defense. However, an integral principal of the style's defense is the simultaneous creation of openings in the adversary while one defends. As a result, regardless of the defense's fortitude, should it fail to appropriately facilitate the fighter's exploitation of the opponent's openings, then the defense is deemed useless. This strict defensive principle stems from Kieran's personal perfectionist mentality. Important to Cragen Boxing's defense is the application of a notoriously difficult technique to perform, the shoulder roll. Essentially, the shoulder roll is rolling one's lead shoulder left and right to intercept punches by allowing them to cascade off the shoulders. Kieran's expertise in implementing the shoulder roll aggrandizes the frustrating difficulty in hitting him cleanly. An example of his use of the shoulder roll is by combining it with a backward lean, allowing him to turn into the adversary and stop attacks from the right side while his right hand blocks hooks and picks off jabs while also executing counter right hooks and uppercuts to crack opponents on the offensive. Using this strategy, Kieran is able to force the attacking opponent into exposing subtle space which incites his performance of an explosive combination of right hands and left uppercuts prior to reverting back into his defensive cocoon as he deflects more and more punches. Fundamental to this is awareness. No matter the pace or frantic pattern of an opponent's punches as Kieran manically defends, his eyes do not ever shift their focus away from his adversary, even when rolling. His awareness of their actions is constant and endorsed by his sonar hearing. This unwavering focus coupled with his sonar's sensory advantage awards him the ability to react correctly from instinct. With a virtually impregnable defense, Cragen Boxing's defense is further glorified by the fact that it manages to create several opportunities for offense which renders Kieran an unparalleled counter-strikes, and suicidal nightmare to attempt to brawl against, as the more frantically strikes, the worse Kieran makes them look.
  • Offensive Fighting: Due to the ceaseless stressing on Cragen Boxing's defensive skill-set, it's offensive puissance is often an overlooked element of it. Deeply rooted into the style's defense, Cragen Boxing's offensive striking is usually interdependent on the defense as Kieran's evasions of punches create the opportunity to set up counter punches that exploit the exposed openings of the adversary. One of his greatest offensive weapons are his uppercut and left hook. Setting up the offense by using his defense, should an opponent move in to swing a punch, Kieran may step out of the way and use his hands to dexterously push the adversary's head down somewhat, forcing them into a peculiar position from where Kieran may either step away to establish distance and safety, or not. Should he opt against stepping away, the Welshman will maintain the position with the opponent's head low and at an unlike angle, exposing the right side of the adversary's head to a potential left hook that Kieran may choose to throw, cracking his opponent's chin. The evasion of the initially attempted swing is facilitated by a backstep, however, as he prepares to execute his left hook while the opponent is in an awkward position, Kieran will then plant his back foot and take a small step in to accumulate momentum as he executes the punch. The punch must be short and tight due to the closed distance, as a result, Kieran does not bring the left hook back far. This minuscule action is designed to maximize the probability of the punch landing. Had he thrown the punch from farther back, it would have been supported by more knockout power, but it's likability of tagging the opponent would have been lessened. An emphasis on power is not necessary due to the targeting of structural vulnerable points by using his sonar. Even so, the Connoisseur would compensate for the left hook's lack of power by torquing until the hook's conclusion. Following the punch, simply to ensure his safety from a reactionary counter, Kieran would rotate off to the side. From a purely offensive standpoint, Kieran is not concerned with landing his punches cleanly with a bluntly attacking combination, he instead forces the opponent to catch his attacks on their arms, protecting themselves only by going into a shell. Though this does not allow Kieran to conventionally damage the opponent as his punches will rarely land cleanly, these purely attacking combinations are designed to force the opponent into a defensive shell, fully nullifying their ability to whip out any palpable offense.
  • Lead Right & Left Hook: Though not a repetitive style, Cragen Boxing is characteristically defined not simply by it's ungodly defense, but Kieran's blisteringly fast lead right. The purpose of his lead right, due to it's speed, is to land. It is not a monstrously powerful punch. It's purpose is to fluster the adversary and render them timid by the frequency with which the Welshman can tag them with his lead right, seemingly at will, leaving them concerned regarding the plausibility of being hit by a harder punch. The focus on speed rather than power is against compensated for by targeting structural vulnerable points in the opponent detected by his sonar hearing, allowing him to facilely shatter even superhumanly strong chins with minimal force, and even shattering the entire skull into bone meal. Interlinked to one another, the left hook is dependent on Kieran's lead right. As he consistently tags the opponent with the lead right, they become almost entirely concerned with it, and exert strenuous effort into avoiding it, allowing them to forget about his left hook, one of his more powerful punches. Integral to Cragen Boxing's rendition of the left hook is that even while moving forward, Kieran must throw the hook by pulling backward. Even when leaping in with a hook, before it is thrown, his weight plants considerably on his lead foot. And as he twists into the left hook, his weight is moving backward, transitioning it onto his back foot. This is to add speed rather than power, though because of the punch's nature, Kieran's head remains in range to add speed to the punch and he ends leaning slightly past his own feet. These minor sacrifices for speed however, are accounted for by the Welshman's knowledge of knowing exactly when to punch, making it grossly difficult to tag him even should he commit these minuscule errors.
  • Use of the Jab: Being a very tall fighter with an exceptionally long 82 inch reach, Kieran is a frequent and masterful user of the jab, often using it to control distance and establish range, forcing an opponent to remain outside of range while he, the taller, longer fighter can still freely pepper strikes at them from a distance. He makes a habit of pushing the opponent back with the jab, never granting them the opportunity to get within range. The Welsh Wolf however, does not simplify the jab, but makes diversified use of it by using a variety of different jabs, as well as to set up an offensive combination. He tends to deceptively switch back and forth between a jab that targets the head and the body, executing both with equalized effectiveness. Should the adversary place greater emphasis on protecting the head, Kieran will land his body jabs more cleanly and will even add in a variety of power body shots. This is designed not only to pulverize the opponent's unprotected body, but also intimidate them into instead protecting the body, exposing the head, which is Kieran's favorite target. The moment the opponent's head is exposed, the Boxing Virtuoso is dictated by Cragen Boxing to instantaneously follow with a thunderous right cross to the head. For Cragen Boxing, the jab's purpose is primarily to control the distance, punish the body, and expose the head to power punches.
  • Clinch Work: This aspect of Cragen Boxing has zero to do with it's punching. Instead, it focuses on the style's emphasis on clinch work, and using it to control the distance should an opponent manage to surmount Kieran's long reach and his jab. When locked in a clinch, Cragen Boxing places importance on securing an inside tie on the adversary's biceps and tucking the elbow against the ribs to prevent an opponent from using the underhooks to clinch. To establish space against a clinching opponent, Kieran uses his right hand mainly, to frame against the opponent's chest and make space and create a vulnerability in the adversary's posture. From here he can then drive down on the opponent's neck with his forearm. Should Kieran be overpowered by a stronger opponent, the immediate response would be to misdirect the adversary with a taunting bounce on the arm and buoyant hops to angle out. While those are the defensive aspects of Cragen Boxing's clinch work, there is also emphasis on it's offensive potential. Tagging the opponent with a jab, Cragen Boxing instructs Kieran to proceed by locking the clinch from where he may either use the underhooks or use a headlock or continue striking from close range. Should the opponent expose their head by moving upwards, it is emphasized that Kieran use his left arm, elbow held high, to frame against the collarbone of the opponent to shove them off, coercing them into swinging out of frustration. It is imperative that Kieran create more distance following this by leaning back, using his tall frame to move just slightly out of range before shoulder rolling to escape the wrath of his opponent's punches. Increasingly frustrating the opponent, the clinch is again reestablished, the left forearm and elbow used to shove away at the adversary, subtly exposing them to a right hook that Kieran may throw the moment the opportunity is seen. Should the opponent seek to smother Kieran in order to avoid being struck, a combination of footwork and clinching states that Kieran shove an opponent's framing left arm past, capitalizing on the moment to strike, often with a right hand behind the ear which is characteristically followed by a left uppercut. To once again establish distance, a thrusting right hand may be used to push the opponent away.
  • Hard Checks: While the uneducated observer criticizes boxing for only focusing on the hands, this is untrue. The legs are used. Footwork is imperative to one's efficiency as a boxer. However, other than footwork, Cragen Boxing's other leg-based focus is the checking of kicks. Kicks have been consistently rated as deadly weaponry in a martial artist's repertoire. However, this is a cultural misconception. Kicks, high kicks in particular are rarely used due to their lack of effectiveness in landing and their massive expenditure of energy. Punches have therefore, been historically more successful. However, low kicks are the most lethal due to their ability to land more consistently than high kicks, and the targeting of an opponent's legs can impair their ability to move or walk properly. Because it is reckless and fruitless to attempt high kicks frequently, Cragen Boxing has developed a ruthless defense against the more common, and more dangerous low kicks. This defense is the Muay Thai "check". By nature, a check's purpose is to deter the opponent from kicking. A low kick's shin contacting another shin or thigh is painful, as well as an oblique leg kick snapping the knee back, hyperextending it. In order to avoid such punishment, checking kicks has become integral to Cragen Boxing. It however, does not use the reflex check, which is lifting the knee high so that the opponent's kick impacts the lower part of the shin, just above the ankle. As a result, the reflex action of the knee helps to absorb the impact, and both combatants are virtually undamaged. This however, contradicts the check's fundamental purpose of making the opponent timid to executing leg kicks. Which is why Cragen Boxing makes use of the hard check or knee spike. The kneecap however, makes no contact with the adversary's shin as contact between the tibia and patella will damage the patella. The hard check instead makes use of the uppermost portion of the shin which is the strongest and thickest part of the bone and is the area one wishes to use to block a low kick with a hard check. The lower part of the shin is thinner than it's upper part, therefore, when one lifts the knee for the uppermost part of the shin to intercept the shin of low kick, the opponent experiences an agonizing amount of pain, and should their kicks be checked hard again, the fibula and tibia of the opponent's leg will most likely break. As a result, opponents will reduce the frequency of their low kicks and will execute softer, more tentative ones, or none at all.

Virtuoso Boxing

Much like Connoisseur Boxing, Virtuoso Boxing is in essence, a masterclass on the most fundamental punch, the king of punches, the jab. Though it shares similarities to Connoisseur Boxing's extensive use of the jab and an unorthodox, dangerously effective application of the jab, Virtuoso Boxing differs in it's penchant for versatility. Though boasting a formula revolving around the jab, a tall fighter's preferred weapon, Virtuoso Boxing places a greater emphasis in making use of power punches as well as unpredictable combinations that catch the opponent off guard.

Standing at 6 feet 6 inches in height, Kieran is a very tall fighter, very rarely ever encountering anyone of similar stature, and only three times doing battle with a taller fighter. His 82.5 inch reach coupled with his height and combat dexterity render him a laborious adversary to get within range of. An undisputed master martial artist, his ungodly prowess and intellectual understanding of the various components of combat allow him to make use of his physical advantages to craft himself into a frustratingly difficult adversary to engage in a striking match as well as a grappling bout.

However, remaining true to his unparalleled boxing pedigree, the Comely Connoisseur has developed a cerebrally merciless style of boxing designed to maximize his physical gifts and Fight IQ.

  • Power Jabs: Jabs by definition, are not power punches. A jab's fundamental purpose is to establish range, control the distance, and set up combinations. And though Kieran makes use of the jab to set up Virtuoso Boxing's iconic brutal bodywork and monstrous power shots from the outside, the jab itself is used by the Welshman to strike with power. Often, he makes use of the jab not unlike a fencer does a blade. His jabs lunge forward with the objective of legitimately hurting and disrupting his adversaries. The target is of little importance. Though the head is the preferred target followed by the body, the shoulder and even hands of the opponent are targets as Virtuoso Boxing's jab seeks to disturb the opponent's rhythm while paving the way for a forthcoming power punch... another jab. As highlighted before, the jab is by no means meant to be a power punch, however, Kieran's stiff jab certainly feels like one. This is all due to his positioning and timing. Prior to executing a stiff jab (which he enjoys using as a counter), the Welshman lines his lead foot up with his adversary's center line. He squares himself up with his hands by his eyebrows, and below on the ground between his hands is his left foot. Wherever his left foot points, the jab will land with power.
  • Stiff Counter & Perpetual Jabbing: As mentioned before, Kieran enjoys using his dubbed 'power jabs' as counters. This is when his timing is best illustrated. It is regularly used as a counter to a left hook by an opponent. As the adversary drops elevation to step forward with a left hook, upon seeing the wind-up motion, the European Elitist thrusts his jab straight out from his cheek while taking a deep step forward to complete the counter. The quantity of force and power behind the stiff jab is often enough to knock opponents down. Kieran's counter jabs send a clear message to his opposition. That lunging forward at him is striking suicide, and that he will be the one to take the bout to the inside should he want to. Though the power behind his jabs is abnormal, it is also in part due to his superior muscular tissue in comparison to ordinary humans, and his ability to neurally engage 96% of the body's muscle for considerable superhuman strength. However, his jab is still a jab, it is not a straight left, it is but a jab, efficient, quick, and safe. However, the stiffness and hardness of his jabs are reminiscent of the force of power punches. An important element to note is that Kieran's jab is not a one-off. He is facilely capable of pumping that very same jab even while moving his feet, changing range and angles with impeccable dexterity.
  • Different Angles: Integral to the effectiveness and efficiency of the Welsh Wolf's punches are their trajectory. There is a common misconception regarding fighting that emphasizes it's occurrence on only a side-to-side plane, while disregarding the key role that upward and downward movement plays. Virtuoso Boxing stresses that Kieran build his game around threatening and landing punches from a diverse variety of angles. At times, Kieran tags his opponents with a jab from below. Often, he carries left hands at the chest or even lower during a bout, and this serves a purpose. When cracking an opponent's head up and back with a jab, he allows the opponent to narrowly discern from where the punch had come from, catching them off guard with a right hand executed from a completely different angle. Known as the 'downward right hand', it sacrifices a disadvantage for an advantage. Throwing downward punches lessen the power behind them, but instead allows the fighter to ceaselessly threaten a different angle of attack. An iconic combination of his adopts this philosophy. The jab catches the opponent from below, the right hand from above, and a left hook from a lower angle.
  • Pawing-Cross Combination & Distance Control: While a frequent user of jabs, Kieran also paws his opponents with his left hand to set up following punches. He tends to flick his left hand in the opponent's eyes to momentarily draw their gaze and set up the cross. The key to this is deception. With his left hand, all he does is simply touch the opponent with a particular rhythm that cultivates a comfortable rhythm for the opponent, imparting confidence in them. Once their confidence grows enough for them to attempt to counter his pawing left jabs, Kieran immediately follows with a thunderous right cross to the face. And as any tall fighter should be, the Welshman is dangerously skilled at controlling distance. Though he tends to commonly make use of the jab for this, his aptitude in distance control makes it frustrating to close range on him due to his hyperactive land hand. In order to maximize his effectiveness at maintaining the opponent on the outside, he may switch from pawing jabs to sticking jabs and even (with the correct timing), stick his arm out stiffly to keep a charging opponent back before whipping his arm away.

Apogee Boxing

The Winsome Wilshere has a penchant for counter-fighting. His greatest self-developed fighting systems and martial arts all boast the characteristic of sharing counter-fighting philosophies. And though his rendition of Shotokan Karate and a personalized kickboxing style boast a passive, patient counter-attacking style, the majority of the Welshman's counter-fighting styles are all aggressive. Apogee Boxing is no different. With it, Kieran does not wait passively for openings in an opponent's defense for him to counter. His strategy is a different one entirely.

Instead, he aggressively brings the fight to his opponent, coercing them into wanting to punish him for his seeming recklessness and hyperactive pace. This however, is precisely what he wants. The purpose of this unrelenting pace is to one, harm the adversary with direct offensive punishment, and two, to force the exact attacks from an opponent that he wishes to counter. As is known, a counter-fighter is only as good as their ability to draw the opponent into their type of fight. Apogee Boxing seeks to prevent Kieran from becoming a counter fighter who fails to dictate the course of his bouts, and this is done with feints, taunts, offense, and a variety of deceptive tricks.

  • Hip Movement: Fundamental to Apogee Boxing's counter-striking is the use of one's hips. Its application is done in such a manner that it is designed to be nearly imperceptible. Kieran frequently places himself in a position to counter his adversary while seemingly opening himself to an attack, giving the opponent the impression that he has numerous defensive holes. Though somewhat risky, Kieran tends to position his upper body by moving it from the hips instead of moving only the head or lower back. He does this to go onto the front hip to bait the opponent. First Kieran positions his head over his left hip. To an opponent who is at least a competent striker, this position is perfect to connect the left hook with, a power punch that requires the weight to be forward to be thrown with all of it's knockout power. It also simply invites the opponent to attack as the position could be defensive as some fighters tend to go onto their left hip to slip right hands. So to the opponent, it would appear as if Kieran's right hand is no longer a threat, while the left hand seemingly is. It also gives the impression that he is moving defensively rather than offensively. However, even though his head is over his left hip, Kieran's weight remains seated over his right foot, his counter weapon cocked loaded a lunging opponent. The opponent darts forward as an overhand right backed by all of Kieran's weight and power cracks the adversary's exposed chin.
  • Posture: In order to survive knockdowns should he be facing powerful punchers, Kieran makes use of his posture so that he may suffer no visible damage should he be hit in a forward leaning position. As stated before, this tactic relies on his posture and is a defensive one. Bending back, he pulls his shoulders back to bring his chest up and his chin pulled down, a style of posture he maintains in even in fervent brawling exchanges. As a result, even a cleanly landed left hook for example, torques Kieran's head back very little. The posture keeps his head stabilized, even should he be executing power punches himself. His posture's purpose is simple. To allow him to not only absorb substantial punishment while sustaining very little damage, and allowing him to instantaneously counter with ruthless combinations. It is a deceptive trick as well, as an opponent seeking to finish a bout by completing a combination often finds themselves at the receiving end of viciously executed power combinations by the Welshman.
  • The Uppercut: Perfect for Apogee Boxing's counter-punching style, there is no punch as effective against an overaggressive, overextended opponent, it is the flawless defensive punch. As with his most brutal punches, the uppercut is used when he appears to the opponent to be out of position. Particularly useful against an overzealous opponent, Kieran's uppercut is used from an orthodox position. By dropping his weight and launching a left uppercut, usually targeting the body, Kieran thunders a powerful punch designed to knock the wound out of the adversary, and discourage them from attempting to close the distance. These body uppercuts are of such monstrous power that often opponents retreat in discomfort, the pulverized abdomen rendering it difficult to continue. This is in part, due to the ungodly power in Kieran's hands from targeting vulnerable points detected by his sonar.
  • Overhand Right: The Welshman's uppercut is designed in part to intimidate the opponent and make them wary of the deadliness of his body work. The key to whether or not Kieran's overhand lands, is his commitment to brutal body shots. After experiencing the torturous power of his body shots, very few opponents remain eager to recklessly close the distance, remaining wary of Kieran's left uppercut and hook. This however, is exactly what he desires. After landing the left uppercut and hook to the body several times, should the opponent become wary enough, Kieran feints downwards as if intent on landing another body shot, but instead throws a mountainous overhand right. And though the previous body work plays a key role, the feints he uses are just as fundamental to the overhand's success. In order to put the opponent on the defensive, Kieran paws with a jab before quickly stepping in. His first step closes the distance, while the second step is joined by a level change which makes the feint appear as though it is an actual body shot. Once the opponent attempts to adjust and move out of range, Kieran brings his right foot forward to take another step to the outside of the adversary's right foot, and getting into range for the overhand.

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The Martial Arts Elitist

--One of the world's premier combatants, the Welsh Wolf's naturally harbored inclination for combat coupled with his pedigreed Fight IQ and the instantaneous memorization capabilities of his evolutionarily escalated Procedural Memory has allowed Kieran to facilely catalog and master a boundless quantity of fighting systems and martial arts through simple ocular observation. From the most esoteric of historically undocumented martial arts to the most globally popular combat systems, Kieran is an intimate savant of all. His impeccable expertise flaunting a diverse range of disciplines such as Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Savate, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Clinch Grappling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira,Gatka, Wing Chun, Bak Mei, Musti-Yuddha, Shurikenjutsu, Ninjutsu, Hung Ga, Hung Fut, Kenjutsu, Pygmachia, La Destreza, muscularly weakening pressure points etc. However, Kieran, a perpetual innovator, has crafted his own self-taught fighting styles which are as follows:

Self-Developed Martial Arts (Unarmed)

Connoisseur Kickboxing

A prolific kickboxer, Kieran, initially adherent to the Dutch philosophy of kickboxing relying on swarming the opponent with peppering punches to culminate an assault with a hard low kick, has since shifted his kickboxing philosophy to one that advertises a personalized kickboxing style of his termed 'Connoisseur Kickboxing'. The style is characterized for being an exciting, unorthodox martial boasting the emphasized yet proper use of lowered hands. This practice is copulated with the accompanying strategy of putting oneself in a seemingly disadvantageous position, forsaking traditional kickboxing stances in favor of a very fluid brand of shifting footwork designed to deceive and catch opponents seeking to capitalize on the fighter's seeming bad position.

The effectiveness of this form of footwork is further aggrandized by the fundamental principle of Connoisseur Kickboxing being an aggressive counter striking style. It leaves no room for hanging back and waiting for openings, instead it places importance on striding into the fray and creating said openings. As a result, Connoisseur Kickboxing dictates that the fighter should hold onto a solitary stance for long, insisting that confident shifting from southpaw to orthodox and back again will better create openings in the opponent's defense for a powerful strike, particularly, Kieran's left hand. Additionally, Kieran applies a Muay Thai brand of head movement involving moving the hips to move just back and outside the range of punches, playing off his height as he only needs to move back a very small distance to avoid strikes from a shorter opponent. By moving his head, he keeps himself planted and ready for offense.

In addition to employing Kieran's reach via the jab and push kick combination to keep shorter opponents at bay, Connoisseur Kickboxing threatens the opponent for even considering moving past the Welshman's reach. Very light on his feet, Kieran buoyantly bounces around, always ready to kick, switch stances or move in an instant. Should a shorter opponent attempt to lower themselves and come inside range, Connoisseur Kickboxing dictates that Kieran should plant his feet and threaten with the left uppercut or a stiff left jab. This strategy is exceptional against shorter opponents as it severely limits their options. They may either remain at the end of Kieran's attacks and be viciously taken apart, or they can lunge desperately for counters from long range, putting themselves at risk of being countered.

  • Stance Switching: Designed to bamboozle the opponent and trouble them considerably, Connoisseur Kickboxing's emphasis on switching stances, though important, is not as fundamental as the manner in which the switching is done. Instead of simply walking forward, Kieran forces the opponent to respect the space between them by lifting his knee high as he steps, suggesting a teep (push kick) or long knee strike. A defensively aware fighter would most likely backstep but not too much as the feinted teep or long knee is deliberately obvious and not obscured, this motivates the opponent, upon recognizing the feint, to remain close, which is exactly what the long-armed Combat Cosmopolitan desires. By deceiving the opponent with the stance switching, from orthodox to southpaw (vice versa as well) and using an obvious feint to initially draw them back but keep the within necessary distance, the long-armed Kieran then capitalizes, usually with a wide left hand. The entirety of this stance switching practice inhibits the adversary's ability to get into an efficient rhythm with Kieran.
  • Southpaw Left Hand: This is oriented towards coercing the opponent into defending in the manner that Kieran most desires to capitalize on. With Connoisseur Kickboxing, the Welshman often prowls forward, performing a teep (push kick) to force the opponent back while he quickly barricades the available space on the right. This is done to endorse the effectiveness of Kieran's southpaw left. Once the angle on the right is severely limited, the adversary is left with little choice but to avoid incoming strikes by slipping to the left and perhaps even attempting to get within proper range for a counter with a right hook or left straight. This movement however, is not effective against a left handed strike from a southpaw stance, as a result, the opponent struggles to avoid Kieran's southpaw left hand. And should the left hand miss, there is little to concern oneself with as having been forced into a poor position, the opponent's avoidance of the left hand does not constitute a successful defense because it does not facilitate any offense, the opponent (due to the position) is forced into leaning back too much to generate any palpable power, and the hands are not lined up for any meaningful punches due to Kieran's aggressive style.
  • Rotation & Power Punching: Fundamental to Connoisseur Kickboxing is the generation of monstrous power from the hips and shoulders. Reliant on footwork, Kieran generates this freakish degree of knockout power by letting his rear foot come forward on one punch only to throw a punch from the opposite side as that foot lands. A sort of shifting punch, it carries tremendous power. Aesthetically, these punches appear loose and usually wide, however, in addition to being supported by his considerable muscular strength, they carry the full weight of his tall, somewhat long, athletically built frame. The power of these punches is further aggrandized by his abilities to engage 96% of his body's muscles, enabling the generation of monstrous superhuman power. Winging right hands are often thrown more as hooks than straights, his hips and shoulders twisting fully through the blow to add power. Usually chained, his right handed strikes are usually followed by a powerful left-handed southpaw strike following his completed shift step forward. Kieran's feet move with every punch, his weight shifting back and forth. A tall fighter, Kieran tends to throw uppercuts once on the inside with an opponent.
  • Fighting Tall: A tall fighter with a long reach, Kieran couples his genius Fight IQ to make perfect use of his attributes. His height always lending itself well to his uppercuts as well as one of the Welshman's favorite striking weapons, the knee. Usually, his knees while conventionally used to strike the body or to attempt to knock the opponent unconscious when striking the head, are used in a sequentially chained frequency for a variety of purposes. The first is to keep in an opponent in position or acting as a preparatory knee for a following one seeking to knock the opponent unconscious or as a set up for a power punch. For example, should he land a right knee, he will keep the right foot slightly forward so that he will be able to step in with the left foot when throwing a power punch.
  • Distance Control: Aware of his usual size advantage over his opponents, Kieran makes exceptional use of his reach advantage over most combatants. Reach advantages however, require a certain skill-set and combat comprehension to utilize properly. Long arms as they appear are not boons should a fighter not know how to use them. A fighter with long arms that does not make appropriate use jabs or push kicks and whatnot and attempt to trade strikes within a shorter opponent's range will find their long arms moving awkwardly and lacking in power while the shorter combatant, from a closer range will not have to surmount the jab and strikes coming from a lower angle being driven upwards by leg movement impart far more power into the strikes. Covering up with long arms does not yield the same defensive advantages that it would on a smaller fighter because enormous openings are left behind the hands where the jaw and neck are exposed to strikes. Tall fighters by nature must fight tall and use their reach advantage to be effective because otherwise fighting normally will cause them to overcommit and expose themselves as large targets. As a result, Kieran accounts for all of this by using the jab, push kicks, and thrust kicks to the opponent's lead knee to hyperextend the joint. Jabs and push kicks are usually thrown out of the opponent's range from a southpaw stance.

Welsh Kickboxing

An exceptionally potent counter-striking martial art that emphasizes landing meaningful strikes by elusively luring his opponents out of their guard, Welsh Kickboxing is one of Kieran's primarily implemented fighting styles. Fundamental to properly implementing the martial art is maintaining one's composure and adhering to a cool-headed approach when facing offensive fire. As any master counter-fighter should, the Welshman is capable of drawing the strike he most wants to counter to facilitate the fight. One particular practice, a basic boxing counter, is designed to counter the jab of a southpaw fighter. This is accomplished by circling toward the opponent's lead side, cunningly drawing the jab prior to slipping and countering with a jab of his own, a counter-strike which best catches an opponent when they are stepping in.

Another drawing practice is designed to exploit the overzealous aggression of excessively offensive fighters with a penchant for blunt rushes. This particular tactic involves coercing the opponent into over-reaching in order to connect his strikes. The Connoisseur draws this behavior out by moving straight backward, luring the opponent into over-reaching which causes the jaw to render its vulnerable by pushing itself forward and open to be targeted by a counter punch. Additionally, with this martial art, Kieran usually assumes a southpaw stance, focusing mostly on his right hand.

  • Rolling: Rendering himself frustratingly difficult to hit with nimble head movement and rapid reactionary responses, Kieran implements the classic boxing practice of rolling with punches to diminish their power. Simply put, rolling with a punch is moving in the same direction in order to exponentially reduce the strike's impact. This practice however, is less relied upon when facing very skilled boxers who rarely adhere to alternating striking patterns e.g. left-right-left. Doubling and even tripling up the same hand during the execution of a combination renders it noticeably difficult for Kieran or any counter-fighter to turn side to side.
  • Movement: Perhaps the most integral aspect of Welsh Kickboxing is the excessive emphasis on movement and footwork. Off-line footwork with mesmeric presentation is required as Kieran rarely ever meets his opponents head to head. Instead, Welsh Kickboxing dictates that he tauntingly circle them while waiting for inevitable lunges. Swift backpedalling and sidestepping is heavily implement as Kieran 'dances circles' around an increasingly frustrated opponent, taunting them over their inability to connect their strikes, drawing out wild lunges.
  • Clinch Striking: Should the opponent succeed in closing the distance against the elusive Kieran, the Welshman quickly resorts to locking in a clinch from where he can off-balance his opponents while landing vicious knees and venomous elbow strikes, using his often superior height and muscular strength to bully his opponents.

Wolf's Fang

A technically sound combatant that primarily adheres to a personalized fighting style specifically catering to his physical gifts, Kieran, in particular search for a fighting style that benefits combatants of long limbs and substantial height, developed his 'Wolf's Fang' fighting system. Potently combining his herculean grappling prowess and dexterous technicality, particularly his wrestling pedigree with an unorthodox brand of cerebral striking, Wolf's Fang's primary purpose is to violently grind opponents down at range when standing, subsequently facilitating eventual grappling with a fatigued and beaten foe.

Characterized by brutally attacking the opponent's body and legs for the purpose of beating them into impaired movement for less resistance when grappling commences, Wolf's Fang is potentially a preparatory stage for the Welsh Wolf's inevitable transition into powerful wrestling and his eventual submission grappling with the intent of disabling the opponent's limbs. In particular, the lead leg of the opponent is attacked, rendering it a difficult task for an opponent to get within striking range of the Wolf of Wales. Boasting an ominous kicking tactic relying on the use of devastating low kicks and body kicks, Wolf's Fang makes excellent use of Kieran' 82 inch reach advantage over most opponents by emphasizing thrust kicks to the body or lead knee, forcing an opponent to remain out of range. When facing a taller opponent, he utilizes his cleverness, and improvisation with his fighting knowledge instead of Wolf's Fang. Though predominantly a combatant reliant on his specialized Wolf's Fang fighting philosophy, the Combat Cosmopolitan boasts a variety of self-developed fighting styles which are as follows:

  • Limb & Distance Emphasis: Making use of Kieran' long limbs, Wolf's Fang places unmitigated importance into it, stressing that he rely on it to prevent opponents from getting into range. This tactic cleverly exploits the fact that most individuals are shorter than he is, and therefore opportunistically takes advantage of the secondary fact that in order to execute a proper swing, an opponent has to be within sufficient proximity to transfer their weight from their back foot to their front foot for a right handed hook or onto their front leg and then back again for a left hook. It emphasis on distance and Kieran' long limbs put tactics into effect the moment opponents attempt to close in on him. By shooting a thrust kick to the lead knee (in order to hyperextend the knee by violently snapping it back) or the opponent's body, or even a kick to the head or lead leg, Kieran renders the opponent incapable of putting even their lead foot down in his range, making it impossible to connect hooks on him.
  • High Stance: Because he is a tall fighter, he doesn't shoot for takedowns without initially wearing his opponent down or forcing them into an intended position. Due to his height, he suffers from a sort of telegraphed level change when standing tall, and so when fighting from a more upright, kick favoring stance, he shoots less for his opponents' hips or legs and instead implements his wrestling mostly out of clinches. As a result of Wolf's Fang's high, upright stance, Kieran is better able to check for kicks, forcing an opponent's incoming shin to collide with harder portions of his leg, often resulting in a broken leg for the opponent. All the while he continually frustrates and annoys the opponent with oblique kicks targeting the lead knee and body.
  • Unorthodox Striking: Due to his reach advantage, Kieran makes excellent use of his height with superb effectiveness while circling out whenever immersed in undesired positions. Relying on straight jabs to force opponents to maintain their distance while additionally making use of his oblique kicks targeting lower bodily regions, Wolf's Fang's striking is designed primarily to weaken and slow the opponent down. In the unlikely situation of an opponent getting within range, the Welsh Wolf makes use of his long limbs, aware of the inability to execute punches with little distance, and so relies instead on the deadlier elbow strikes with monstrous knockout power. Spinning elbows, spinning back elbows etc. are implemented, the dangerous bone targeting the opponent's approximated face, often causing graphic lacerations and deep cuts while additionally boasting knockout power.
  • Clinch Fighting: As opposed to the inevitable semi-telegraphing caused by his height when shooting for takedowns, Wolf's Fang seeks to make use of clinch fighting as an appropriate alternative. Primarily used as an elementary tool that enables Kieran to advance into dominant positions in ground fighting (for the use of ground strikes and submissions). Favoring double underhooks in clinch fighting for potential throws and trip takedowns, the emphasis on clinch fighting is cleverly combined with Kieran's wrestling pedigree. This allows him to move behind his opponents during clinch fighting, seizing an advantageous position from which he can perform powerful suplexes. Wolf's Fang stresses that when locked in a clinch, it is fundamental that Kieran keep his arms on the inside of his opponent's, enabling the pressing of his elbows together for a tighter grip while simultaneously relying on a cupping position for his hands. While Wolf's Fang's submissions are primarily showcased during ground fighting, the clinch does enable Kieran to perform certain standing submissions such as the guillotine choke.

Werewolf's Fang

A far more aggressive version of the Wolf's Fang martial art, Werewolf's Fang is characterized relentless, unmitigated pace, making use of Kieran's abnormal stamina and unwavering endurance. Whereas several of his self-taught fighting styles endorse a measured, methodical approach to search for exploitable openings, Werewolf's Fang encourages a very antagonistic approach, advertising a bulldozing style that stresses driving into the opponent without respite for the duration of the entire bout, forcing the opponent to either concede or be incapacitated.

With a sequential modus operandi relying on Kieran's immaculate, well-rounded combat prowess, it is the tenacity, speed and undeterred intensity of the fighting style that renders it exceptionally difficult for opponents to endure. Combining Kieran's penchant for peerless grappling (particularly wrestling), his stamina, his speed, and his striking (particularly dirty boxing/panantukan), Werewolf's Fang does not consciously attempt to veil most of the Welshman's intentions with deception. In an almost invariable pattern, Kieran will step in with a jab, move, then come in with a subsequent jab and a right hand prior to shooting for his opponent's hips.

  • Overhand and Shoot: Discarding the outdated philosophy of 'jab and shoot' due to the contradictory nature of both movements, Kieran has instead devised his own 'overhand and shoot' methodology. His decision for doing so is to do away with the impracticality of 'jab and shoot'. A properly executed jab's purpose is to maintain establish and maintain distance, while a shot (takedown shot) is geared towards deeply approaching the opponent's hips for a takedown. Therefore, the 'jab and shoot' school of thought succeeds only in ensuring that the fighter must laboriously go through the longest possible distance to get to the opponent's hips. Replaced by 'overhand and shoot', this functions excellently as an overhand or any arcing right is exceptional as a gap closer. The overhand, being a shorter-ranged punch is more effective. It is accompanied by necessity with a dip forward and to the left, providing it's own head movement, allowing Kieran to avoid being struck by a counter while bringing him closer to the opponent's hips for a shot.
  • Rear-Handed Punches & Secondary Overhand Uses:Continually stressing the importance of the overhand, Werewolf's Fang makes an incessant point of implementing the overhand as well as most rear-handed punches due to the irrefutable fact that they are incredibly powerful punches with monstrous hardness and explosive knockout power. This consequently serves as a double threat as well aside from it's thunderous power. This punch is designed to deceive an opponent as well. By convincing the opponent to respect his wrestling pedigree with relentless shoots and takedowns, Kieran renders them vulnerable as the opponent attempts to defend his seeming go-to strategy by stuffing his supposed shots, causing their hands to leave their guard and rendering them exposed to a powerful overhand.
  • Aggression: An excessively aggressive fighting style, Werewolf's Fang serves a greater purpose than to simply smother the opponent with brutalizing domination. It is first and foremost geared towards flustering the opponent with overwhelming pressure and takedowns, forcing or rather coercing the opponent into attempting to counter every executed jab that Kieran throws with a jab of their own, only these counter-jabs by the opponent would be thrown during retreats due to Kieran's constant pressure. This is to account for the fact that while chasing the opponent, Kieran renders himself open to attacks, however there is no power behind a jab from a retreating opponent due to absent body-weight transfer, thus Kieran is struck by powerless punches. This is because a retreating jab is by nature, a setup punch, not a power punch. The rear foot is moving back and as a result, so is the body weight. Retreating jabs are designed to blind the opponent or lift the head with the hope of planting the rear foot, pushing off of it and catching the blinded opponent with a hard right hand. Werewolf's Fang's aggression is specifically designed to exploit the fact that an opponent's retreating jab is not a good counter on it's own, nor does it possess any power.
  • Anti-Technical Boxing: Though he exploits his opponent's inability to properly use the blinding jab/retreating jab due to his overwhelming aggression, Werewolf's Fang makes perfect use of the blinding jab to conceal a counter right hand. An exceptionally savvy boxer, Kieran is a deceptive master at drawing superior boxers onto his right hand. The alpha anti-technician, the better the boxer an opponent is, the worse Kieran can make them appear.
  • Ambient Control: An important though less aesthetic aspect of Werewolf's Fang is it's consistent emphasis on making use of one's environment. One particular tactic used by the Welshman was prowling towards the adversary, forcing them to backstep and approach a wall. Upon cornering the opponent at a desirable position, Kieran proceeds to fake step with push kicks, forcing the opponent to circle only to the available space (usually the right), coercing them into circling precisely towards Kieran's most enjoyed inside angle for thunderous head kicks. The control of his environment however, is greatest employed in conjunction with clinch grappling. Walls in particular are the prime focus for this tactic. Kieran's modus operandi with this tactic is simple, pin the adversary to the wall and drag them to the ground. Technique rather than physical power is used for this. Typically, once the battle enters the clinch, the Welshman is excellent at keeping it there. The desired takedown for this is one that misdirects the opponent, requiring only a subtle lift of the hips to force them to the ground. This is accomplished by entering range head-first, ensuring that his head makes contact with the adversary's upper body in order to press the opponent against the wall and standing tall, facilitating takedown opportunities all the while grinding away at the opponent's stamina. Once an opponent is pressed against the wall, even the subtlest threat of a takedown likely convinces them to attempt to defend against it by stuffing it, exposing the face to Kieran's dirty clinch boxing all the while violently mixing in body shots as well.

Welsh Boxing

A dangerous, improvised version of conventional striking, Kieran's termed 'Welsh Boxing' does not solely consist of punches, but makes use of subtle grappling, elbows, headbutts, shoulder strikes and even kicks and knees. Though it remains primarily reliant on punching techniques. The fighting style's kicks are typically low-line and along with the knee strikes, it targets the legs, shins, and groin of the opponent. Common targets for Welsh Boxing include the biceps, triceps, eyes, nose, jaws, temples, groin, ribs, spine, and the back of the neck.

While dictated by the intent of knocking the opponent unconscious with characteristic power strikes, Welsh Boxing prioritizes permanently injuring or otherwise violently incapacitating the opponent as opposed to simply knocking an opponent unconscious. Additionally, pressure points may be used, though they are rarely relied upon. These pressure points target particular body zones that result in temporary muscular weakening of the adversary.

  • Limb Targeting: Attacking moves performed in a scissor-like motion are primarily employed to stop an opponent's limb from one side while simultaneously attacking the other side. Countering an opponent's strike is accomplished with counter-attacks that nullify an incoming attack by targeting certain bones, nerve points, and muscle tissue with the intention of causing immediate though partial paralysis to the targeted limb. An example of these techniques is the cerebral guiding of incoming straight punches into Kieran's elbow to effectively shatter the knuckles. Another example would be striking the approaching limb in the biceps to effectively inhibit the opponent's ability to use the targeted arm for the duration of the bout. These techniques are especially implemented against armed opponents.
  • Preparatory Grappling: Subtle grappling with no extensive use is implemented in Welsh Boxing. These techniques involve twisting and turning the opponent's body with the objective of exposing more vulnerable areas such as the neck, jaw and temples. This is typically accomplished via shoving, arm wrenching, shoulder ramming, as well as a variety of other off-balancing techniques copulated with mandatory punches and kicks. A conventional example would be grabbing and pulling an opponent's arm downwards to expose the head to an opportunistic knee strike.
  • Angular Exploitation & Footwork: Necessary angles are incorporated into Welsh Boxing for the purpose of parrying an opponent's strikes, evading them, or to attack the opponent from an unlike, outside angle from which they would be less capable of defending themselves. The ceaseless switching of the fighting lead renders possible Kieran's further exploitation of attack while deceptively maintaining control over the bout's flow. Finishing strikes or kicks in particular are used to step into this new lead. Off-line footwork stressing non-linear movement to circle into these unlike angles is required.
  • Rhythm & Rapidity: Partially counter-striking, Welsh Boxing imparts considerable importance on the development of speed in striking for the fundamental objective of flustering the opponent with a chained flurry of attacks. Indefinitely linked combinations of varying strikes are continuously strung together to render a functional defense a laborious task for the Welshman's adversary. These particular strikes are often performed in between the major strikes of a combination in order to disorient the opponent, elevating the possibility to successfully connect with an even more devastating attack. An example of this tactic is performing a quick slap or eye strike following a jab with the same hand in an ordinary jab-cross-hook combination, eye strikes disrupting the defense against and masking the incoming cross of the combination. Low-line kicks are additionally implemented between these combinations to disorient the opponent by targeting their stance or to cause injury to the legs or other areas of the lower body.

Welsh Jiu Jitsu

Unsatisfied with what he feels is an incompleteness in existing grappling systems, Kieran's continued refinement of martial artistry has led to the inevitable development of what he has coined 'WJJ' or Welsh Jiu Jitsu. Consisting of his most habitually favored grappling arts e.g Freestyle Wrestling, Catch Wrestling, Clinch Fighting, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Sambo, Welsh Jiu Jitsu implements the various strengths of these selected fighting styles for the development of a highly effective, yet admittedly complex combat art of intricate maneuvers.

Freestyle Wrestling, being the most complete form of modern standup wrestling, is exploited in order to opportunistically borrow its grappling techniques consisting of expertly throwing an opponent to the ground, one of the primary objectives of WJJ. The inclusion of Catch Wrestling serves the purpose of facilitating the Freestyle Wrestling's objective of forcing an opponent to the ground with powerful throws. Clinch Fighting on the other hand is primarily implemented to decrease the difficulty in stand-up grappling as Kieran is usually the taller combatant, making him prone to grapple-based telegraphing without the use of clinch fighting.

Sambo places an emphasis on the use of leg locks and bent joint locks, adding to the submission lethality of WJJ's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu influences which renders WJJ's ground combat exceptionally deadly.

  • Technical Prowess: Perpetually stressing the importance of a partial preference for skill over strength under appropriate circumstances, WJJ's technical prowess seeks to conserve energy when the expenditure of physical strength in grappling is not required. This is primarily showcased on the ground after successfully forcing an opponent to the ground. Placing importance on the use of leverage and appropriate technique, WJJ's technical aspect serves to facilitate the employment of chokeholds and joint locks.
  • Ground Emphasis: The entirety of WJJ's ground game exploits the fact that when taken to the ground, a larger opponent's reach advantage and physical power is weakened upon the commencement of grappling. As a result, WJJ's ground game automatically accounts for an opponent that may possess both reach and height that exceed even Kieran's. Relying on potent submissions ranging from rear naked chokes, armbars, kimuras etc. The Sambo influence places greater importance on relying on leg locks as well, while WJJ influences stress the use of joint locks and wrist control of the opponent. Additionally, effectively using one's guard to defend when against the ground, and sweeping for transitions into more dominant positions or passing guard to other positions e.g side control.
  • Clinch Fighting: As opposed to the inevitable semi-telegraphing caused by his height when shooting for takedowns, WJJ seeks to make use of clinch fighting as an appropriate alternative. Primarily used as an elementary tool that enables Kieran to advance into dominant positions in ground fighting. Favoring double underhooks in clinch fighting for potential throws and trip takedowns, the emphasis on clinch fighting is cleverly combined with the Welshman's wrestling pedigree. This allows him to move behind his opponents during clinch fighting, seizing an advantageous position from which he can perform powerful suplexes. WJJ stresses that when locked in a clinch, it is fundamental that Kieran keep his arms on the inside of his opponent's, enabling the pressing of his elbows together for a tighter grip while simultaneously relying on a cupping position for his hands. While WJJ submissions are primarily showcased during ground fighting, the clinch does enable Kieran to perform certain standing submissions e.g. the guillotine choke. Catch Wrestling and Freestyle Wrestling influences encouraging Kieran to perform throws when clinching.
  • Front Foot Heavy Stance (Optional): Should the need for a takedown arise, WJJ insists on a peculiar fighting stance emphasizing the loading of one's weight over the lead leg rather than assuming a neutral position which is primarily used by boxers or the back leg as several power-punches and counter-strikes do. Due to possessing very minimal striking and being primarily a grappling art, WJJ makes use of the front foot heavy stance for Kieran's level change. A level change is the dropping of the bodyweight prior to a wrestling shot. Tall fighters like Kieran naturally possess great reaches which while superb for jabbing, diminishes the success of their takedowns. This is because the length of a tall fighter's legs telegraphs their change of levels for a shot which is then becomes easily predictable for the opponent. Prioritizing the need to get the opponent to the ground, WJJ improvises to facilitate the use of takedowns for tall fighters. In order to better shoot for his opponents, Kieran gets his weight over his lead leg from where he can still throw powerful hard kicks with his rear leg or spontaneous jumping knees while ducking the opponent's attempted counters, a position from where he can shoot for a takedown without telegraphing.

Hybrid Karate (Welsh-Shotokan Karate)

Well versed in all modern fighting systems, historically documented fighting styles, and even historically elusive, esoteric combat techniques, the Connoisseur is a lethal master of karate. However, discontent with the martial art's lack of effectiveness outside of traditional karate tournaments, the Martial Masterpiece sought to refine the fighting style, gradually crafting a karate-based, counter-striking style of deceptive potency, centered on visually unpredictable footwork designed to mystify and mesmerize the opponent, slyly disarming them.

A counter-attacking martial art, Welsh-Shotokan Karate instructs in the art of evading incoming charges by darting away, establishing precise distance, sufficient distance that the opponent is forced to take a step prior to executing a strike, telegraphing their own strikes, enabling Kieran' effortless avoidance of incoming strikes, increasingly frustrating his opponents. The essence of WSKCS's kicks is to annoy opponents into chasing him, allowing him to intercept reckless charges with a variety of strikes ranging from springing left knees, left straights, lead elbow strikes etc. The false retreats of the martial art serves numerous purposes as it allows Kieran to move out of his opponent's range, limits unnecessary exchanges, and slyly forces opponents into his cerebral counter-striking strategy.

  • Stance: Cleverly exploiting the known ineffectiveness of karate-based fighting styles in unbarred combat, Kieran relies on a fighting stance uncommon in the field of combat, orthodox only in karate tournaments. Instead, he uses a traditional, karate stance, one of the most prominent factors in the style's elusiveness. Standing with both legs spread somewhat wider than shoulder width and his torso facing the side, Kieran effectively positions his head further back, rendering it difficult for opponents' strikes to connect appropriately. The turned torso to the side additionally minimizes his body's exposure, making himself difficult for grapplers to shoot for takedowns. Additionally, his lead extends further than a usual striker's, while his back hand is positioned near his chin for facial protection. The entirety of the stance's elementary function, to render it very difficult for opponents to connect with or take him down due to this stance's emphasis on not leaning forward or exposing his body to openings.
  • Footwork: Designed to baffle opponents with mesmerizing unpredictability, its footwork is fundamentally reliant on this style's karate-based stance. When circling away from an attacking opponent, he does not implement side shuffles, as his traditional stance renders it easier to effortlessly turn away from opponents. Methodically avoiding rushing opponents by pivoting off his front foot and stepping to the side with his back foot, Kieran crafts himself into a fighter extremely difficult to attack linearly. Linear charges from opponents expose their openings to counter-strikes as he angles out. The bulk of his footwork's purpose, designed to frustrate his opponents, encouraging them to rush in, playing towards his counter-striking.
  • Stand-up Striking Punches: A martial art consisting of emphasized counter-striking, this improvised style of Shotokan Karate stresses patience and poise under pressure for effective counter-striking when under fire. Embracing karate's philosophy of attacking an opponent with rapidity while sustaining minimal damage, the Welshman implements this perfectly with lightning-fast counter-striking while angling away from an opponent, naturally relying on the instantaneous reflexes provided by his body's bio-electrical neural augmentations. Characterized by pushing off of his back leg, not unlike a sprinter, he quickly moves forward to land a quick succession of antagonistic strikes. This portion of his striking serving to imbue more knockout power into his backhand. The Welshman subsequently resumes forward movement with straight punches prior to angling away. Additionally, he relies on a backhand reverse punch for an elusive power shot. This consists of dropping his back hand to around his waist while turning his hips into his executing punch as he extends. Its purpose, to maximize his power by shifting his full body weight behind the strike and simultaneously limiting his opponent's ocular clarity due to the nonexistent telegraphing involved as the punch comes in straight.
  • Ground Striking: Possessing an unorthodox form of ground-striking that mysteriously emulates MMA-styled ground and pound, Kieran's improvised style boasts an uncanny form of 'ground and pound'. Upon grounding an opponent, it encourages Kieran to post up over his opponent, mirroring the physical disposition of karate masters intent on punching through boards of wood. Eerily hovering over his opponent, Kieran imbues the entirety of his body weight behind downward punches designed to utterly decimate the opponent.
  • Unorthodox Kicking: A fighting style boasting very strange kicks, Kieran very rarely executes a front leg kick when relying on Shotokan Karate. There is greater emphasis on using the back leg for kicking, similarly to Muay Thai, however, at unlike angles. Refusing to whip his leg into an opponent's body or leg, the Kieran instead brings his knee forward similar to a front kick, and at the final moment, turns his hips and pivots his anchoring foot as the leg extends into his opponent for a lethal rear leg roundhouse kick. This renders the kick extremely difficult to predict and counter, while additionally having blistering speed attributed to it. A plethora of diverse, versatile kicks ranging from jumping front kicks to double roundhouse kicks, his unpredictable repertoire renders him a difficult opponent to analyze.

Swordsmanship & Weapons Master

A preferred dual-wielder in the art of swordsmanship, he sometimes utilizes two long-swords to exercise maximum offensive capacity, relying on his speed and agility to dodge and evade while overwhelming his opponents with a personalized blend of ferocious offense and relentless rapidity. When wielding a single blade, he tends to prefer a balanced blend of attack and defense characterized by precision and controlled technique. Additionally, he is a superbly skilled archer, hammer thrower, and ax wielder.

Against heavily armored opponents, for added practicality, Kieran uses his swords primarily for thrusting. It is wielded either by one or both hands. This increased the accuracy and strength of thrusts and additionally, provided more leverage for wrestling when armed with the sword. The technique combines the use of the sword with wrestling, providing opportunities to trip, disarm, break, or throw an opponent and place them in a less offensively and defensively capable position. During the use of this technique known as 'half-swording', the entirety of the sword works as a weapon, including the pommel and crossguard.

A manner in which to illustrate how a sword can be used this way is to thrust the tip of the crossguard at the opponent's head right after parrying a stroke. Another technique would be what is known as the 'murder stroke', where the weapon is held by the blade (hilt, pommel and crossguard serving as an improvised hammer head) and swung, taking advantadge of the balance being close to the hilt to increase the concussive effect.

The following are primary elements of his improvised swordsmanship style:

  • Distance & Movement: The visualization of an imaginary circle between the opponent and himself in order to effectively conceptualize distance and movement.
  • Unorthodox Footwork: This is the use of off-line footwork to obtain a favorable angle of attack, particularly those that force the opponent into a position of limited ocular clarity, further facilitating options of attack for him.
  • Non-Linear Movement: This is the simple avoidance of movement directly toward the opponent as it directly contradicts his style's fundamental footwork.
  • Reach Exploitation: This is the extension of the sword-wielding arm in a straight line from the shoulder to obtain maximum reach by exploiting his above-average reach.
  • Target Analysis: The profiling of the body to increase reach and reduce target area.
  • Distance Assessment: The use of an initial distance that is as close as possible, while remaining out of reach.
  • Disarming: This is the use of a particular type of closing movement to disarm the opponent.

Archery Shooting Form & Technique

A master archer of virtually flawless technique and execution, Kieran adheres to the accepted convention of holding the bow dependently upon his dominant eye, though has trained himself to be lethally adept with both. However, habitually relying on his dominant right eye, the Wolf of Wales holds the bow in his left hand, and draws the string with his right hand. Preferring a smooth, fluid release of the string for the production of flawless and the enablement of consistently repeatable shots, the entirety of Kieran's shooting form is designed for the maximization of the accuracy of the arrow flight. Having cultivated the necessary dexterity and skill, the Charming Cosmopolitan is capable of drawing and releasing the string with either hand.

Both eyes can be used for aiming and are equally potent, however, an ingrained personal favoritism of his right eye renders it his dominant one. Favoring two cultivated shooting techniques, Kieran either shoots according to his naturally dominant eye, his right one by holding the bow with his left hand, or he may shooting according to the hand with the greatest dexterity, in which case the string will be drawn with the more dexterous hand regardless of natural eye dominance. A technically sound master, he transitions between open, closed, and neutral stances. Using an unconventional type of string hold known as the 'thumb release' style, the Sword of the Snow uses his thumb to draw the string, with his fingers curling around the thumb for additional support. Upon releasing the string, his fingers are opened out, relaxing the thumb as the string slides off it.

In order to facilitate this technique, the arrow is rested on the same side of the bow as the drawing hand, for example, should he draw with his left hand, the arrow will rest on the left side of the bow. Following this, the arrow is raised and drawn. Using varying alignments for vertical versus slightly canted bow positions, this is a fluid motion favoring Kieran's fast, fluid shooting style that compliments his longbow. Using a style of aiming known as 'instinctive aiming', Kieran places his index, middle, and ring fingers under the nocked arrow, allowing him to better look down the arrow since the back of the arrow is closer to the dominant eye. This relies primarily on his proprioception, motor and muscle memory for aiming adjustments, and his subconscious mind.

Blood-Bending (Procedural Memory Copied & Mastered from Ishin)

Following his terse tutelage under the Keijijo Clan during his past quest to acquire all possible combat arts, Kieran, through the eidetic functions of his evolutionarily escalated procedural memory, has memorized and mastered the esoteric art of blood-bending. Personalizing the Keijijo technique with his own unique stylistic principles and philosophies, the Combat Cosmopolitan has rendered himself one of the globe's most lethal blood-benders. Though boasting prodigious lethality as a blood-bender, Kieran very rarely employs the merciless art in combat, often maintaining it secret from even his closest of comrades. An off-shoot of the Keijijo Water Yoso technique, blood-bending awards the European Elitist the highly coveted ability to hydrokinetically manipulate a target's bodily fluids.

By combining the hyperactive memorization properties of his advanced procedural memory akin to photographic reflexes, Kieran has mastered what would usually require a multitude of strenuous years of intensive practice through mere observation. Having since never returned to the monastery, the Welshman has altered and perfected the specialized technique via his own self-taught practices, further refining and polishing his pedigreed prowess. With the hydrokinetic ability to take hold of the contained fluids within a living organism's body and manipulate them for control of the target's physical movements, Kieran adheres to gestures not unlike how a puppeteer controls a marionette, in particular the hand shape and movements, usually relying on rigid and abrupt movements to fortify the strength of the technique.

While generically employed to vehemently contort and control the body of an opponent not unlike a puppet-master, Kieran has further developed and mastered blood-bending, enabling him to use an opponent's internal bodily fluids for a variety of purposes such as crushing their organs, and boiling, pressurizing, or cooling these fluids inside an opponent's body. Perhaps its most gruesome component is the complete extraction of water and moisture from an opponent's body, imparting immediate dehydration and death. Harboring an undisputed understanding of the human body, Kieran has managed to cultivate a succession of healing abilities as well, allowing him to prevent blood loss, maintain gashes and wounds, alleviate blood clots and internal wounds, prevent cardiac arrest by pumping blood in and out of the body, and otherwise accelerate other healing processes. Primarily geared as an offensive combat art, the esoteric art copulated with Kieran's impeccable Fight IQ has furthered his master, enabling him to induce cardiac arrest, and strokes by disturbing the blood supply to the heart and the brain respectively.

Opponents of particular physical strength, bodily fortitude or similarly skilled blood-bending masters can resist the effects of this technique. Due its extreme nature and his moral ideologies, Kieran very rarely relies on his blood-bending should it not be an imperative requirement, often maintaining it a secret from most. An elite blood-bender nearly without peer, he is further capable of achieving effects which the majority of the globe's scarce blood-benders cannot e.g antagonizing the red blood cells allowing him to cause hemolytic anemia, jaundice, oxygen decrease in the blood etc., further strengthening his claim as one of the world's deadliest blood-benders, a belief that is even further fortified by his ability to render the opponent to the effects of atmospheric pressure by tampering with the target's blood pressure.

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Andres' IC Rules :P

The mercurial Spaniard's rules for characters who want to work or team up with him:

Just some fun joking, none of these rules are legit ;)

"If by the chance I do not ignore you ninos, I have a cast a number of rules for you to follow if you wish to associate yourself with me"

  1. You will always be the sidekick: Senors and senoras, you must understand this perfectly. I am the boss, I am the leader, you are the follower. Because I have more charisma than there are stars in the night sky, you can only be the sidekick. If you do as you are told, I will let you jump on my back like a cartoon squirrel whenever I inevitably succeed in whatever endeavor you choose to aid me in.
  2. Look good: Even my immortal style and perfection cannot tolerate the presence of one who lacks any sense of style. You are not allowed to look like one of the Bee Gees while within sixty feet of me.
  3. You cannot have a ponytail: This rule applies only for the men. While I no longer have a ponytail, you are not allowed to have one. My ponytail was a symbol of my aristocratic flair, animalistic power, elegance, and a functional whip attached to the back of my head. If you break this rule, I will regrow my ponytail and choke you with its follicular brawn.
  4. Do not interfere: This should be on the top of my list, it is not because I shouldn't have to mention it at all. When you see that I am engaging an opponent in combat, do not interfere, you will only get in the way. You have three choices. One, you can stand on the sidelines and gaze upon the magnificence with which I dismantle our opposition. Two, you may act as my cheerleader and praise me as I showcase my martial panache. Three, if you do succumb to the desire to be near me and interfere, douse yourself in lighter fluid and set yourself on fire to avoid me inevitably using my technology to send you into a singularity.
  5. If I ask how you are doing, just say 'fine': This is because, I do not really care what is going on in your life. I am simply asking for the sake of social obligation and saying words to avoid awkwardness. If you are doing good or bad, that is fine, simply write down on a paper what has happened, and subsequently toss it into a volcano because I do not care.
  6. I will taunt you for my own amusement: Another one that is only for the men, Clara Mass being the exception. For this, you do not have to do anything. It is simply a warning. It is going to happen. I will verbally belittle you. It is how I show my friendship. And disgust.
  7. Shinigami and ShadowSwordmaster are now your mortal enemies: That thing killed my fiancee, so you are either with me or against me in my goal to destroy him. ShadowSwordmaster has joined Shinigami and therefore you must aid me in making him rust his pants. Because your level of intelligence is too low to comprehend the intricacy of my holographic projections, you will instead be forced to sit through my five and a half hour PowerPoint presentation detailing why you must join me. And if I make a snide remark about Clara Mass, you must agree with it.

CVnU - The Morte Knightfall

Born into the historical Slay family, powerful rivals of the Knightfalls, a poorly documented incident found itself as the cause for an infant Andres' transfer into an abusive orphanage in Catalonia, forever separating him from his unknown birth parents and family. Consistently left in the dark about his family, the confrontational child grew knowing not the warmth of a parent or a sibling, often having to fend for himself in a harsh and strict environment. His only source of comfort and warmth being a motherly woman who worked at the orphanage and took a particular interest in the young Catalan. His difficult environment was quick to mold him into a somewhat cold and distant figure, often apathetic towards the other children who soon began to antagonize him. Naturally confrontational and possessing an innate aptitude for combat, a young Andres would first fight to defend himself, with no other choice available to counter the relentless bullying.

Unfortunately, as he grew older, he like the others, was seen as no more than another orphan. And while an uneducated intellectual and notable physical prowess, he was often deemed irrelevant by others. Desiring an identity of his own, Andres turned to the one thing he did best: fighting. With a surging ambition of standing out, to be recognized as his own person, the young Catalan crafted a reputation as a troublesome child with violent tendencies. Yearning to be recognized as more than a simple orphan, he found not the willpower to stop fighting. It was in his blood to become a gifted fighter it seemed, however, his antics soon earned him countless harsh punishments as a young child in a no-nonsense orphanage. Despite his countless difficulties, Andres adapted to the suffering, instead of sobbing, he grew stronger. Having forged his own identity, that of a troublesome child, he soon desired more. Never having known the warmth of a true family, his continued source of love and encouragement was the same female worker who had taken an interest in him since his arrival. Under her guidance he was somewhat educated, told that his consistent desire to fight was negative and while not necessarily wrong, he should only do so for a good cause.

Asking that he direct his focus into more constructive practices, Andres began reading, taking a particular interest in science. From here, his latent intellect began to flourish, his fighting ways had encountered a dramatic decrease. Upon turning ten, Andres was quickly carried off by the motherly worker, as an accidental fire had resulted in the impending destruction of the orphanage. Seeing no better opportunity in the horizon, she revealed to him his seemingly true lineage. Told that he was a Knightfall, born into an illustrious legacy of peerless prestige but stolen from his rightful family at a tender age in an effort to subtly weaken the future Knightfall generation, Andres at first found himself in disbelief, incapable of grasping the magnitude of the situation he had been circumstantially placed in. The woman, a secretive Knightfall had saved him from the supposed accidental fire, a meticulous plot she had orchestrated after years of nurturing Andres' several talents.

Aware of his Slay-heritage, she had requested a job at the orphanage upon learning that an infant Andres would be transferred there. Seeking to raise an unknowing Slay into an elite Knightfall, a weapon to perhaps one day be used against his birth family, she returned with the boy to the Knightfall headquarters. It was there that the Catalan's formal training had commenced. Years of rigorous training and studying had resulted in the unknown female Knightfall's goal. Andres' potential had been fully realized, he had been patiently crafted into a deadly weapon to fight for the Knightfalls, but most importantly, to bring forth the eradication of the Slays. Having grown into a focused adult, the lethal Catalan was approached by the woman he saw for many years as a mother. Having grown old and nearing her death, her last words were presented as a request, "Please my son *Cough*... destroy the Slays. It is all I ask. Your final gift to your mother".