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King Kieran

Real Name: Kieran Rasmus Wilshere

Aliases: Connoisseur, European Elitist, Welsh Wolf, Winsome Wilshere, Combat Cosmopolitan, The Notorious, King Kieran

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 247 lbs

Age: 23

Reach: 82.5 in

Hair Color: Caramel Blonde

Eye Color: Crystal Blue

Species: Human

Birthplace: Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Nationality: Welsh (Danish Descent)

Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Leonel Robson Wilshere (Father), Malene Sidsel Nielsen Wilshere (Mother), Alexander Johan Wilshere (Brother), Michel Wilshere (Brother), Jill Ebba Wilshere (Sister), Morgana Wilshere (Sister)

Occupation: Hero, Multi-Millionaire, Magitek (Avalon Subsidiary) Investor

Affiliation: Avalon/Magitek Subsidiary

The Combat Cosmopolitan - Mixed Martial Artistry

Unarmed Fighting System: Freestyle Wrestle-Striking

Simply put, Kieran's innovative mixed martial arts system incorporates a variety of elements that effectively revolutionize how one can use freestyle wrestling to viciously maul an adversary. The majority of fighters find wrestling's utility to be positional and preparatory. Kieran however, makes use of wrestling to exercise total command over where a bout takes place. Should he for example want the battle to transition to the ground, he will drive the opponent to the ground and keep them there, or should his desire be to engage in a stand-up contest, it will remain a stand-up contest. This illustrates a single point that is the foundation for his fighting style, that should he have an objective, nearly nothing can force him from achieving it.

This isn't to imply that Kieran doesn't enjoy the classical benefits of wrestling, he has simply uncovered a new use for it. And now he stands front and center in a pioneering movement that uses wrestling to set up mauling strikes from the standing position. This emerges from two distinct and very important wrestling skills, hand-fighting and leg attacks. With regards to hand-fighting, the Welshman has transformed a skill once only useful in grappling exchanges into a means of violently blitzing an adversary with pugilistic fury. Hand-fighting is the process by which two wrestlers jockey for position from the standing position in what to an uneducated spectator appears to simply be grabbing and tugging. Hand-fighting however, is an entire universe of technical skill and strategy unto itself.

An elite wrestler is not an elite wrestler unless they are experts in hand-fighting. During hand-fighting, wrestlers pummel for under-hooks, club each others heads, yank collar ties, feint and circle. The end goal is to create defensive openings to permit a successful takedown attempt. When engaged against an adversary, Kieran hand-fights constantly, always grabbing collar ties, clamping over-hooks and keeping his opponent at bay with posts to the head. Though most common is Kieran's control of the adversary's arms with wrist ties. During bouts, time and time again, the European Elitist reaches out and grabs one or both of his opponent's wrists in order to tailor a succession of strikes on the adversary's reactions to the ties. For example, should he be at an appropriate distance away, he generally reaches forward with both hands to grab both of his opponent's wrists.

Should the opponent attempt to reach for Kieran's head with their hands in an attempted collar tie, the Welshman refuses them the opportunity, and pulls his adversary's right arm down with his left hand while pronating his right hand, twisting the adversary's left hand away from their body. This action prompts an instinctive reaction from the opponent, the sharp pulling away of the arm from Kieran's grasp, exposing the opponent to a takedown as their hand is pulled back too sharply and unable to defend the leg. Kieran however, does not always follow with a takedown shoot. For example, upon noticing that his adversary's right hand has vacated it's defensive post, Kieran could capitalize by throwing a crushing elbow tight into the opponent's face while neutralizing the adversary's other hand with a wrist tie.

--Takedown Threat-Striking--

A wrestle-striking revolutionary, the Welsh Wolf is infamous for using his powerful wrestling to create striking opportunities like no other. By combining his inborn skill, inventiveness, and scientific methodology, Kieran has devised an entire combat system revolving around his wrestle-striking revolution. One portion of this system addresses how he makes use of hand-fighting to set up strikes, however, the system's also uses the threat of potent takedowns to open his adversaries up to punches and elbows. Kieran accomplishes this by demonstrating his ability to ground his opponent from a neutral position.

This allows him to illustrate (to the opponent) the dominance with which he can rag-doll them his takedowns. Often employing a more cerebral approach, Kieran tends to rely on misdirection double leg takedowns. Generally, he stands straight up and back-pedals, baiting his adversary into coming forward and attempting to control the distance by reaching with a jab. Once his opponent steps into him and throws the jab or any punch, Kieran quickly shoots underneath the punch while exploiting his opponent's forward momentum for deep penetration on the shot. Whether or not the takedown is successful is of little to no importance as the objective is to plant a seed of wariness in his opponent's mind, forcing them to fight more cautiously due to the inevitable threat of another takedown.

Following the establishment of the ever-present danger of his takedowns, the Welshman cleverly begins faking takedown attempts to lower the adversary's guard in order to throw and land critical strikes. For example, by establishing himself the appropriate distance from the opponent, Kieran reaches for their left leg as if intent on securing a single leg, this however, is no more than a deceptive feint, one that is immediately followed by a thundering straight left that is timed to land just as the opponent lowers their hands to defend against the feinted takedown. Though perhaps the most frequently employed, and most vicious of the Welsh Wolf's wrestle-striking is the lowering of his level to create the appearance of a coming double leg takedown shot, only to explode upwards with a roaring elbow.

This particular tactic is used by the Welshman with exceptional adeptness. By relying on his intuitive, brilliant sense of space management, Kieran stands an appropriate distance away from the adversary. Lowering his level and gathering himself for an explosive motion, Kieran causes his opponent to anticipate a takedown, prompting them to lower their hands below their waist to defend the apparent shot. The Welsh Wolf however, instead uncoils with an upward elbow that smashes into his adversary's face just as they drop into a defensive posture.


Standing at 6 feet 6 inches tall with a reach of 82.5 inches, Kieran enjoys a reach advantage over nearly every opponent he faces, therefore his striking tactics usually consist of employing this reach advantage by controlling the distance and keeping his opponent on the outside with jabs, push kicks, and vicious thrust kicks to the lead knee. All serve as means of picking the adversary apart from a distance and punishing them with intercepting strikes every time they attempt to close the distance, typically with thrust kicks to the lead knee, snapping the knee joint back, hyperextending it and preventing body-weight transfer needed for power-punching, allowing him to negate his opponent's knockout power while forcing them to remain on the outside. It is a calculated approach designed to use his physical stature and length to his advantage. Kieran however, isn't limited to fighting on the outside.

He is just as much of a technician when it comes to attacking inside. A lethal expert in the art of in-fighting, the Welshman isn't a simpleton who simply parries a strike and follows with a strike of his own, using the opening created by the parry. Instead he goes a step beyond and controls the opponent, often by the wrists. It is here where his wrestling pedigree comes into play. For example, in the case that either he or the opponent decides to close the distance, Kieran usually makes use of a left-arm overhook, and controls the opponent's arm at the elbow as opposed to the wrist. By driving his forehead into his opponent's temple, he grants himself the superior leverage and uses his own hands to separate those of his opponent, exposing them to attack. By following a pattern of controlling the inside and ceaselessly searching for openings, Kieran crafts himself into a notoriously difficult fighter to fight even when attacking inside, a position many would expect to hold an advantage over him in. For example, with wrist ties he can control the opponent further and by pulling one of the opponent's arms downward, he exposes them to his coveted elbow strikes.

--Elbow & Uppercut Combination--

Generally in the clinch, Kieran employs Greco-Roman or Judo-inspired takedowns to force his opponents to the ground with trips and throws, it is where his stand-up grappling allows him to impose his will on his opponent, particularly if he is the taller fighter in the bout, and even if not, his technical skill is on a level of it's own. The Welshman's dominance in the clinch however, isn't solely because of his wrestling. There he makes use not simply of elbows but uppercuts as well, particularly, uppercuts that land as a result from openings created by his elbow strikes. Kieran begins usually by controlling the wrist of the opponent, and he almost always does this with a thumb-down grip. This is because in order for an opponent to break a fighter's grip on their wrist, they have to pull the arm in the direction of the thumb. A thumb-down grip has the thumb directed towards the ground, meaning the opponent has to pull the arm downwards to escape a wrist grip, and pulling the arm downwards exposes one to strikes.

This creates a frustrating situation for an opponent. And while Kieran has his opponent frustrated with a thumb-down grip on both arms, he may push one of the opponent's hands down and slice an elbow strike across the top, making use of the opening created by the moved hand. Because the opponent will normally be concerned with freeing their wrists, they will be too preoccupied to sense the elbow strike coming. In case they do however, Kieran has a plan. The only alternative for the opponent would be to duck to avoid the elbow strike. This however, exposes them to an uppercut, which the Welshman is more than happy to punish them with. Additionally, Kieran's thumb-down wrist grip not only renders it difficult to break because the weak point of a single handed grip is the gap where the thumb and fingers meet, but because his thumb faces the floor, the opponent's only means of escape is to yank the hand down and back, not only exposing them to strikes but granting Kieran more time to recover wrist control before a strike can be thrown.

Armed Fighting System #1: European Swordsmanship

A skilled practitioner of a variety of armed fighting systems, Kieran's principal area of armed expertise is with the European Longsword, a sword with a large, two-handed grip, and a straight, double edged blade from around 90 to 110 centimeters in length. A sword's effectiveness as a weapon is in it's diversity. It should allow the wielder to make a cut, thrust with the point, strike with the pommel, or inflict a laceration by drawing the blade across flesh. The Welshman's fighting system incorporates two distinct methods of approach to an opponent, one that is best employed against unarmored adversaries, and one that is best employed against armored adversaries. Basic attacks include cuts from above, from side to side, rising cuts, thrusting attacks, and placing the edge against an adversary's body and executing both a pushing and drawing motion of the blade into the flesh.

Attacks of angular foundation such as those that rely on the angle of the blade and the use of footwork rank as it's more advanced maneuvers. Like most historical western schools of swordsmanship, Kieran's system does not favor attacking first. His techniques instead come off defending an initial attack. This is because a fighter coming within range to hit him is also vulnerable to being hit and any overextension on an attack by a parry or a miss could result in a swift death. This is in essence, the foundation of counter-fighting. This isn't to imply that Kieran isn't able to seize the initiative and attack, it simply indicates that any offense from him must be measured, and commitment to an action is made only when success is certain. Controlling the distance is a fundamental aspect of Kieran's fighting system. Wide range for example, means that he must take two steps to touch his weapon to his opponent, while middle range only requires a single step. Near range requires no steps and allows him to grapple with his adversaries.

In an unarmored duel, this is the most protected range, as the smaller the range becomes, the more likely it becomes that either he or his opponent can be critically injured, so changes in range occur on his own terms and not his opponent's. This requires assurance that he will not be hit. One manner of doing so is basic evasion, using his footwork and speed to elude a strike and then quickly using the opening the opponent's miss created. As a result, attacks need to take the shortest and most direct line of attack, covering distance as quickly as possible. And this must be accomplished while staying on balance so that a counter strike can be avoided or blocked.

--Guards/Fighter Stances--

Known as the fighter stances, Kieran's guards, according to his fighting system, must be effective and ready positions to strike with offense and react defensively. Several types of guards exist. The high guard for example is denoted by the Welshman holding his sword high, ready to strike. Generally, the sword is held at head level or even higher. While this exposes the lower body, it promises a hard downward strike to anyone who dares close the gap. Against a careless opponent, Kieran rests his sword's blade on the right shoulder, relaxed but ready for quick strikes based on the idea of intercepting an attack with a counter-attack as an effective form of defense. This also works as a psychological weapon as the threat of a promised strike by a blade held high is an obstacle for the opponent to overcome as they will actually have to physically deal with the blow in order to land their own offense.

Defensive awareness is also fundamental to the success of Kieran's brand of swordsmanship. As a result, the threat of a counter-strike is not the only form of defense it possesses. Angles of attack, otherwise known as 'lines' are a theoretical aspects that assist in blocking attacks with the blade by 'closing a line'. This is used in a different guard whereby the blade is held at head level with the point aimed at an adversary both closed upper lines and offering a quick thrusting counter attack in addition to cuts. Low guards tend to be more defensive, intent on opening while simultaneously offering a strong defensive posture. An unwary opponent facing Kieran's low guard is drawn into a rising cut or thrust prior to their blow even landing. The low guard also facilitates parrying and subsequent striking. The Welshman's system emphasizes fluid transitions between guards to employ different techniques much like how a boxer combines offense and defense.

--Grappling & Half-Swording--

As distances close and blades meet, rather than break contact, Kieran engages in a bout of binding and weaving blades in an effort to acquire leverage, and positional advantage. This is in-fighting with the longsword. Grappling however, is perhaps a more important element as well as a less riskier option. Against an armed opponent, a takedown is among the greatest advantages in one's disposal. Kieran understands this like no one else. Though a prostate adversary will find themselves with limited defensive ability, the Welsh Wolf is not ignorant of the fact that clinching and takedowns have to be timed to be successful. The ability to move and fight at range, fight on the inside, fight in the clinch, and wrestle are not only Kieran's defining specialties as a swordsman, but as a combatant as a whole.

Much of Kieran's footwork, movement, and grappling is largely due to his understanding that in this day and age, several of his adversaries are expected to possess either some form of super-armor or superhuman durability. He draws from the point that cutting against any decent armor is in essence, a fruitless exercise as the longsword is light and nimble, lacking the necessary weight or power to cut through quality armor or deliver enough concussive force to break an adversary's bone under armor, nor can it thrust through thick armor. It is because of his understanding that powering through armor is a useless endeavor that Kieran believes that overcoming armor is best accomplished by attacking the gaps with precise attacks.

Against armored opponents, he uses the art of half-swording, a technique in which he holds his longsword with one grip on the handle and another on the blade, granting him exceptional control of the the tip of his sword and turning his weapon into a colossal lever to be used in close range combat. Half-swording allows him to close the gap while defending against blows and entering grappling range. Using the half-sword grip for increased control over the point of the sword is effective in thrusting or cutting at open parts of an adversary's armor. Additionally, the initial thrust can be turned to open the gap for a clinch battle in which the sword is used as a large lever, used to maneuver for position and trying to get into a position where he can secure a takedown or simply deal greater damage.

This unique armed fighting system also dictates that the longsword can be used as a club. By nature, a longsword's blade is too light and the weapon itself is too well balanced for the blade to deliver any considerable concussive force through decent armor. The handle, pommel, and cross-guard however, can. In a reverse-grip whereby both hands grip the blade, it can be used as a club that is exceptional for blasting into armor with a significant amount of force.

--Ground Combat--

Should a takedown be secured, then Kieran is assisted by gravity as he attacks the gaps in his adversary's armor. This is one of the many ways that grappling (wrestling in particular) is combined with swordsmanship to forge an effective offensive tactic. For example, an outside trip can force the opponent to the ground, exposing them to an attack from the top. Generally, once a takedown succeeds in taking the fight to the ground, a ground bout may follow in the sense that a knife or a dagger or even the sword itself can be used to kill the opponent much faster than a submission hold or a succession of strikes could. By locating the gap in a grounded opponent's armor, Kieran is given with the opportunity to drive his blade of choice into the gap with the aid of gravity.

Armed Fighting System #2: Archery Shooting Form & Technique

A master archer of virtually great technical skill, Kieran follows the accepted convention of holding the bow dependently upon his dominant eye, though has trained himself to be adept with both. Relying on his dominant right eye, the Welshman holds the bow in his left hand, and draws the string with his right hand. Preferring a smooth, fluid release of the string for flawless and consistently repeatable shots, Kieran's shooting form is designed to maximize the accuracy of the arrow flight.

Favoring two developed shooting techniques, Kieran either shoots according to his naturally dominant eye, his right one by holding the bow with his left hand, or he may shoot according to the hand with the greatest dexterity, in which case the string will be drawn with the more dexterous hand regardless of natural eye dominance. Using an unconventional type of string hold known as the 'thumb release' style, the Winsome Wilshere uses his thumb to draw the string, with his fingers curling around the thumb for additional support. And upon releasing the string, his fingers are opened out, relaxing the thumb as the string slides off it.

In order to facilitate this technique, the arrow is rested on the same side of the bow as the drawing hand, for example, should he draw with his left hand, the arrow will rest on the left side of the bow. Following this, the arrow is raised and drawn. Using varying alignments for vertical versus slightly canted bow positions, this is a fluid motion favoring Kieran's fast, smooth shooting style. Using a style of aiming known as 'instinctive aiming', Kieran places his index, middle, and ring fingers under the nocked arrow, allowing him to better look down the arrow since the back of the arrow is closer to the dominant eye. This relies primarily on his proprioception, motor and muscle memory for aiming adjustments, and his subconscious mind.

The Wolf of Wales - Powers & Abilities

Physical Attributes

A powerful physical specimen possessing a myriad of genetic gifts strengthened through rigorous training, Kieran's greatest and perhaps primary physical attribute is an inhuman degree of stamina. Having trained his body to the very peak of human perfection, the Welsh Wolf is celebrated for completing a wide variety of extraordinary physical feats, such as once covering 30 meters in 1.9 seconds, and subsequently covering 100 meters in 4.3 seconds, unthinkable, particularly for a man of his size.

Renown for his obsessive dedication to a rigorous fitness regimen designed to fully unlock his genetic potential, Kieran has focused on every element of physical fitness. Among some of his most outrageous physical feats, the European Elitist has supported his entire frame on the edge of a bench, with only his shoulders coming into contact with it, while the rest of his body remained perfectly rigid and horizontal to the ground. The Welshman also appears to hold a variety of powerlifting records e.g. performing a single handed deadlift of 1,275 lbs, a raw deadlift of 1,582 lbs, a raw squat of 1,679 lbs, and a bench press of 1,932 lbs.

Genetic Gifts

Though the controversial X-Gene is absent from his genetic structure, Kieran does however possess a diverse set of unique, complimentary abilities that he owes to the following mutations:

  • Procedural Memory: Due to a superior version of the adrenal steroid hormone cortisol unique to his organism, in addition to a variety of other genetic differences, Kieran's procedural memory is remarkable, bettering the integrated procedures in both cognitive and motor skills, granting him an unorthodox form of Eidetic Memory linked to a particular form of procedural memory, muscle memory. In addition to enabling the recollection of images, objects or sounds in memory with unparalleled precision without additional techniques to improve information retention, the Welsh Wolf's photographic memory is the also the foundation for his photographic reflexes, which allow him to perfectly mimic any physical movement simply by observing it. This ability has allowed him to memorize and master the majority of the globe's most practical fighting systems and martial arts in mere minutes.
  • Muscle Synergies: This is the combination of body movements from the kinematic and kinetic parameters that create intended physical actions which are achieved when sequentially functioning components of the same movement, or the movement of several body parts or limbs are combined in a precisely timed and harmonious manner in relation to the intended goal. Fundamentally, it requires the use of proprioceptive information illustrating the positional requirements and movement of the musculoskeletal system along with the neural processes of the brain and spinal cord which incite and regulate motor commands. Kieran's highly developed motor coordination is due to muscle synergies which act as a neural strategy for simplifying the control of multiple degrees of freedom. A working muscle synergy is detailed as a pattern of co-activation of muscles regulated by a solitary, neutral command signal. One synergy can activate multiple muscles, and one muscle can constitute multiple muscle synergies. A modest amount of muscle synergies are combined at differing proportions to form a very efficient continuum of muscle activation pattern for smooth motor control. By working together at their rate of efficiency, these synergies grant Kieran phenomenal balance, equilibrium and control over his movements.
  • Sonar Hearing: The Connoisseur's solitary form of unorthodox sensory perception, sonar hearing grants him the ability to use sound propagation to navigate and detect objects within his vicinity. With the power to use both passive sonar and active sonar, Kieran uses passive sonar to detect the sound waves emitted by that which is around him while using active sonar to emit pulses of sounds and listening for echoes, enabling him to map out his entire environment. He makes use of his sonar hearing as a means of acoustic location as well measuring the echo properties of physical systems. He makes further use of his sonar to detect vulnerable points in physical structures.
  • High Neuro-Engagement Though possessing peak-human physical attributes, Kieran can replicate superhuman physical feats by actively engaging the highest percentage (96%) of the body's muscles through brain command. It enables him to lift between 15 tons to a maximum of 20.
  • Cardiovascular Abnormality: Due to a mutation in his body's erythropoietin receptor (EPOR) gene, Kieran has primary familial and congenital polycthemia (PFCP) which causes an exponential increase in red blood cell mass and hemoglobin, causing an increase of approximately 50% in the oxygen carrying capacity of his blood, granting him superhuman endurance and remarkable stamina.
  • Biological Boons: An abnormal and undocumented ability is Kieran's genetic power for influencing his autonomic nervous system and immune response, rendering him virtually impervious to extremely low temperatures, having facilely survived in -21C temperatures as well as surviving in 40C temperatures without requiring water during intensive physical activity. He is also able to exert control over his sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Another ability of his is the power to use his bioelectricity to electrically speed up his neural synapses, granting him near-instantaneous reflexes.
  • Extracellular Matrix: A unique, biological response to sustained tissue damage, the Connoisseur involuntarily produces a powdered, protein-based substance known as the 'extracellular matrix', the very same biological extract that assists in the repairing of damage in human fetuses. Upon sustaining damage, this substance is quickly administered to the damage tissue which is then broken down and reconstructed, allowing Kieran to heal from wounds at a more accelerated pace than ordinary humans as well as enabling him to heal from wounds of greater severity such as a severed limb, in mere weeks.


Personalizing the Keijijo technique of blood-bending (the ability to hydrokinetically manipulate a target's bodily fluids) with his own unique stylistic principles and philosophies, the Combat Cosmopolitan fancies himself the globe's greatest blood-benders.

With the hydrokinetic ability to take hold of the fluids in a living organism's body and manipulate them for control of the target's physical movements, Kieran employs gestures similar to those that a puppeteer uses to control a marionette.

While generally used to violently contort and control the body of an opponent, the Welshman's mastery over blood-bending enables him to use an opponent's internal bodily fluids for a variety of purposes e.g. crushing their organs, and boiling, pressurizing, or cooling these fluids inside an opponent's body, the complete extraction of water and moisture from an opponent's body, causing hemolytica anemia by attacking the red blood cells, cause jaundice, decrease the oxygen carried in the blood, induce cardiac arrest and strokes by disrupting the blood supply to the heart and brain respectively, as well as exposing an adversary to crushing atmospheric pressure by tampering with their blood pressure.

Additionally, Kieran has discovered the healing potential of blood-bending e.g. preventing blood loss, maintaining gashes and wounds, alleviating blood clots and internal wounds, preventing cardiac arrest by pumping blood in and out of the body etc.

Intellect & Magical Expertise

While generally laid-back and affable, behind the charismatic disposition and charming amicability lies the mind of an intellectual. While not a genius in scientific areas, Kieran is a deceptively insightful and cunning individual. With uncanny intuition and a talent for pre-planning and making decisive and accurate decisions with tactical ground, particularly in battle, he is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent and dexterous fighters the globe has ever seen. His intelligence and wit however, is not limited to his remarkable Fight IQ, his true area of dominance is in magic. While he lacks the innate ability to harness magic like a witch and cast spells or manipulate the elements of old and whatnot, Kieran possesses an extensive amount of knowledge on the occult and all things supernatural. From knowledge of how to banish otherworldly creatures e.g. demons to knowledge of the steps required to summon ethereal entities, there are few areas Kieran's expertise has not touched.

Though he is unable to wield magic in the manner that a sorcerer can, Kieran possesses remarkable skill in runecrafting and alchemy. Runecrafting allows the Welshman to attribute objects and even living things with magical properties, using esoteric inscriptions to enchant them. These enchantments vary depending on the inscription used. Basic inscriptions with the sole purpose of imbuing objects with concentrated amounts of magical energy do no more than simply amplify or act as a bonus to the object's primary purpose/effect. For example, this basic rune on a sword would sharpen it's edges or on a piece of armor, enhance it's durability. While more complex runes achieve other effects. A complex rune for example would be an elemental rune or one that defies normality such as runes that enable invisibility etc. Though his expertise in runecrafting encompasses a wide variety of runes, Kieran's greatest talent is in using frost runes. Additionally, his alchemical knowledge enables him to mix potions with a variety of effects such as healing or the replenishment of one's stamina. He has also befriended a 'power animal' not unlike the familiar spirits of European folklore. It manifests as an elephant capable of flight that aids him in his research regarding the supernatural.

Weapons & Items

God-Mauler (Longsword)

A sought after longsword of impeccable metallurgy and design, 'God-Mauler' is crafted from a finely smithed brand of stainless steel augmented by the magical attributes of archaic runes, which render the blade nearly unbreakable, and it's edges sharp enough to cut through most physical barriers. God-Mauler's blade is fashioned into a straight, double-edged design of considerable length, thick in cross-section, somewhat wide, and pointed. This design of the blade is particularly to emphasize it's thrusting capacity.

Not specifically designed for the purpose of cutting, it is primarily crafted for thrusting against opponents in armor, requiring a more acute point and a more rigid blade. With ancient Nordic runes exponentially enhancing it's cutting ability, when backed by Kieran's considerable strength, the sword can cut, cleave, and thrust through nearly anything. It's cross-section is lenticular, shaped like a thin doubly convex lens, providing enough thickness for strength in the center while still maintaining an appropriate cutting edge.

It has a fuller which is a channel running down the flats of the blade originated slightly below its hilt. This geometry lightens while simultaneously strengthens the blade. Additionally, the sword's magic runes prevent it's blade from cutting it's wielder.

Ice (Bow)

'Ice', Connoisseur's favored longbow accompanied by a set of magic arrows, like his greatsword, is aggrandized by ancient Nordic runes that primarily serve as a means of fortifying the longbow's structure without compromising it's flexibility. The magic runes' secondary function however, are to enchant loaded arrows with either a 'freezing effect' or a 'paralyzing effect' (with a duration of ten seconds). Roughly as long as the length of Kieran's body, Ice allows for a long draw to the jaw. Not substantially recurved, its limbs are somewhat narrow in order to retain a circular cross-section. Crafted from high quality wood, its narrow limbs and rounded cross-section require it to be less powerful, or of more elastic wood than an equivalent flat-bow for example.

It's bowstring is made of linen strengthened by the longbow's runes. As for it's arrow-set, Kieran uses arrows made from lightweight but very strong wood, with all arrows possessing similar stiffness of the shaft for consistent striking and for the correct amount of flex when shot. The arrowheads are broadheads made from steel with hardened edges that have four sharp blades to cause excessive bleeding in his target, the task of the broadheads is to deliver a wide cutting edge in order to kill the target as quickly as possible by cleanly cutting major blood vessels and cause further physical trauma when removed.

His arrows' broadheads are of a fixed-blade type that maintains bladed rigidness and are unmovable on the broadheads, maximizing penetration of the target. Razor blades are used as the arrows' fletchings in order to reduce the arrows' air resistance. The rearmost end of the arrow is known as the nock. Its purpose is to keep the arrow in place on the string while the string on the bow is being drawn. He constructs his nocks so as to curve around the string rendering it very unlikely for his arrows to slip off. The following are the enchantments provided by the longbow's magic runes:

  • Freezing Effect: In addition to covering the target's skin with frost, the arrow creates a powerful freezing sensation that travels to the target's nearest bone following a successful shot. In addition to using the ability of excessive cold to slow a living organism's movement, rendering it less capable of evading a following arrow, it will cause damage by lowering the target's body temperature and even freeze the blood as well as encase the target in ice.
  • Paralyzing Effect: This effect is rather simple. A shot target's nervous system will be disrupted, causing brief paralysis, for approximately ten seconds.