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Conductor felt the electrical charge in the air. His heart was racing with terror and anger. Slight still had him pinned against the wall, and was saying something. Conductor couldn't see exactly what because Slight's teeth were clenched.  "I'm going to let you down...explain yourself. ...other than that, I'm taking me, I've dealt with your powers before...more than capable of grinding you into powder" Conductor remained silent, but the electrical charge in the air heightened. He wouldn't be talked to like that. Seems the others agreed with him on that point. Crysta was screaming at Slight, gesturing in a way that made it very clear she was not happy. Conductor half-smiled mockingly. 
Magick was the next to come to their senses. She walked over to the Conductor and looked him right in the face.  " Okay, so, Slight, the overly testosterone filled guy that was just attacking you thinks that you did something bad to Surge's friend. Now, obviously, i don't think that thats true. And if you did manage to catch any of those threats he just made, don't worry, Crys and i will keep him away from you. In fact, he is going to apologize right now" Conductor nodded somewhat absently. The music was back and it was getting stronger. But this was important, he had to focus on the team right now.  " Now, is there any way that you might have done something by accident? Maybe your powers got out of control?
Conductor thought for a moment. " couldn't have been me. My powers work in such a way that if I lose concentration any effects just vanish. Loss of control wouldn't be the answer." He tried to sound as convincing as possible (it was the truth after all), but not being able to hear his own voice made it difficult. "The music's back" he muttered, half to himself. He turned to look out the window. Blood was flowing from his ears.

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Oblivious to the dying man, Conductor looked around for the source of the music. The lights flashed back on and Slight charged into the room. Conductor saw the fury in his face as he was slammed into the wall. Confused and disoriented, Conductor said nothing. Magick ran in. Conductor couldn't see what they were saying, his head was spinning. What was going on? His team was arguing, and Conductor seemed to be the focus of this...were they going to kill him? Power Surge burst into the room in a draconic fury. He ran right up to Conductor "What did you do to my implant!" he shrieked. "I didn't do anything..."Conductor muttered nervously. As usual in times of stress the music in his head was getting out of control. Sparks danced on his head and hands and the wind picked up outside. "Let me go"

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Conductor's full focus was on his teammates. It was really, really hard to follow conversations with more than one person. If Conductor looked at the wrong person at the wrong time he would miss what was being said. And the team would get frustrated if Conductor missed important instructions. Tensions were high enough as it was. The new one, Holly, looked like she was on the verge of screaming. Conductor could see a vein in her neck throb as she confronted Magick. 
Then Slight entered. Things grew more confusing. Conductor began to tune out, and he noticed something weird. A background music of some sort. No one else seemed to be able to hear it. Unnoticed, Conductor followed the sound upstairs. There was a flash of electricity, and a figure swung out the window. Power Surge's injured friend was convulsing on the bed, having taken a turn for the worse. The lights went out.

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Conductor was the kind of person who would be just as happy living under a piece of tinfoil as he was anywhere else. He spent most of his time just listening to the music in his head, created by the musical virus. He didn't feel he had that much to live for after his hearing had been destroyed. But he helped the New Outsiders however he could, despite the fact that he as often as not got in the way. And he knew they didn't trust him. 
Earlier that morning, Crysta had burst into his room chattering excitedly. Conductor had been looking out the window and hadn't noticed her presence until she was on her way out. Crysta often forgot that Conductor could not hear a word anyone was saying. 
As a result of this, Conductor was not exactly undercover when the technician showed up. He raced down the stairs and ran into Magick and Crysta.  " Surge is calling, there's a problem " It had been Conductor's turn on monitor duty, and Power Surge had been all over the news. He stopped short when he saw the confused man holding a toolbox. Conductor watched silently as Crysta and Magick succeeded in confusing the poor man even more. They definitely had to work on the whole alter-ego thing.  " Great, Crystal can stay here and I'll leave with Con...rad." Wait...had he seen that right? Conrad? Seriously? Before Conductor could complain Magick had grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the building. 
The flying was another thing Conductor did not particularly like. But the Conrad issue was currently foremost in his mind.  " Not digging the whole Conrad thing. Just thought i'd let you know." Magick's eyes bulged slightly in irritation. She had a lot on her plate and this was the last thing she wanted to deal with.  "Y eah, sorry. I promise next time I'll come up with a cooler fake name" Conductor wished he could actually hear what she was saying so he would know if she was being sarcastic or not... 
The hospital where Power Surge was getting so much attention. Conductor quickly took off his hat so he'd attract less attention. Top hats really stood out in places like this. The reporters swarmed towards them, but Conductor made a random gesture in sign language to make them go away. If they thought they'd have to get a translator it typically meant it wasn't worth the trouble. They went to hound Magick instead. 
While Magick was occupied, Conductor slipt into the hospital. All these people had to go against hospital policy, but Conductor guessed this was a bit of a unique situation. "Power Surge? You here?" he asked, looking around.

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Orders were being given. Conductor was bored. He could hear none of what was spoken, and no one was facing in his direction so he could not read their lips. He fidgeted a little with his baton, creating a miniscule storm outside. The music created by this was quiet, but with definitive rhythm. Conductor was fully absorbed in this, and so was very surprised when he found himself in the middle of a battlefield. Ah well...a good excuse to make the storm grow. The clouds swirled into a hurricane, and the lightning flashed and struck at the ground. The music became grandiose, cannons and pipe organs. This was more what Conductor lived for, these grand serenades. The ground shook. Conductor was thrown off his feet and landed in the mud. That quake was certainly not part of his piece. He stood up and dusted himself off. Some minor scratches, but nothing serious. Who dared interrupt the music. Conductor saw Tonight fighting with a man, sending lightning towards him in a frenzied rage. Perhaps he was the cause of this? No harm in attacking him anyway. Conductor sent a bolt of lightning towards his chest, aiming for the same spot Tonight had hit, and then ran towards Tonight. She was holding Crysta, who was badly injured.   
" Mayda Mayda!!! Crysta is down and I need help! !" Her lips moved frantically, and Conductor could imaging the sound was just as frantic. He reached her, and put a hand on her shoulder. With his other hand he made some quick motions with his baton. "I've redirected her blood flow to avoid the wound. She won't die from blood loss at least." Conductor's voice was that of one long deaf, hollow and without echo. Then he turned his back on the two women, and started to conduct the storm with even more severe intensity. He had to create a pocket of calm here, where his teammates could heal Crysta. hand for the storm, the other for the calm. A duet of sorts.

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They were back at the base. It was Conductor's first mission. He had seen how the others looked at him, the mistrust and even hatred in their eyes. But he told himself he was used to that, he had been hated ever since that fateful day he had killed the violinist. That was long ago now, and most had forgotten. Even so, the memory brought a tear to his eye. But he had helped some people now, right? The mission had gone well. The lightning had made a wonderful symphony. And those guards got to be a part of it, leaving this Earth with a taste of real music. Conductor never understood why they looked so angry or frightened. Could they not hear what he could? After he had killed the guards, he was sent back here. The rest of the team arrived later, looking tired and worn. Conductor held his baton more tightly, and looked around the small room. The curtains were of red velvet, the same kind that is on a stage. Several instruments lined the walls, all of which Conductor could play, but not hear. A wooden chair was in one corner, and a piano filled most of the rest of the space. A gilded music stand was in a corner. Conductor was sitting on his bed, which was small and pushed into a corner so there would be more room for the instruments. It reminded Conductor too much of the stage, but he was not going to tell his teammates that. That reminded Conductor that he still needed to meet Slight. 
Conductor walked to Slight's room and knocked on the door. He waited a suitable interval and went in. It did not matter if Slight had said anything, Conductor would be unable to hear it. He opened the door and walked in. In his somewhat hollow sounding voice he addressed Slight. "Hello. I'm Alexander Saliere, your new teammate. I turn things into symphonies of music, using the world as an instrument." Nervously, Conductor twiddled his baton. "Please look at me if you're going to say anything, after....after what happened years ago I'm completely deaf."

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Wants to direct the next Transformers movie.

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