Where have all my points gone? I have posted over 3000 pics, and had tons of wiki points. I go away for a few months to read and get more pics and come back and post more pics, and it tells me I have to have 1000 points to post them...Oh well I don't really matter, I just love sharing the great art work I find. I hope you guys enjoy the art.

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Gone Reading

Like I said a few posts ago I will be hitting to books pretty hard soon. If I ain't on here posting anything, or uploading pics that's why. Takes it easy out there everyone and enjoy reading...Oh yeah drop me a line, tell me what I should read, and who you would like to see pics of.


Predator Comics...

I sit down with a long box tonight cause I wanted to update my owned lists. I had forgot just how many Predator comics I had. I have some that don't even have pages up on here yet, so I am going to re-read them and take notes, I will get pics from them too.

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